Death penalty or legalization, that is the question

Why not both?
This bit of insanity has been making the rounds.

Mayor Thomas Lauzon on Saturday said he hoped the Legislature would consider imposing the death penalty on convicted crack and heroin dealers, and to legalize marijuana.

Crazy? Or crazy like a fox? After all, there’s a legalization advocate who could never be accused of being soft on drugs.
Oh, wait. We haven’t heard from the Governor yet…

Jason Gibbs, spokesman for Gov. James Douglas, said he had not discussed the issue of imposing the death penalty on crack and heroin dealers with the governor. But, he added, Douglas would oppose legalization of marijuana. “He’s not unalterably opposed to the death penalty, but he doesn’t have any plans to introduce it. There are some circumstances he would support a death penalty, but I’m not sure this is among them,” Gibbs said. “Marijuana is a gateway drug for some folks, so he would not support legalization.” Gibbs was referring to the view of some that marijuana is a “gateway drug” because it is the first step toward more serious drug usage and addictions.

Now that’s some scary crazy. He’s sure that marijuana legalization would be out of the question, but will have to check as to whether the death penalty for non-violent drug offenders should be in play.
Where do they find these people?

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