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February 2007



Andrew Stuttaford at the Corner talks about throwing the drug warriors out of Afghanistan

Check out this exchange at the National Review’s conservative group blog “The Corner” Andrew Stuttaford

Who is losing Afghanistan? George W. Bush, that’s who. His watch. His administration. His incompetence. His arrogance. His failure to learn from failure. I wish I could say that I was surprised by this latest report from Aghanistan, but I’m […]

Death penalty or legalization, that is the question

Why not both? This bit of insanity has been making the rounds.

Mayor Thomas Lauzon on Saturday said he hoped the Legislature would consider imposing the death penalty on convicted crack and heroin dealers, and to legalize marijuana.

Crazy? Or crazy like a fox? After all, there’s a legalization advocate who could never be […]

Tommy Chong for Drug Czar

Thanks to Jay for alerting me to the fact that Tommy Chong has a blog! And in this blog, he has announced his candidacy for the position of Drug Czar

Tonight is a special night because I am announcing (to my friends) that I am running for the office of Drug Czar of America. Now […]

It’s no big deal

There was a nice little moment during the Academy Awards last night. Host Ellen Degeneres was doing a little comedy bit involving vacuuming the carpet in front of the audience (and making the celebrities lift their feet and dresses) when she “happened upon” an object on the floor. (I’m paraphrasing from memory here)

What’s this? […]


You’re reading a post written on my new MacBook Pro laptop. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed to the laptop fund. Your support covered a significant portion of the cost, and really helped me out. This thing is a real beauty. Since I can’t invite you all over to see it, I thought […]

Comments Down (now back up)

There seems to be a (hopefully temporary) problem with comments. Some are missing. Some generate error messages, and most have the poster’s name, but no text. I’ve contacted the tech staff for Radio Userland and hope they’ll have a fix soon. In the meantime, if you’ve got comments to make, feel free to stop by […]

Journalists and Addiction Researchers make my head explode. Got a pill for that?

Tanya has already done a good job on this one, but it so annoyed me that I just can’t resist. Check out this ridiculous story — and be sure to watch the video. Basically, you’ve got an truth-challenged researcher who has co-opted the staff of a TV station who appear to have the combined IQ […]

Botched murders in Colombia caught on camera


The assassins struck as lunchtime traffic congealed. Running up alongside the car, they blasted through the windows of the white Mazda. Trapped in traffic, trapped in their car, the passengers never had a chance. Only after the shooting was over did the gunmen realize their intended targets were in another white sedan stuck in […]

Walters goes to Ottawa

Ethan Nadelmann has a great article in Huffington Post: Walters’ Sugarcoating to Canadians Can’t Hide US’s Miserable Record on Drug Policy

The U.S. drug czar, John Walters, went to Ottawa yesterday, trying his best to put a positive spin on one of the greatest disasters in U.S. foreign and domestic policy. Part of his agenda […]

I am Starfish

Cut off the limb of a starfish and you may end up with two whole starfish. Read the post at Drug Law Blog. Update: Link fixed.