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Quote of the Day

Radley Balko: “In the month that police and federal officials wisely used cunning, patience to apprehend the Oregon militia leaders, there were at least 3,000 violent raids on the homes of suspected drug offenders.”

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Open thread

I came to New York for the weekend, to see a few shows, and attend BroadwayCon, which, fortunately, is in the hotel where I’m staying, because I’m not going outside right now. Shows are closed, vehicles have been banned, transportation … Continue reading

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NIDA dances around drug truths

NIDA has had a terrible track record when it comes to scientific inquiry, tending to cherry-pick the research it highlights to match its political anti-drug focus. This is still true, and their social media pages are chock-full of fear-mongering nonsense. … Continue reading

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It is clear we would all be better off if Jonathan P. Caulkins did not exist.

This article has been discussed at length in the comments here by those who hang out on the couch, but I was slow to get around to reading it — to be honest, I didn’t feel very excited about slogging … Continue reading

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More good stuff from Johann Hari

Johann continues to kick ass in the press, coming up with OpEds and interviews that are clear and understandable to the casual public who may not be aware of all the details of the drug war, and that make compelling … Continue reading

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It’s a civil rights issue

Something we’ve been saying for a long time… Via the Marijuana Majority twitter account: “Creating a legal, responsible and regulated framework for marijuana is a predominant civil right issue and it’s long overdue,” said Alice Huffman, longtime President of California … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Study Concludes Biking While High on Marijuana Isn’t Dangerous “Hardly any coordinative disturbances could be detected under the influence of high or very high THC concentrations,” the study, published by the International Journal of Legal Medicine this week, found. Canada … Continue reading

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Open Thread

Happy New Year! Just back from a trip visiting relatives over the holidays, and trying to figure out what retirement means in this, my first week of actually dealing with retirement. Thanks for bearing with me in the long holiday … Continue reading

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