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August 2004



Free Speech debuts on the Metro tomorrow

If you’re in Washington, DC, check out the new ads on the Metro starting tomorrow with the words: “Marijuana Laws Waste Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Lock Up Non-Violent Americans.” (click on the picture for a larger version) These are the ads that Representtive Istook tried to stop by passing legislation that would deny funding […]

Another state voting guide up!

“How does he do it?” you ask. “Didn’t he just finish the Virginia voting guide last night?” OK, so I picked a small state (in number of House districts). I’m still exhausted from California’s 53. Thus, I give you… Montana.

Hastert continues to sink in the slime

Josh Marshall notes:

You’ll remember a couple days ago we noted House Speaker Denny Hastert suggesting that George Soros may get his money from drug cartels or other such groups.

I’ve talked to reporters who’ve asked Hastert this around the convention hall. And he’s been aggressively restating the ‘charge.’ I’m told he even shoved his […]

Virginia is for…

.. voters. Be sure to get out there and vote this November, and Drug WarRant’s new Virginia voting guide will help. It was a little depressing putting this one together – more tough negative choices than touch positive choices, and a lot of candidates avoided filling out position questionnaires. Still, we can learn a few […]

Dennis Hastert, Slime-Master and Enemy of Truth

These are the qualifications for Speaker of the House? There’s some discussion of this at Talking Points Memo and Political Animal. As reported in Lloyd Groves’ column in the Daily News:

On “Fox News Sunday,” [Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert] insinuated that billionaire financier George Soros, who’s funding an independent media campaign to dislodge […]

Endorsement: Jerry Kohn for U.S. Senate from Illinois

Senate candidate Barack Obama has admitted to the youthful indiscretions of using marijuana and cocaine. This should be an inspiring story. Young man from difficult youth, experiments with drugs, but takes a positive route, working his way to being the keynote speaker at the Democratic convention and the new rising political star. Unfortunately, instead it’s […]

Follow up on Goose Creek

In your face, Drug Czar, says NORML

NORML takes on the Drug Czar with their newest release discussing the DOJ’s new report (pdf).

New Federal Report Contradicts Drug Czar’s Claims

Washington, DC: A newly released federal report refutes claims by US Drug Czar John Walters that the United States is being inundated with Canadian pot, that the drug’s potency is dramatically rising, […]

Ahhh…. Refreshing!

Via D’Alliance…. …So as soon as I heard about this, I rushed across the street to Pop’s Grocery, but they seem to be out of it. Darn.

California U.S. House and Senate Voting Guide

I’ve finished the California U.S. House and Senate Voting Guide. These guides focus on statements made by candidates through Project Vote-Smart, as well as actual voting records of incumbents on the “Hinchey” medical marijuana amendements in the House. The Senate race is definitely one to check out. I’m strongly encouraging all California drug policy reformers […]