Botched murders in Colombia caught on camera


The assassins struck as lunchtime traffic congealed.
Running up alongside the car, they blasted through the windows of the white Mazda. Trapped in traffic, trapped in their car, the passengers never had a chance.
Only after the shooting was over did the gunmen realize their intended targets were in another white sedan stuck in the same traffic jam.
Footage from a traffic camera shows them run forward and fire through the windows of the Honda. Darting away through the stationary cars, the hit men run to a waiting motorcycle and escape.

The gunmen were members of the infamous Absolut family — a Cali-based vodka smuggling ring. The target was the head of a rival cartel — a shadowy figure known only as the Grey Goose. This is part of a continuing escalation of violence as the two groups fight over control of the market….
Oh… wait… my bad. Turns out it wasn’t alcohol smugglers after all, but drug cartels. Hmmm…. I wonder why there aren’t any Absolut/Grey Goose shoot-outs? After all, they’re both heavily competing for the same lucrative market for premium vodkas.
Oh, yeah. Because alcohol is legal.
So the competing vodkas still fight each other, but the weapons they use are glossy advertisements in magazines, and clever graphic design.
A picture named vs.jpg
And, frankly, if you’re stuck in traffic in a white sedan, odds are you have no need to worry about assassination by a glossy advert.
So, to recap the difference between prohibition and not-prohibition as a means of achieving market dominance:

  • Prohibition: Innocent bystanders getting shot to death in their car in a traffic jam
  • Not-prohibition: Cute graphics.
[Thanks, Bill]
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