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About those drug war prison statistics

We’ve talked a lot over the years about the impact that the drug war has had on the over-incarceration in the U.S. And inevitably someone responds by saying that there aren’t all that many in prison (or state prison, or … Continue reading

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More from the New York Times Editorial Board

Cut Sentences for Low-Level Drug Crimes by the Editorial Board. Now that Congress is within sight of passing the most significant federal sentencing reforms in a generation, it’s worth taking a closer look at where the legislation falls short. The … Continue reading

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Ethan Nadelmann at the conference

Video of keynote address by Ethan Nadelmann at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in Washington DC available here. Early on in his talk, he discussed how we lose track of the lessons from history, and he mentioned about how … Continue reading

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Think of the children!

The war on drugs: Harming, not protecting, young people by Count the Costs.

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Sgt. Jim Gerhardt spreads ignorance

Colorado police officers warns of marijunana dangers [sic] Wow. This guy travelled all the way to Iowa just to give them a combination of outright lies and dramatic misstatements. A Denver-area police officer cautioned Siouxlanders Friday not to follow down … Continue reading

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DEA petition delivered

DEA Boss Clings On Amid Campaign for His Ouster Chuck Rosenberg was supposed to be a different kind of Drug Enforcement Agency leader, someone who could serve as acting administrator for the remainder of President Barack Obama’s time in office … Continue reading

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2015 strategy released

Well, at least there’s still a tiny bit of 2015 left. The White House apparently finally released the 2015 National Drug Control Strategy on Tuesday, with no fanfare at all. This is a bit of a guess on my part, … Continue reading

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The butterfly effect

I don’t have the answer to the violence in the world, nor do I know what we could have done to prevent it. I, like many people, have ideas. And when tragedy strikes, your mind can’t help trying to make … Continue reading

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History of Presidential candidates supporting marijuana

Reason has an interesting piece looking at the various candidates, past and present, to support significant marijuana law reform: Marijuana Legalizers Who Ran for President Three days after Bernie Sanders unveiled legislation to repeal the federal ban on marijuana, Hillary … Continue reading

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Rosenberg under fire

This has been building for a little while now, thanks in large part to Tom Angell who started a petition to have the DEA chief removed… DEA chief says smoking marijuana as medicine “is a joke” DEA chief Chuck Rosenberg … Continue reading

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