Colombia advertising the drug war!

OK, this is just bizarre. Via the drug czar’s “blog” comes this truly surreal item:

Colombia will launch a hard-hitting advertising campaign in London next week aimed at raising awareness that cocaine use in Europe is killing hundreds of children and wiping out pristine rain-forests in South America.
The “cocaine curse” campaign will be unveiled at a conference of European anti-drugs officials and police chiefs on Thursday.

So our government, which has been so incredibly inept with its media campaign drug war advertising, continues to send millions of dollars to Colombia to pay for and promote an effort that has not only failed, but has actually fueled the crime and destruction. And now Colombia is advertising this “effort” in Europe?
My head hurts.
Given the fact that the drug czar appears pleased by this, how much you want to bet that the ONDCP was behind the advertising campaign in some way? And if so, I expect that the ads will be hilarious.

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