Tonight Show explains Mexican decrim law

Conan has a little fun with it [via Philadelphia Will Do]

Random thought. If we could harness all the people who cheer whenever drugs are mentioned in a late night talk show or stand-up comedy, we’d have quite a drug policy reform movement.

[Note: Sorry to non-U.S. readers. I know that Hulu tends not to be available outside the country, although this site may have a workaround.]

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9 Responses to Tonight Show explains Mexican decrim law

  1. Guy#1 says:

    You act as if public opinion decides public policy.

  2. Nhop says:

    Hello Guy#1, are you saying that in this case public opinion (or your interpretation of it, anyhow) is wrong?

  3. DdC says:

    What sorry ass politikop doesn’t make decisions on public opinion?
    Most take a poll to decide what to eat for supper.
    Some so public paranoid they let theirt loved ones die rather than try it.
    Unless its a matter of pure profits, keeping public opinion sour or censored.
    As on the fake news. Or Cheech and Chonged into Characatures.
    When the public opinion favoring Ganja reaches 60%.
    The 100th Monkey will wash the sandy sweet potato…
    and Ganja will be free across the land.
    No more Wars or Poverty, Sitcoms, Disco or GOPerverted Straight Inc.

  4. DdC says:

    Ganjawarnews * Ganjawareness 8.27.9

    * Crime Down In States With Medical Marijuana Dispensaries
    as well as underage Ganja toking. Better Escalate!

    * Dixon CA. Now Against Pot Shops
    It attracts unsavory characters,
    they’re against drug stores because it attracts sick people.

    * New York City’s Massive Marijuana Arrests
    Boombrag enjoyed the hell out of it, now I guess It attracts unsavory characters in the rotten apple.

    * Denver May Lower Fine for Marijuana Possession to $1
    Cops promise to hold their breath and pitch a conniption fit if it passes.

    * San D.E.A.go vs Medical Marijuana
    Victim of Operation Green Rx threatening urine test profits for Navy.

    * US: Navy Revamping Drug Policy… More Sailors to Be Tested
    More labs to manufacture profits if those sick tokers don’t mess it up.

    * Pot “dealer” dragged out of a vehicle, beaten and shot after being handcuffed.
    That’s how San Bernardino Revamps.

    * Diabetic Woman Dies After Being Evicted For Medical Pot Use
    HUD to the rescue or just abusive scum lords using Feds as an excuse?

    * Caffeine or cannabis – which drug is more dangerous?

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  6. Cliff says:


    The military some drugs testing policy was started in 1981, due to a night time crash aboard an aircraft carrier (one of the most dangerous situations in the peacetime navy) Several deck crew members tested positive for THC.

    From Stars and Stripes

    Those numbers are impressive, considering the drug problem in the Navy was described as “epidemic” by the Department of Defense following the 1981 nighttime crash of an EA-6B Prowler, a plane designed to jam enemy communications and radar.

    The Prowler slammed into the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz, killing 14 people, injuring 48 and destroying several fully fueled jets. Damage estimates just on the equipment was in the $150 million range.

    Of the 14 sailors killed, the post-accident report pointed to six flight deck crewmembers who had THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) in their systems as a contributing factor, according to the Navy.

    The incident was one of the catalysts for the military’s “zero tolerance” policy for drug use instituted by President Ronald Reagan.

    My questions are;

    How can people on a flight deck cause a plane crash? Some of the flight deck crew tested positive for metabolytes, not influence of cannabis.

    How many aircraft crashes have happened since this crash? (more than I can count)

  7. ezrydn says:

    ‘ve alwys had trouble with HULA and thanks to the recirect you gave us, I found “HotSpot Shield” does the trick. Thanks again

  8. DdC says:

    Ya Cliff, When I lived in SF in 71 some friends in the Navy at Treasure Island were photographed for a mock drug use propaganda piece in the Stars and Stripes I believe. The pics showed them pretending to shoot up. Scapegoating and hypocrisy has replaced “Esprit de Corps”.
    the few, the proud, the lying mfers… Testing Ganja is the only game in town since the white powders won’t show up after a day or two. The military pushes crank, same as truckers, cops, docs and college kids cramming for midterms, models on diets and now hyperactive children and adults diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. All these years I just thought they were spaced out. Scam DEAgo Pisstaster labs and supplies will get more business with more testing. Thats the priority. I saw them guide a plane into the terminal on the movie “airplane”, and they were as DARE straight as Bevis and Butthead.

    Driven the backroads so I wouldn’t get weighed
    And if you give me weed, whites and wine
    And you show me a sign
    And I’ll be willin’ to be movin’

    Air Force ‘Go-Pill’ Deemed Hazardous
    Speed and downers are commonly issued to American forces,
    according to the Toronto Star (Sept 14th, 2002). An investigation report into an incident earlier this year when a US Air Force pilot in Afghanistan attacked friendly forces, revealed that Major Harry Schmidt had been issued “go pills” shortly before dropping a laser guided bomb on a company of Canadian Light Infantry, killing four soldiers and wounding another eight.

    Meth Farce

    Just Say Yes To Drugs?

    Friendly Fire Pilots ‘Pressured’ to Use Uppers

    U.S. Pilots ‘Guinea Pigs,’ Lawyer Says

    300000 Iraq & Afghan Vets Suffer PTSD & Depression

    Ganja 4 PTSD & Depression

    Ice: The new menace and horror to society?

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