Oh, Andrea… always finding a new scam

Yes, it’s Andrea Barthwell again, a lady who changes drug war scams more often than some people change clothes. A huckster, a shyster, a drug warrior (former deputy drug czar) with no interest in the truth. This site has shut down a couple of her enterprises (Illinois Marijuana Lectures, and End Needless Death on the Roadways) by exposing her lies.

You can read some of my stuff about her here:

Here’s her latest: Luxury treatment center.

The Manor, a Luxury Addiction Treatment Center, Opens in the Midwest

The Manor, an exclusive, highly confidential addiction treatment center nestled in the tranquil hills of Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine, has announced that it is now welcoming guests seeking treatment for the disease of alcoholism, and other dependencies, including individuals who desire a healthy, drug-free lifestyle. […]

“The work of recovery is mentally and emotionally demanding,” said Andrea G. Barthwell, MD, DFASAM, an internationally renowned physician who is a former U. S. Deputy Drug Czar and a pioneer in the field of addiction medicine. Dr. Barthwell is the Chief Medical Officer at The Manor, and the architect of The Manor’s holistic and intimate model of clinical and medical care. “To engage in one’s comfort zone is a privilege we extend to every guest, in an intellectually stimulating and emotionally safe place,” Dr. Barthwell said.

“When healing from the chaos of alcoholism and other dependencies,” Dr. Barthwell continued, “we seek peace, social connection, gentle guidance, and serenity. Our guests can walk along the running stream, engage in deep, restorative sleep and move their muscles in a myriad of ways that suit them to bring about gentle healing. These little amenities encourage openness, the key to the entire process,” said Dr. Barthwell.


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33 Responses to Oh, Andrea… always finding a new scam

  1. Sounds like a plagiarized version of the atmosphere in some 60’s communes.

    Off topic but just reading this – something seems really wrong here:

    “U.S. Postal Service says no to pot ads in newspapers”

    -Agency says any paper that uses USPS for delivery can’t run ads for legal marijuana businesses

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Humbug. Someone needs to introduce the USPS to the First Amendment.

      I’ll tell you what, I think this specific, illegal action which is typical of government agencies despite the fact that the case law says unequivocally that they can’t do this is the action that most thoroughly disgusts me. By this late date there’s just no question that this action by the USPS is illegal. Heck, it even inspired me to write a piece of boilerplate:

      So where the heck is “the LAW is the LAW (blah, blah, blah)” crowd when authorities decide to break the law and violate their Oath? Up in the peanut gallery cheering that lawbreaking like the hypocritical partisan hacks that they are is where.

      I wonder, is the Postmaster General channeling Cotton Mather? A couple of weeks ago I was very surprised to learn that you can’t use boxes for mailing packages with any visible logos of a drinking alcohol vendor. The prohibitionists are running amok I tell you.

  2. darkcycle says:

    She does have trouble holding a regular job, doesn’t she? Hmmm….me thinks this might be a sign of a drug [war] dependency of some sort.

  3. Servetus says:

    So all one has to do to live in the big fancy mansion is become addicted to something, and then decide to quit? Oh yeah, that’s right, it costs money. Big money. There’s always a catch, isn’t there?

    Shoot up. The Vatican needs the money.

  4. Duncan20903 says:


    My heart goes out to the woman mention in the article linked below. Can you imagine what kind of a horror show it would be to grow up with a foaming at the mouth prohibitionist for a father?

    Texas Bust: Daughter of DEA Chief Called ‘Adorable Drug Kingpin’

    The head of the Drug Enforcement Administration in Beaumont, Texas, Bill Furay, has long been considered a heavy hitter within the DEA’s underground world of ruthless narcotic officers. And while he’s been famously quoted, telling those who’d listen, “You don’t see many drug traffickers retire,” his 19-year-old daughter Sarah, apparently never got that sermon.

    According to a post on Raw Story, the Texas DEA agent worked diligently at creating havoc and mayhem for the Mexican drug cartel along the border. Becoming “the implacable scourge of drug dealers,” and someone who was a “ familiar presence at triumphant DEA press conferences announcing mass arrests and seizures of contraband and proceeds.”

  5. Mr_Alex says:

    Andrea Barthwell is a SHILL

  6. jean valjean says:

    ” The Manor provides care for those seeking evidence-based addiction treatment in a luxurious setting.”

    Keep those court ordered “marijuana addicts” coming…. Andrea has bill bills to pay on her shiny new treatment center. With Federal re-legalization up the road, Andrea could lose her shirt (not a spectacle I want to see, mind you) on this one. “Evidence based” LOL.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      It’s hardly likely that “Dr.” Barthwell’s new dog & pony show is going to have many, if any court ordered inmates suffering from the fiction of merrywanna addiction. Perhaps Justin Beiber or Miley Cyrus might have that ignominious honor . For the most part the clients of a luxury rehab write a check. No, strike that, they usually have their business manager write the check. They can certainly afford her fees and it’s safe to presume that they’re all there voluntarily. Kind of like when a very wealthy person dies from a disease you can bet the farm that there isn’t any cure. E.g. Linda McCartney dying from breast cancer.

      For some reason which I haven’t got the words in inventory to accurately convey my reasoning but I’m just not getting excited that “Dr.” Barthwell has decided to fleece the wealthy.

  7. Mr_Alex says:

    Andrea Barthwell is no different to Peter Dunne, both wants Big/Fat Pharma to profit from cannabis, both have no problem with Sativex being overpriced, in New Zealand where I live, Sativex costs $1,300 NZD per bottle. They and the prohibs are lying pieces of filth who tell us Cannabis should be approved by the FDA or other health regulatiry body, I disagree big time with Big/Fat Pharma having sole rights to Cannabis as when my grandma died, my family paid $30,000+ for chemo which cost her life, there is no way in hell should Big/Fat Pharma have sole monopoly on Cannabis

    • DdC says:

      Prohibitches have to rehabilitate us from preventing profits treating illness or stress with Ganja over their Fat Pharms white powders.

  8. Deep Dish says:

    In the eyes of prohibitionists, you’re a hooked addict in need of treatment for simply being knowledgeable of marijuana research. It’s the number one insult that I get. You need to keep that money flowing when you’re paying $3,000 a month on rent for that luxury house.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Hey! Didn’t I warn you about tormenting the sycophants of prohibition with facts and logic?

    • Jdaniel says:

      3000 dollars won’t get you a month in a craphole addiction recovery center. They start at about 6000 a month. The Manor is going to run about 50,000 dollars a month. Recovery is a major racket.

  9. Servetus says:

    A 19-year-old Texas girl (and DEA agent’s daughter), arrested for running drugs, reveals the infamous, two-tiered, US justice system, is still alive and well:

    Twenty-four hours after authorities arrested Sarah F. on charges of drug possession and manufactur[ing] charges, the 19-year-old Texan was safe at home.[…]

    In the days after her arrest, multiple news organizations ran stories focusing not on her crimes as much as her “photogenic smile.” Her picture was coined the “happiest mugshot in America” and the “jolliest in recent history.” Rather than a criminal act, her offense was called “an entrepreneurial approach to avoiding student loan debt.” The icing on the cake was news (broken by Death and Taxes) that her father is a “head honcho” at the local DEA office—a fact that was treated more as a potential TV plot line than a damning fact.

    By contrast, here is what happens if you’re a black kid in Dothan, Alabama:

    …one of the most remote regions of Alabama, the deep southeastern city of Dothan, where for years a handful of officers apparently planted drugs on hundreds of black youths and railroaded them into prison.

    Politicians must know that drug enforcement’s failure is most readily shown by their own kids who are often not dissuaded from ingesting or selling contraband. We would expect politicians facing this dilemma to realize the futility of the drug war. The double-standard justice system rescues the appropriate people instead, in some cases removing at least one reason to end prohibition.

  10. “Cannabis Medical Research is Being Kept in the Dark as Thousands Die Each Year” http://tinyurl.com/o9koefr

    “If you look at all the mainstream medical schools around the country, they typically don’t even mention the endocannabinoid system, even though this is a system that was uncovered in the ‘80s. We’ve known about the existence of ECS for well over three decades. And we know that every human body has an endocannabinoid system. That, I think, is really an abomination, and speaks to this pervasive stigma that we have around the word cannabis, and how politically radioactive this word is.” -Dr. Sue Sisley

    If Dr Andrea Barthwell is interested in genuinely helping others she could spend some time ensuring the medical community has some facts to operate from instead of trying to cash in on the reefer madness she has helped to create.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Wow, and that isn’t even considering how frequently people exaggerate the value of their loss with the intent of defrauding an insurance company.

      Did the FBI include the value of cannabis plants which were stolen by burglars? I’ll bet that they didn’t.

  11. Francis says:

    Conveniently located in the Upper Midwest, The Manor’s opening has been highly anticipated in both the national and international markets.

    Now I don’t mean any offense to those of you from the Upper Midwest (I’m sure it’s lovely), but that struck me as kind of funny. And I felt the urge to see if that phrase had ever before been uttered in the history of humankind. Well, according to Google, there are no fewer than two other things also “conveniently located in the Upper Midwest”: RepairableVehicles.com (“one of the leading resellers of repairable vehicles in North America”) and StepTrek (“the USA’s pedometer experts for over a decade”). So if, while in the Upper Midwest, you ever wreck your car as a result of your crippling substance addiction, you can sell the car to RepairableVehicles.com, then swing by StepTrek and pick up a pedometer to count your steps as you walk your ass to The Manor for some top-notch luxury rehab. Actually, I guess that does sound pretty convenient.

  12. primus says:

    O.T. Watching news reports of the latest mass shooting. Their “expert” declared it is vital that people tell cops about unusual activities to help prevent future events. The fact is that due to the drug war and atrocities committed by the cops and other authorities, public trust of the cops is.almost entirely gone. Nobody will talk to them because to do so is to risk an unpleasant experience with the cops, as well as the deserved aprobation of one’s neighbours. Without the public.telling the cops what is going on they are unable to be effective. With the animosity they themselves have generated they are reduced to even more thuggish behaviour, and the spiral continues. In that light these mass shootings look like more drug war fallout.

    • Francis says:

      Yep. The drug war promotes real crime while simultaneously diverting scarce law enforcement resources away from addressing real crime and rendering the resources that are devoted less effective by poisoning police-community relations. That reduced effectiveness only serves to further undermine public trust in the police, promoting even more animosity and further police overreach … and on and on it goes.

  13. Will says:

    …“we seek peace, social connection, gentle guidance, and serenity. Our guests can walk along the running stream, engage in deep, restorative sleep and move their muscles in a myriad of ways that suit them to bring about gentle healing. These little amenities encourage openness, the key to the entire process,” said Dr. Barthwell.

    Sounds like the above quote came from someone on a serious euphoriant binge. What the hell are you on these days “Dr.” Barthwell? Did you you confiscate something one of your guests tried to sneak in? Nice snag.

    I kid, Dr. Barthwell, really…

  14. Servetus says:

    PROPAGANDA ALERT: Dr. Deepak Cyril D’Souza, a professor of psychiatry at Yale School of Medicine, and Dr. Jose Cortes-Briones, a post-grad student, say that Δ-9-tetrahydrocannabinol “induces transient psychosis-like effects in healthy subjects similar to those observed in schizophrenia. However, the mechanisms underlying these effects are not clear.”

    Dr. Jose Cortes-Briones says the “psychosis-like effects of cannabis may be related to neural noise which disrupts the brain’s normal information processing ”.

    Dr. John Krystal, Editor of Biological Psychiatry, said, “This interesting study suggests a commonality between the effects on the brain of the major active ingredient in marijuana and symptoms of schizophrenia…The impairment of cortical function by Δ-9-THC could underlie some of the cognitive effects of marijuana. Not only does this finding aid our understanding of the processes underlying psychosis, it underscores an important concern in the debate surrounding medical and legalized access to marijuana.

    Neural cortical noise shows up in a lot of situations not necessarily linked to schizophrenia or psychosis. The authors use the ‘schizophrenia’ and ‘psychosis’ comparison to make marijuana’s effects appear dangerous. Dr. Krystal’s use of the words ‘marijuana’ along with ‘psychosis’ comes immediately after Dr. D’Souza says the “underlying effects are not clear”, and are “transient” or temporary. The press-release is an example of reefer madness propaganda using analogies. The news media and prohibitionists such as Barthwell will fall for it as always. They will use the poorly worded study to claim that marijuana causes psychosis.


    Publication: “The Psychosis-like Effects of Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol Are Associated with Increased Cortical Noise in Healthy Humans”, by Jose A. Cortes-Briones, John D. Cahill, Patrick D. Skosnik, Daniel H. Mathalon, Ashley Williams, R. Andrew Sewell, Brian J. Roach, Judith M. Ford, Mohini Ranganathan, and Deepak Cyril D’Souza (doi: 10.1016/j.biopsych.2015.03.023). The article appears in Biological Psychiatry, Volume 78, Issue 11 (December 1, 2015), published by Elsevier.

    AAAS Press Release here.

  15. DdC says:

    Illinois Is Ramping Up a Horrifying Practice Against Its Prisoners

    This week, the Illinois criminal justice scandal making national headlines is the city of Chicago’s attempted cover-up of a video showing a police officer shooting a black man 16 times, resulting in the officer being charged with first-degree murder. But there’s another recent piece of news from the state that is similarly stomach-churning.

    According to a Monday report from the Chicago Tribune, Illinois is ramping up the practice of suing former prisoners for huge sums of money for room and board while they were incarcerated. And the exploitative manner in which the state’s corrections department pursues the lawsuits raises even more questions than the very act itself.

    A few stories from the report: continued

    Ohio pay-to-stay prisons saddle poor inmates with debt: ACLU

    Racketeer’s. Private prisons paid by taxes and now reimbursed by prisoners. Win win for the Gulags. Max Cap contracts assure every cell is filled. Even if they have to invent new crimes. The drug war is a staple. Mandatory Minimums and 3 strikes also help keep products on the shelves. In this case the product sold are American citizens.

    Grid system dictates prison sentences

  16. Utility Muffin Research Kitchen says:

    Don’t ya just love the tone deafness of all the insider elite establishment scum who exist in an alternate reality:


  17. Mr_Alex says:

    Is Fat/Big Pharma trying to suppress Cannabis research for conditions like Autism and etc

    I could potentially be called conspiracy theorist but I am very sure that when it comes to Cannabis as a potential treatment for Autism, there is a group which includes the Rehab, Fat/Big Pharma, Treatment Industry and Lobby, there is a active coverup trying to make sure the news that Cannabis can treat Autism efficiently than opiates like Ritalin.

    In New Zealand when a individual is diagnosed with Autism, it is a very devastating diagnosis, it limits their career choices. When it comes to medication for Autism in New Zealand, the only available medicine is Ritalin and it has led to gut problems in individuals with Autism and there has been calls for the Ministry of Health to possibly investigate that Cannabis could potentially treat Autism, all attemps have been ignored by the Ministry of Health and Ministers of Health like Peter Dunne and Jonathan Coleman are following instructions from Big/Fat Pharma that Cannabis in New Zealand is either patented to the likes of G. W. Pharma or the status quo of suppression remains.

    Without Mieko Hester Perez and organizations like MAMMA the Cannabis for Autism movement would not be born.

    As with the Prohibs they are seriously Hypocrites to the core, they will defend Alcohol, Opiates and even Tobacco abuse, they even take money from the Alcohol, Pharma and Tobacco Industry and Lobby, it really tells who is running them, they are nothing more than shills who are helping with suppressing the notion that Cannabis can be a potential treatment for Autism.

    Also another physician deceased since June or July of this year by the name of Dr Jeff Bradstreet who works with Autism sufferers did try Cannabis on his son, what happened was truly enormous, it improved his quality of life

  18. DdC says:


    Dick Cheney Busted

    “The way you have conducted yourself is a model for anyone in high public office,”
    ~ Vice President Joe Biden

    ☛ Human Rights Watch demands U.S. criminal probe of CIA torture

    ☛ The September 11 attacks killed 2,996 people and injured more than 6,000 others.

    ☛ Remember Vice President Dick Cheney Selling Nuclear Technologies to Iran?

    Biden isn’t too far behind Cheney as far as Anti-American activities…

    ☛ United Nations Drug Report Disappointing
    The report was released just weeks after scientists at Johns Hopkins University retracted their research findings that suggested that a single evening’s use of ecstasy could cause permanent brain damage and Parkinson’s disease. The scientists admitted that they utilized the wrong drug in their studies.

    ☛ The UN report makes no mention of the retracted studies.
    ☛ Sentencing Guidelines Toughened for Ecstasy
    ☛ ‘Ecstasy’ For Agony
    ☛ Scientists Oppose Punishing ‘Ecstasy’ More Harshly

    ☛ Drug labelling error forces retraction…After RAVE Ax Passes


    • Windy says:

      Dick Cheney Busted
      “The way you have conducted yourself is a model for anyone in high public office,”
      ~ Vice President Joe Biden

      Which tells those who have been blind to Biden’s prohibitch stance, ALL they need to know about VP Biden to avoid having anything to do with him in future. Relegate him and Cheney both to a dark corner each in an attic, lock them in and never let them out to harm society, ever again.

  19. Maybe scamming goes with the territory as far as drug czar’s go:

    “Obama’s Drug Czar Lies to Congress About Drug War Budget”
    by Tom Angell at marijuana.com http://tinyurl.com/o85offa

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