Open Thread

I’m a bit busy right now with photography (doing 75 actor head shot sessions and two theatre production photography shoots in three days), so talk amongst yourselves. Here are a couple of things to check out.
“bullet” Daksya notes what could possibly be the biggest advance related to opiates in the last 30-40 years. It involves a technique that can retain all the pain-relieving and euphoric properties of opioid-based drugs, while eliminating the negative tolerance and withdrawal effects.
“bullet” With Beheadings and Attacks, Drug Gangs Terrorize Mexico and Graft takes root along border. Two articles take a look at the problems related to our neighbor to the south (thanks to a couple of readers). The corruption and violence cannot be solved as long as the drug war is there to make criminal trafficking so profitable. Reader Lee suggests: “End the drug war, secure our borders” as a possible slogan.
“bullet” Radley has another drug raid gone… right? A case that doesn’t involve a wrong address sometimes shows even more clearly how bad the policies are regarding SWAT-style raids. In this case, cops broke in with guns and a concussion grenade, caused $5,000 worth of damage and killed a golden lab named Shadow. And they found two joints.

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