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October 2006



Somebody needs to tell Shaq that he’s not really Steel

Radley Balko has been covering this, but in case you missed it, “Deputy” Shaquille O’Neal has been accompanying police on paramilitary-style police raids, including drug raids. Shaq — there’s a difference between FICTION and reality. I sometimes wonder if we’ve gotten so stupid that we really don’t understand that life isn’t “Steel” or “24.” Wall […]


A halloween video for you, courtesy of the SAFER Colorado Blog

Students lose in federal court…

Via the DARE Generation Diary…

… on Friday, a federal judge granted the Bush administration’s motion to dismiss Students for Sensible Drug Policy’s lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the law that strips financial aid from college students with drug convictions

Not that huge a surprise to me — the courts have been giving broad deference […]


A picture that speaks volumes.

…but go read anyway.

[Thanks, Allan]

Representative Mark Souder’s hometown paper endorses opponent

Via Dare Generation Diary, an endorsement in the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette:

… And some of Souder’s other efforts, such as his bill prohibiting college students with drug convictions from getting financial aid, have hurt Hoosiers. Indiana leads the nation in the rate of college students denied federal aid because of the law. Hayhurst is […]

Colombia advertising the drug war!

OK, this is just bizarre. Via the drug czar’s “blog” comes this truly surreal item:

Colombia will launch a hard-hitting advertising campaign in London next week aimed at raising awareness that cocaine use in Europe is killing hundreds of children and wiping out pristine rain-forests in South America. The “cocaine curse” campaign will be unveiled […]

10 Steps to End the Drug War from DrugSense

An interesting message from Mark Greer at DrugSense:

While the main purpose of DrugSense is to encourage accuracy and honesty in the media with respect to illegal drugs, our goal is ultimately to stop the costly and ineffective drug war. Through our extensive archive of more than 170,000 articles on all aspects of drug policy, […]

Open Thread

I’m a bit busy right now with photography (doing 75 actor head shot sessions and two theatre production photography shoots in three days), so talk amongst yourselves. Here are a couple of things to check out. “bullet” Daksya notes what could possibly be the biggest advance related to opiates in the last 30-40 years. It […]

Bloody Ribbon Week

Via Radley Balko and Mark Kleiman, comes the most sickening observance of “Red Ribbon Week” imaginable.

If classes had been held in a forest yesterday at Marshall Middle School in Fauquier County, it would have been difficult for teachers to take attendance. As the first bell rang, students bounded into hallways wearing twig- and branch-imprinted […]

On voting strategies

Phillip Smith has a good discussion piece up at StoptheDrugWar: Third-Party Candidacies vs. Voting for the Lesser Evil It’s certainly a topic worth talking about — there are a few races out there this time with third-party candidates that have strong drug policy reform views, so what do you do? My view?

If you’ve got […]