Due diligence and not falling for fake news

In my other life on Facebook, I’m always on the watch for fake news – it’s become endemic to today’s online world. And I’m not talking about the good satire from The Onion that has the intention of giving you a good laugh while making commentary — there are a lot of sites that purposely make something just outrageous enough to get people to believe it and share it, in order to generate clicks and ad revenue.

Years ago, I temporarily helped spread a particularly embarrassing bit of false information, and vowed never to let it happen again.

I now regularly check on anything that seems too good to be true, and am particularly wary of anything of major importance that directly appeals to my interests. If I don’t know the site (and I already know not to believe anything on the Daily Current, or any apparent news source with .co added — like NBC.com.co), I’ll take a phrase from the story and put it in google to see what I can find.

Here’s a good article related to the recent fake news story about NIDA paying people $3,000 a week to smoke pot:

No, The Feds Won’t Pay You $3,000 Per Week to Smoke Marijuana

It’s very important for us as activists to be reliable and trustworthy sources of information.

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7 Responses to Due diligence and not falling for fake news

  1. Francis says:

    Wait, that story was bogus?! … Well, I guess I better call my boss and beg for my job back.

  2. darkcycle says:

    That has popped up dozens of times on my facebook feed, and I really was amazed at how much sticking power it had. I am likewise peeved at all the fake/clickbait news sites. It seems at times there are more of them than there are credible alternative sites. This one really didn’t pass the sniff test though, so it seems incredible people were falling for it, and all over the place, too. Heck, for 3 large a week, I’d actually consider quitting, but nobody’s gonna pay me for that, either.
    This is a pretty good and reliable PARTIAL list of fake, satire and clickbait sites. Please refer to it often, to keep Pete from climbing the walls: http://www.fakenewswatch.com/

  3. claygooding says:

    When the news gets better perhaps people won’t have to post fake news to make life bearable.

    • DdC says:

      ☺ What Made Jimmy Carter Flip-Flop on Marijuana?

      After all, Willie Nelson’s toking on the roof and Carter was the one who had the white rabbit chasing him… well, it wasn’t exactly white, and it was swimming after him… Tellemahookah!

    • NorCalNative says:

      Muddy Waters make it hard to see
      The truth right in front of me

      My plant is righteous, it’s a kiss of death
      To Cancer Cells that taint my breath.

      Fake news gives me the blues
      But it’s a riot.

      Cannabis-induced apoptosis
      is the diet.

      My poetry is bad but don’t delay
      do an image search (on cannabis-induced apoptosis)
      and you’ll be on your way

      Working through our ECS
      there’s Ceramide and other steps

      At a certain point the attack has been made
      and now the cell’s mitochrondria are digging their graves.

      Don’t feel sad for those cellular friends
      they were working for the cancer and it’s
      good they’re at end.

      Cancer cells have lost the “to die” message that is known as “programmed cell death” or apoptosis. This is NOT fake news. Cannabis and other cannabinoids can kill cancer cells.

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