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July 2003



*Prosecutorial Misconduct* – Money Laundering…

Prosecutorial Misconduct – Money Laundering and Weapons of Mass Destruction Prosecutor Robin Piper of Butler County, Ohio has decided on his own that existing drug law penalties aren’t good enough, so he’s started tacking on a new charge: money laundering. By adding the money laundering charge to a drug sale, he can add 5 years […]

*Republicans, Democrats, and the concept…

Republicans, Democrats, and the concept of state Dave Morris of AlterNet has an interesting take on the Medical Marijuana vote in the House (see my Sunday article “Can Congress Get a Clue? (Medical Marijuana and States’ Rights)”). He focuses more specifically on the divide between Dems and Repubs on states rights, individual rights, and privacy. […]

*Drug WarRant has a domain…

Drug WarRant has a domain name While the pages you see here continue to show the address, you can now get here through the much easier-to-remember method of (I admit this is partly for my own sake – I ran into a friend the other night and told him about my new blog, […]

/We’ve just about lost a…

We’ve just about lost a generation of young people. We’re building new prison beds at the rate of about 1000 a week and we’re still overcrowded… We’ve spent $100 billion on the war on drugs and we’re losing it.

— US District Judge Thomas Wiseman

The New York Times reported today some frightening new […]

Some things I’ve written…

Some things I’ve written… I’ve added a few previously composed items to the articles section.

“Increase in Burger Abuse Seen” – a satire about the government’s Burger War in 2043. “Debunking the ONDCP’s Scott Burns” – a point-by-point response to a propaganda letter from the ONDCP’s Deputy Director to prosecutors across the country. (written in […]

Can Congress Get a Clue? (Medical Marijuana and States’ Rights)

Can Congress Get a Clue? (Medical Marijuana and States’ Rights) Drug war issues are regularly debated in that most ignorant and corrupt of entities: the United States Congress. This is the body that supposedly represents the American people, yet has consistently been lagging behind the states, science, reason, and popular opinion when it comes to […]

*/Thanks for stopping by!*/

Thanks for stopping by! My name’s Pete Guither, and I am a member of Educators for Sensible Drug Policy, and faculty advisor for Mobilizing Activists and Students for Hemp at Illinois State University. I have written a paper for M.A.S.H. entitled A Report to the Illinois Economic Development Policy Conference On the Economic Impact of […]