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Happy Holidays

Wonderful holiday wishes to all Drug WarRant readers, and especially to the regular couch-mates who make this place special. I just finished my last day of work yesterday, and look forward to discovering what retirement will bring. But first, I’m … Continue reading

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College drug testing

We’ve often talked here about the fact that suspicionless drug testing in most situations is wrong, and doesn’t actually work, whether it’s in high schools, for welfare recipients, or on the job. And, of course, it’s a big business. It’s … Continue reading

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Via Huffington Post Weird News comes this remarkably absurd anti-marijuana campaign out of Australia. Supposedly, it’s the work of Australia’s New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet. And there’s a website.

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Justice Department urges Supreme Court to throw out Nebraska/Oklahoma lawsuit

Thanks to Tom Angell for the info: This is regarding the lawsuit against Colorado by those states, because they feel harmed by the cost of having to arrest people in their own states for possessing marijuana. Brief for the United … Continue reading

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2015 nearing the end

Hard to think about the year being over soon, but we are starting to see year-in-review pieces. Phillip Smith has one at Alternet: The People Are Rising Up Against the Destructive Drug War: 8 Key Developments The items he notes … Continue reading

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The world of Kevin

“I want there to be a thousand Kevins,” he exclaims. “There can’t be just one Kevin. Kevin is not going to be able to do this alone. Kevin can’t just do this year after year, he is going to have … Continue reading

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They keep trying, but it’s harder for the feds to get away with their nonsense

You may have heard that the USPS recently issued a memo to newspapers in Oregon stating that it’s illegal to mail pieces with advertisements for marijuana because it’s Schedule 1. Now members of Congress are demanding answers. Lawmakers Question Postal … Continue reading

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Oh, Andrea… always finding a new scam

Yes, it’s Andrea Barthwell again, a lady who changes drug war scams more often than some people change clothes. A huckster, a shyster, a drug warrior (former deputy drug czar) with no interest in the truth. This site has shut … Continue reading

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Due diligence and not falling for fake news

In my other life on Facebook, I’m always on the watch for fake news – it’s become endemic to today’s online world. And I’m not talking about the good satire from The Onion that has the intention of giving you … Continue reading

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