Walters goes to Ottawa

Ethan Nadelmann has a great article in Huffington Post: Walters’ Sugarcoating to Canadians Can’t Hide US’s Miserable Record on Drug Policy

The U.S. drug czar, John Walters, went to Ottawa yesterday, trying his best to put a positive spin on one of the greatest disasters in U.S. foreign and domestic policy. Part of his agenda is to persuade Canada to follow in U.S. footsteps, which can only happen if Canadians ignore science, compassion, health and human rights.

On the money.
If you’d like to hear what Walters said in Ottawa, you can tune in to the ONDCP’s Podcast (mp3)
Or if you’d rather, check out the YouTube videos of the Drug Policy Reform press conference in Ottawa that was arranged to coincide with Walters’ visit

(If nothing else, be sure to watch Ethan’s presentation in the second half of the first video. Powerful stuff.)

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