Tommy Chong for Drug Czar

Thanks to Jay for alerting me to the fact that Tommy Chong has a blog!
And in this blog, he has announced his candidacy for the position of Drug Czar

Tonight is a special night because I am announcing (to
my friends) that I am running for the office of Drug
Czar of America. Now i realize that the office of the
Drug Czar is an appointed one by the winning party in
the White House but because my chances of being
appointed are very slim and almost non-existant I am
actually going to campaign like every other politician
and ask for your votes.

Sounds like a great plan. And I can guarantee that Tommy Chong would do a better job of serving the American people and the United States Constitution than John Walters. In fact, I could guarantee that he’d do a better job than any previous drug czar. Of course, for that matter, an igneous rock would do a better job of that than any drug czar we’ve had.
So when they distribute the ballots (or whatever they use), vote Chong for Czar.

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