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August 2003



*Canadian politicians ask U.S. to…

Canadian politicians ask U.S. to interfere with their legal system Very interesting article in the Globe and Mail. On July 8, Deputy Drug Czar Barry Crane and other U.S. officials met with a group of Liberal MPs.

According to minutes of the meeting, a written copy of which was seen by The Globe and Mail, […]

*Where have all the blogs…

Where have all the blogs gone? Sorry if you’ve had trouble accessing this page recently. Salon’s blog servers have gone down at least twice today — this after days of slow access due to increased traffic caused by NY Times article about The Julie/Julia Project. Very frustrating. Please bear with it, and if you can’t […]

*A Kindred Soul*

A Kindred Soul I was discovered yesterday! Turns out there’s another blogger out there fighting the drug war. The author of a great blog calledLast One Speaks: A Voice of Reason in the Cacophony of Drug War Rhetoric contacted me and we discovered we had quite a bit in common (Last One Speaks wrote some […]

*The shifting medical view on…

The shifting medical view on marijuana Yesterday’s Boston Globe published an article called The Shifting Medical View on Marijuana by Lester Grinspoon (co-author of Marijuana, The Forbidden Medicine. In it, Grinspoon makes note of the recent Medscape poll that showed “76 percent of physicians and 89 percent of nurses said they thought marijuana should be […]

*Drug War Victims* [1]

Drug War Victims Our drug war results in staggeringly tragic losses. Drugs, when abused, can be dangerous, but they are not nearly as lethal as the drug war itself. In addition to the blights of an imprisoned population, lost rights, broken families, and economic waste, people are dying in this war. No, these are not […]

*Signs of Intelligencer*

Signs of Intelligencer With the federal government attempting to demonize anyone who disagrees with the current war on marijuana use, and even resorting to name-calling (like “cynical, cruel, and immoral”), it’s not surprising that many are reluctant to speak out in favor of any relaxation of laws, let alone outright legalization. It was very refreshing […]

*Cops Against the Drug War*

Cops Against the Drug War

The news story is not that the war on drugs has failed, it’s who’s saying it now. It’s not like it’s a front for fringy, pony-tailed pot smokers.

You need to read the excellent article: “Cops Against the Drug War” by Nina Shapiro, in the current issue of Seattle […]

*”Guest Rant: Ethan Straffin takes…

“Guest Rant: Ethan Straffin takes on Lou Dobbs” Last week, Lou Dobbs hosted a series on CNN called “The Forgotten War” (entire transcript) in which he gave particular emphasis to the distortions of drug war cheerleaders like former drug czar William Bennett and current drug czar John Walters. On August 10, Dobbs followed this stunt […]

*Federal Government would rather have…

Federal Government would rather have poor children become drug dealers than get an education. One of the many stupid laws to be passed in the name of the war on drugs is the 1998 revision to the Higher Education Act, which included a new provision that blocked college opportunities to students revealing drug convictions on […]

*Judiciary Face-off*

Judiciary Face-off As I mentioned earlier this week, Attorney General John Ashcroft issued a directive requiring prosecutors to snitch on judges who use their own discretion and provide lighter sentences than Ashcroft wants. Senator Edward Kennedy accused Ashcroft of engaging in an “ongoing attack on judicial independence.” Now another Kennedy has entered the fray — […]