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September 2004



Lawsuit details bad warrant procedures in 2002 raid

Residents of Eugene, Oregon have filed a suit for $25,500 in damages, plus punitive and other damages.

A lawsuit over a controversial 2002 drug raid in Eugene’s Whiteaker neighborhood claims that police lied to persuade a judge to give them a search warrant to raid three adjacent houses near West Fifth Avenue and Adams Street […]

Another bad address raid

Fortunately, no one died in this one.

Teresa Guiler and James Elliott, who are in their 50s, were home watching television when the masked men stormed into the house. Guiler, whose arm was in a sling from a previous injury, told police that they had the wrong man as they pointed a gun at her […]

M.A.S.H. is online

Mobilizing Activists and Students for Hemp (M.A.S.H.)

is a registered student organization at Illinois State University, and they now have a spiffy new web site. I am their somewhat neglectful faculty advisor, finding myself too often busy working on this site rather than attending their meetings, but I’m a huge fan of what […]

Lots of stuff!

“bullet” Last One Speaks has:

The story of a victory in the fight against the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Reformer David Soares won the primary for Albany’s district attorney overwhelmingly in a race that appeared to be in large part a referendum on the Rockefeller laws. More good medical news as some additional cancer fighting properties […]

Soros calls for ethics investigation

George Soros has lodged a formal complaint against Speaker Dennis Hastert before the House Committee on Standards of Official Conduct. (This is for Hastert’s ridiculous innuendo on national television that Soros received funding from drug cartels.) Josh Marshall has the full text of the letter. Here’s an excerpt:

Such conduct brings discredit on the House. […]