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Race and the Drug War

We’ve talked a lot about race and the drug war here, and there’s an interesting article by Jess Singal in New York Magazine: The Black Activists Who Helped Launch the Drug War. There’s no doubt that the drug war disproportionately … Continue reading

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Medical marijuana must be cost effective

Stung by costs, some of Minnesota’s medical marijuana patients back to buying on streets As we’ve often said here, the vast majority of people prefer to buy legally if they can, and are generally willing to even pay a little … Continue reading

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Scary Hitler Drugs!

A number of articles have come out this week about how Hitler’s armies were pumped up on “crystal-meth-like” drugs. Tony Paterson at The Independent: Hitler’s all-conquering stormtroopers ‘felt invincible because of crystal meth-style drug Pervitin’ Hitler’s armies carried out their … Continue reading

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Drug testing for marijuana has no place in sports

Ronda Rousey Takes Stand Against Drug Testing For Marijuana “I’m against testing for weed at all. It’s not a performance enhancing drug. And it has nothing to do with competition. It’s only tested for political reasons,” she said. Spot on, … Continue reading

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Powerful new U.N. report

Study on the impact of the world drug problem on the enjoyment of human rights. Report of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights […]to be presented to the Council at its thirtieth session, on the impact of the … Continue reading

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Drug policy and foreign policy. What a mess.

Ryan Grim and Nick Wing have a fascinating piece in Huffington Post: Operation Naked King: U.S. Secretly Targeted Bolivia’s Evo Morales In Drug Sting Because of a confidential informant who is suing the federal government for $5 million in back … Continue reading

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Voters want Feds to Respect State Marijuana Laws

Marijuana Majority today released the results of its third survey of early primary states showing that South Carolina overwhelmingly support ending federal prosecutions of people acting in accordance with state marijuana laws. Among respondents, 65% agree that “states should be … Continue reading

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Scientific bias

David Nutt has a good piece: Here’s Why We Hear So Many False Claims About Cannabis On the whole, my many years of research on substance use has taught me a major overarching lesson: we are much more likely to … Continue reading

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What’s more wrong than John P. Walters or William J. Bennett? Both of them together.

The two wax nostalgic in the Boston Globe… Bring back the war on drugs Ah, yes, remember the good old days of the drug war that these two managed to inflict on this country? Well, they want it back. For … Continue reading

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Replacing the Black Market

Interesting survey at Marijuana Business Daily: Chart of the Week: Black Market Marijuana Taking Big Hit in States With Operating Dispensaries, Rec Shops Of course, we always said that most consumers, when given a choice, would prefer to buy legally, … Continue reading

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