Another bad address raid

Fortunately, no one died in this one.

Teresa Guiler and James Elliott, who are in their 50s, were home watching television when the masked men stormed into the house. Guiler, whose arm was in a sling from a previous injury, told police that they had the wrong man as they pointed a gun at her and Elliott, who is deaf and had recently received a liver transplant, she said. …

“What justification can you give to kick a 54-year-old man who’s down on the ground,” Meeks said about Elliott, who is a Vietnam War veteran. “All he saw was men in masks with rifles. He was terrified. Then to get knocked down and stomped. They picked him up like a suitcase. The Police Department said they acted in normal procedure, but that’s not normal.”

The police plan on sending a written apology.
See Last One Speaks and Desert Cat for commentary. I don’t feel up to it tonight.

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