*Canadian politicians ask U.S. to…

Canadian politicians ask U.S. to interfere with their legal system
Very interesting article in the Globe and Mail. On July 8, Deputy Drug Czar Barry Crane and other U.S. officials met with a group of Liberal MPs.

According to minutes of the meeting, a written copy of which was seen by The Globe and Mail, one of the MPs said the U.S. drug officials could help halt the bill by warning Canada about potential difficulties at the border and with trade if it were passed.
Another MP was quoted as saying that Dr. Crane and his officials should return to Washington to tell their superiors that they should make the consequences of passing the legislation clear to Canada.

Not that John Walters needed any encouragement to demonize Canada or threaten border retaliations. He had already begun to do that within a day of the introduction of new legislation in Canada.
The startling part of this story, is that officials in the Liberal Party in Canada actually seem to be encouraging a foreign power to interfere with their legislative process! Outrageous.
Of course, lost within all the controversy over Canada’s attempt to decriminalize marijuana (while still keeping tons of penalties, and even adding some stiffer ones), is that fact that, due to a quirk in the law (and the responsible actions of the Canadian judiciary combined with the lack of responsibility among many of the politicians), in many parts of Canada today, there is currently no law prohibiting marijuana possession or use – a very confusing situation to many.
However, despite the fact that many people have been able to smoke marijuana this summer without fear of arrest, morality hasn’t been destroyed, Canada’s youth have not become corrupt, crime hasn’t risen, and the sky hasn’t fallen (well, the lights did go out, but that was Cleveland’s fault).

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