Lots of stuff!

“bullet” Last One Speaks has:

  • The story of a victory in the fight against the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Reformer David Soares won the primary for Albany’s district attorney overwhelmingly in a race that appeared to be in large part a referendum on the Rockefeller laws.
  • More good medical news as some additional cancer fighting properties of THC are discovered.

“bullet” Baylen’s got a bunch of stuff over at D’Alliance, including:

  • Einstein’s Relativity Theory Applied to Drug Profits is an odd piece dealing with the strange behavior of the Colombian peso.
  • Feds Seek to Seize Home, Land of Med-Pot Grower
    Not satisfied with his 500 marijuana plants and $105,000 in cash, the federal government is looking to seize the home of a California medical marijuana grower and the building in which he does business. Richard Marino doesn’t actually own the building, and he has yet to be charged with any crime.

    His dispensary, Capitol Compassionate Care, served about 1,000 patients near Sacramento before the raid. He points out that he was operating with a license from the city of Roseville and in compliance with California state law.

  • Link (pdf) to the Drug Czar’s largely incoherent reply in the new edition of National Review and Ethan Nadelmann’s reply. I hope to comment more on this soon. Jacob Sullom already has at Hit and Run.
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