Scary Hitler Drugs!

A number of articles have come out this week about how Hitler’s armies were pumped up on “crystal-meth-like” drugs.

Tony Paterson at The Independent: Hitler’s all-conquering stormtroopers ‘felt invincible because of crystal meth-style drug Pervitin’

Hitler’s armies carried out their “Blitzkrieg” invasions of Poland and France while high on a version of crystal meth which kept them wide awake, feeling euphoric and invincible, says a new book about the Nazis’ use of drugs during the Second World War.

So that’s why World War II was so devastating. We were fighting super-soldiers who had completely lost their humanity because they had been turned into drug fiends!

USA Today: Author: Nazi soldiers were high on crystal meth in WWII

New York Daily News: Nazi troops ‘high on crystal meth’ during European advances, new book claims

Complex: Nazis Were Fueled by Crystal Meth, New Book Shows (A previous version of the headline was: “Hitler’s Nazis Were Meth Zombies, A New Book Says”)

Note the pervasive use of the term “crystal meth,” which isn’t really a proper scientific term, but certainly is a great fear-mongering drug term. Generally, “crystal meth” refers to methamphetamine that is in a crystalline (rock) form and is generally purer than powdered methamphetamine. What the Nazi troops used was a small dose of powdered methamphetamine contained in pill form (Pervitin).

Calling it a crystal meth-style drug is like saying that Bolivians make tea with a crack-like drug called coca.

The Pervitin used by the Nazi troops was really quite similar to what we prescribe by the ton for children under the name Adderall. Also, the soldiers in the British and American armies in World War II also used forms of amphetamines in the battlefield, while consumers at home used them as diet pills and in inhalers. We gave troops more amphetamines in Vietnam than the Germans used in all of World War II. U.S. Pilots today are still given forms of amphetamines.

And the other thing is, we’ve known for over 70 years that the Nazis used Pervitin.

Ah, but what reporter can resist a good drug scare-mongering story! It’s not like they have to worry about things like ethics or integrity.

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  1. We give amphetamines to our own children, yet we can point a finger to the Nazi’s and their use of the very same drug while fighting war. Something is very wrong.

    “Marijuana May Help Blood Sugar Control, Study Says” “Marijuana users may be more likely to develop diabetes, research finds”

    Both of those studies cannot be right. They show results that directly oppose each other, and its obvious to the outside observer that these studies conflict – they cannot both be correct. It’s obvious that one or both of them must by definition be wrong.

    Is this science?

    There is an effort to misdirect and confuse the public concerning facts, especially when it comes to demonizing drugs.

    “All Warfare Is Based Upon Deception”

    There is a war, a drug war, and those engineering that war depend upon deception and confusing the public.

    The war on drugs is run by the government and promoted by a willing and sometimes unsuspecting press. Calling out the truth and exposing the lies and sensationalism helps to keep the playing field level.

    The public needs to be wary when reading the news. You just can’t believe everything you read these days.

    Equating Nazi’s to meth is an interesting short story. Its also blatant drug war propaganda. Great work calling it out, Pete.

    Let the readers beware. When it comes to the war on drugs there is a sucker born every minute.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      The second “study” is being misrepresented. I’m not saying that it isn’t junk science because it is, but the headline on the article is a bald faced lie. Quoting from the article linked:

      “Marijuana use, by status or lifetime frequency, was not associated with incidence or presence of diabetes after adjustment for potential confounding factors.”

    • Windy says:

      The military also give “uppers” (“speed”, amphetamines) to military pilots and perhaps to the foot soldiers, too.

  2. Duncan20903 says:


    We still kicked their asses to the curb in less than 4 years. That’s the best that “super-soldiers who had completely lost their humanity because they had been turned into drug fiends” can do?

  3. Mr_Alex says:

    I just put the UN report on SAM Oregon’s facebook page on the U.N. (United Nations) recommending to end the War on Drugs and Cannabis along with the recommendations and their reply was total rage:

    “SAM Oregon (EDITED) before you ask a question about what SAM supports you should read the about me section of this page. Then you should look at the website If you’ve done all of that you wouldn’t be asking if we believe in jailing people for using marijuana. Feel free to delete this post because I will use it as an example of how pro marijuana people do not do their homework. And since they do not do their homework, they should not be taken seriously or credibly.”

    These prohibs at SAM Oregon hated reading the U.N. report

    • kaptinemo says:

      I doubt very seriously they read it at all. They couldn’t afford polluting their (self-righteous) certainty of moral superiority on this issue (or any other, for that matter) with doubt.

      The problem is, the former paradigm under which they operated was based on low-information voters being ‘serviced’ (take that any way you like) by controlled media gateways, enabling unchallenged blaring of BS-as-Gospel.

      With so many more information sources available not under such control, the truth about cannabis and its myriad beneficial uses has gotten out and the paradigm is shifting.

      ‘Message control’ is scattered on the winds of factual gales, tearing it apart. Reality overtakes ideology. Which is inevitably reflected in the cannabis laws as they are changed, as they have been with reformer advances.

      The new future of re-legalized cannabis has no place for them. Re-legalized cannabis is a refutation, of not only their ideology, but the way they lived their lives and how sought to make the rest of the population do likewise.

      They are exactly as Mencken described them: wimps too afraid to confront their neighbors (for fear of a righteous drubbing for their unwarranted interference) hiding behind the law to make their neighbors stop doing something they don’t like.

      Said wimps are losing that shield, State by State. And they resent that mightily. But behind the resentment is fear. For when that shield goes down for the last time, the neighbors they attacked with the laws might have something to say to them…

      I posit that, within 5 years after national re-legalization, like with unpopular Presidents, you will be hard pressed to find many who voted in favor of drug prohibition. The few who would admit doing so will be consigned to the margins where phlogiston chemistry and eugenics belong.

    • jean valjean says:

      I can’t access their FB page but it seems they have set up a straw man (supporting jail for cannabis use), when the real bomb-shell that they have no answer for is the declaration that coerced treatment with the threat of jail violates human rights. Coerce ’em Kev is palming that one off with bluster.

        • Mr_Alex says:

          I am actually going to put this on SAM Oregon’s page and see if they like this as well:

        • kaptinemo says:

          You know how to take ‘hard’ tap water and boil it down until you have only the leftover chemicals in the pan? Usually it’s really hard, flaky stuff. Really hard flaky stuff that doesn’t come out easily, sometimes you have to scrape or even sand it out.

          That’s what’s happening with the prohibs. All that’s left, courtesy of the ‘boiling’ supplied by reform, is the Human equivalent of that really hard, flaky stuff.

          Reading that page, I can say unequivocally that that really hard, flaky stuff accumulates at places like Project SAM.

          Inflexibly syllogistic in logic, as well as incapable of admitting error; the ONDCP stamp of both absolutism and authoritarianism is unmistakable. (Hallmarks of drug policy and thus ingrained in behavior of its agents and in their communications; by their words and phrases, ye shall know them.) Anyone wanna bet a paternity test would come back positive and ONDCP is that (particularly ugly) ‘baby’s daddy’?

          Recall the latest revelations of DoJ collusion to thwart forfeiture reform efforts by interfering with the democratic process by exerting undue influence via attempts to intimidate legislators through the use of cat’s-paw groups like police unions.

          That was only the latest in such revelations, but reformers already had valid suspicions about such programs existing, and now almost weekly such suspicions prove warranted with yet another disclosure.

          The same democracy-destroying dynamic is at work here with Project SAM, which I declare publicly for the record is a wholly-owned astroturf cat’s-paw of ONDCP…which makes the arrangement illegal.

          The kind of mindset that can countenance such actions is a threat to all freedoms. That kind of mindset has done to us what no foreign invader ever could, by trying to subvert the democratic process FROM INSIDE. Congress needs to get the effin’ lead out of its arse and investigate this ASAP.

        • jean valjean says:

          Alex….got on the site but I’m not seeing your posts. Have they been taken down?

        • Mr_Alex says:

          The post is still there, look under visitor posts

  4. Francis says:

    (A previous version of the headline was: “Hitler’s Nazis Were Meth Zombies, A New Book Says”)

    Oh sure, it sounds like ridiculous hyperbole, but “Nazi meth zombies” are very real and very deadly. I know this because I watched a documentary about them on Netflix a while back. (Now in fairness, the film doesn’t actually show use of the drug, but I’ve seen enough of those “Faces of Meth” ads to know one when I see it.)

    More seriously, this statement caught my eye:

    The Nazis considered cocaine, opium, and morphine to be “Jewish,” so they developed an alternative to keep troops alert.

    Which underscores the point that if there’s anything drug-related that’s truly “Nazi-esque,” it’s the eliminationism and racism underlying the prohibitionist impulse. Ironically, these idiotic stories are themselves an example of this now very familiar form of propaganda which attempts to demonize a politically-disfavored drug via association with an unpopular group. Opium and Chinese immigrants in the late 19th century, marijuana and Mexicans in the 1930s, crack cocaine and lower-class blacks in the 1980s, and now, apparently, we’re supposed to associate “meth” with Nazis (in addition, of course, to “white trash”).

    • jean valjean says:

      One to go alongside Hitler’s notion that nuclear physics and atomic bomb research were “Jewish science.”

  5. Frank W. says:

    WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE DOG?? Yahoo’s on the job!

    Colorado Dog Gets Stoned for Days After Ingesting Marijuana

    Man accused of killing wife after eating pot pleads insanity

    Contradictory to Previous Findings, Marijuana May Worsen This Condition

    Unsupervised teens more likely to use tobacco, pot and alcohol

    • DdC says:

      Think of the message they’re sending to the puppies. The ones not shot by SWAT. I bet the cat did it. Is it possible to tell if a dog is “stoned” for days? Especially dumb mutts? Or if they just flunked a diy pee quiz. If idiots get animals stoned outside of medicinal or if they have a job. If they just lay around and eat, then don’t enable them. Ok, do I really have to tell a group of adults, don’t get your animals stoned? Or kids. Or anyone who would wonder about it being ok, it isn’t. Although its more man stones dog than dog stones man. Antique Cannabis book says strong coffee as an antidote, but its probably worse than the Ganja. Dogs have ECS’s too. I’d be more concerned if it had chocolate.

      We’re talking about the animal most genetically engineered. To fit down rabbit holes or pull sleds. To chain up in the back yard til huntin season. Breeds developing allergies and breathing problems, arthritis, just to display in a NY dog show. Eleven countries around the globe still eat dog meat. They are: China, Indonesia, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Polynesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, the Arctic and Antarctic and two cantons in Switzerland. Our drug war protege’s killing and incarcerating stoners, don’t mind trafficking dog meat. Dog Meat Trade in Thailand Is Under Pressure.

      Veterinary Cannabis

      Dog Chocolate Poisoning

  6. DdC says:

    We had our own mythological beings…

    William Randolph Hearst, Wright whipped up white American fears of ‘cocainized negro’ fiends and rapists with superhuman strength.

    or more realistic…

    Juicers in Blue

    The latest on going scourge. “METH”. The hippies condemned this in 1967ish with a slogan that said SPEED KILLS. As do most white powder alternatives to Ganja. But the Capitalist Dream needs speed or “METH” the same as Hitler. To stay awake and work two jobs, pop some bennies. Want fresh produce and seafood, the truckers can drive straight through with some coast to coast turnarounds or black beauties. Just show em a sign and they’re willin to keep on movin. Future politicians and drug worriers cramming midterms with white crosses. Or those pencil thin models diet pills of amphetamine. Mothers little pick me uppers and the largest buyer of METH products, the Military go go pills and downers in-between. Or cops on stake out when the coffee doesn’t work. Doctors doing 36 hour shifts and rednecks in the fields doing piecemeal smoking boats of highly cut crystal or pseudoephedrine. So we find prohibition once again is the harm in drug use. I agree with the hippies, SPEED SUCKS, so I don’t buy it.

    3 million children are taking stimulant drugs for ADHD (Meth)

    Cannabis as a medical treatment for (ADHD) (ADD) (PTSD)
    attention deficit disorder (ADD)
    Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

    U.S. Combat Pilots on Speed
    Preliminary court-martial proceedings begin next month against two U.S. fighter pilots involved in a tragic incident over Afghanistan that cost four lives and exposed a little-known fact about the way America fights its long-distance air wars.

  7. Servetus says:

    The speed-freak Nazi menace schtick sounds like a comic book rehash of Bill Bennett’s old ‘super-predator’ prediction. In 1996, Bill and some of his buddies in the repression business sought to create a moral panic over presumably unsupervised children and teenagers. The meme reappears in slightly mutated disguises. One strain of the meme is illustrated in an interview by Michael Crowmartie of John Dilulio, a professor of politics and public affairs at Princeton University, and a big fan of Bill, who coauthored with William Bennett and John P. Walters the book on super predators, called “Body Count”:

    Among the increasing population of children who are growing up without adequate supervision and care, there is a small fraction of kids who are simply surrounded by deviant, delinquent criminal adults, in fatherless, godless, and jobless settings. That kind of criminogenic environment is the breeding ground for the kids who have been referred to as the super-predators. They are remorseless, radically present-oriented, and radically self-regarding; they lack empathic impulses; they kill or maim or get involved in other forms of serious crime without much consideration of future penalties or risks to themselves or others. The stigma of arrest means nothing to them.

    As one book reviewer wrote regarding Body Count :

    It is difficult to take seriously a book on crime-fighting that starts by calling the Reagan-Bush drug war “the most successful attack on a serious social problem in the last quarter-century”… Evidence for this army of thugs seems slight in the face of sharp nationwide declines in rates of violent crime.

    • Uncle Albert's Nephew says:

      Thanks for the chuckle. You know, I always wondered why a rapper never called himself Superpredator.

    • kaptinemo says:

      The sad fact is, as usual, like all prohibitionists, DeIulio seems to have forgotten there was time when we had almost no drug laws, and consequently very little to no crime associated with drugs.

      Little kids went on errands to the ‘drug store’ to pick up bottles of (dirt cheap) opiates and other such items for their parents. They were not tempted; ‘medicine ‘ was for nasty old, sick people, and it tasted gross. They didn’t want any. If there was ‘diversion’, it was done with adult hands.

      It’s always the stupid do-gooders, bass-ackwards ‘progressives’ who, out of their self-proclaimed superior knowledge and education – not to mention moral superiority – have to screw things up. As the old American saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t ‘fix’ it.”

      Drug policy didn’t need ‘fixing’ then, and as a result it’s really ‘fixed’, now. And the incompetent social engineers that the prohibs are demand yet more opportunities to frak things up.

      A pity Reagan closed most mental hospitals; we have to put the prohibs some place after we pry their white knuckles away from our freedom’s throats. They’ve already proven through the decades to be too dangerous and too delusional to be allowed outside unsupervised.

    • DdC says:

      Body Count got DiIulio head of Bush’s Faith based Bullshit. Then he quit. He first got his name out there agreeing with the Bell curve racist crap.

      CIA Think Tank to Head Bush Religion Initiative
      The NY Times article below describes the two men Bush is putting in charge of his religion plan, John J. DiIulio Jr. and Stephen Goldsmith. Both men are senior fellows of the CIA’s Manhattan Institute and are colleagues of Charles Murray, author of the classic text of scientific racism, The Bell Curve.

      Americas New Drug Pushers

      Whether you are a fundamentalist Christian, an Orthodox Jew, a devout Muslim or an atheist you might question what part the CIA rightfully has in a multi-billion dollar “religion initiative” or in any domestic US policy decisions. The best known modern example of government sponsored religion-based initiatives is Nazi Germany.

      Faith-Based Flogging

      Christian Extremism and Terrorism In History

      Head of Religion-Based Initiative Resigns
      A Roman Catholic and professor of government policy, Mr. DiIulio studied juvenile crime; in the mid-1990’s, he co-wrote a book theorizing that a new generation of violent juveniles called ”superpredators” would sharply increase the level of teenage violence, a theory since disproved and one which he regrets promoting.

      Former Faith-Based Initiative Head John DiIulio Blasts Bush
      John J. DiIulio Jr, former head of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives, says his former boss has been ineffective and lacks principle.

      “What you’ve got is everything, and I mean everything, being run by the political arm. It’s the reign of the Mayberry Machiavellis.”

      Bush. Religious drug treatment in Texas

      “Drug Addiction Is NOT a Disease. It’s a Sin.”

      The new laws exempted faith-based drug treatment programs from all state health and safety regulations followed by their secular counterparts. Counselors in religious treatment programs now may skip the criminal background checks and hundreds of hours of training required of their state-licensed peers.

      “We’ve worked so long and hard to combat the stigma that substance abuse and delinquency and mental health are a symptom of a breakdown of morality, and to convince people they are an illness,” said Bill McColl, spokesman for the National Association of Drug and Alcohol Counselors. “This would roll us back 60 years, right back to when people thought you were an alcoholic merely because you didn’t accept Jesus as your personal savior.”

  8. darkcycle says:

    Truly misleading. I’m old enough to remember “poppers”. Benzedrine inhalers, people used to “pop” them, and drop them into their coffee or coke. In the forties and the fifties they were available OTC, no prescription needed. In the sixties, my mom and dad were trying to avoid the endemic mid-western obesity, and I remember Dexies, occasionally those black pills referred to as “Black Beauties”, Fastin compound….their medicine cabinets were a Speed freak’s fantasy land.
    Speed was the oxycontin of the forties and fifties, right up into the early sixties.
    They still hand them out like candy, but now they give them to kids who misbehave only even a little bit. Maybe the authors of these hyperbolic “Nazi Drug” scare pieces should be made aware that our kids are taking “Nazi drugs”. Might help to curb their hyperbole.

    • Windy says:

      I had friends who were taking biphetamine 10s or 20s (the 20s were the ones they called black beauties) prescribed to them by their doctors, back in the 70s, they shared them sometimes, and I so enjoyed that little black capsule for many reasons, not the least of which was getting things done and obsessively getting into projects.

  9. Joey the Cornell Lunatic says:

    Russia’s United Nations Envoy Vitaly Churkin warned Thursday that Moscow received information on the Islamic State group confirming the group now controls an important narcotics supply route from Afghanistan.

    A report published in March by the Russian Federal Drug Control Service (FSKN) estimated that the Islamic State group makes up to US$1 billion per year in sales on Afghan heroin trafficked through its territory.

    • kaptinemo says:

      And so Russia will use the same kind of excuses for (invariably disastrous) foreign adventurism in the Middle East that the US does?

      Doesn’t anyone learn from History?

  10. claygooding says:

    The meth of the 70’s did not leave addicts looking like death warmed over,,they were productive (mostly over productive) citizens that talked too much.

    The walking death look and the massive health issues can all be laid at the DEA’s doorstep because they banned the chemicals required to produce “safe” meth and once more took a dangerous drug and turned it into a deadly drug to save us from ourselves,,,we need saving from the DEA.

  11. Joey the Cornell Lunatic says:

    Who’d have thought that secret societies are all just a bunch of rich dudes getting together and putting their dicks in dead pigs? –or other morally repugnant, obscene, immoral or otherwise disgusting rituals that its members are obligated to participate in. There’s even talk of photographic evidence; I wonder is this why he (David Cameron) has been so obtuse about cannabis legalization?

    Now kindly google ‘piggate’

    • jean valjean says:

      A lot has been revealed about British prime minister David Cameron in the Daily Mail (of all places) today, some parts of it more believable than others. What is wholly credible is the revelation of drug use “at university.” Cameron, in opposition, regularly commented that the drug war was a failure and called for decriminalization. Needless to say he has not been doing that much since gaining power in 2010. He receives my hypocrite of the week award, taking over from last week’s winner, Hillary Clinton.

      It is claimed he also does some strange stuff with a dead pig. Each to his own I suppose.

    • Joey the Cornell Lunatic says:

      Gradually the world catches up to the reality that our ‘governments’ are mostly fronts for secret societies.

      • kaptinemo says:

        And tools of banksters: google June 6 2008 Chantilly Virginia.

        Then google Bohemian Grove.

        And they proclaim themselves to be the arbiters of morality, as well as its defenders, courtesy of their lofty positions, particularly in the ‘justice’ organs of their respective countries.

        While furtively attempting to hide what they do, there.

        Just as the old saying goes, “With a fish, the rot starts at the head and moves down.” Much of the leadership of the Western World, regular participants at Bohemian Grove, exemplifies that adage, perfectly.

  12. CJ says:

    RIGHT ?!? Crystal Meth is so awesome that it made this huge army of unbeatable, blonde, model looking, super strong super man type (wait, sounds like im describing Captain America though ?!) beast soldier and they……..lost the war…????????? lol. TRULY the worst thing in terms of DRUGS that came out of World War 2 is the invention of Methadone…. say what you will “oh it works for some people” OK look actually yes truth be told Methadone can be great and helpful HOWEVER thanks to Methadone and Suboxone the truly life saving treatment of REAL opiate maintenance is on the fringes and considered insane psychotic by some. I can tell you all very much the truth that I myself have been in a methadone program for 2 years, six days a week, every single day, getting off of methadone is IMPOSSIBLE, in fact, its kinda common knowledge that you switch BACK to heroin (thus, what was the point in the first place? lol) when you want to STOP METHADONE because the withdrawals are intolerable. People use methadone maintenance generally for life, they try to kick at various times, that was the shocking thing in the clinic, hearing people say “yea ive been here 15 years” or “20 years” or “30 years” and it wasnt a minority. Maybe some tried to kick but realized it was physically impossible. Methadone metabolizes differently than heroin making the withdrawal MUCH MUCH longer and more painful than the week or so of heroin withdrawal insanity.

    THE MAIN POINT though about methadone and its likes, it is called a SUBSTITUTION treatment and what is it a substitute for though ? Well, heroin and pain killers (though they typically frown on you going on MMT for pills) BUT the problem is methadone and buprenorphine DO NOT FEEL ANY ANY ANY THING LIKE heroin or pain pills. It is mind boggling, isnt it because TECHNICALLY there should be some similarities, right ??

    Well to venture into that topic is to get into debates about the truthiness of the FDA because there are all kinds of theories that modern day treatment methadone isnt real methadone and that actual real methadone works and then youll get into all kinds of stuff where people will say “no, ingredients NEED to be labeled by law and mg differences by brand are inconsequential” etc. However I have taken those 10 mg methadone pills WHICH ARE NOT (and why not? hmmmm kinda lends credibility to the conspiracy theory, no?) AVAILIBLE in clinics but are available to be prescribed by pain management doctors… and those pills DID feel like proper opiates. The liquid methadone ? No, it feels like a sleeping pill and withdrawal suppressant THATS IT.

    Now tell me how this makes any sense?? LOL GOD this DRUG WAR IS SO MIND BLOWINGLY STUPID AND LACKING IN SENSE AND DECENCY ALL AROUND. How does that make any sense? Youre substituting an opiate for something that supposed to be a synthetic opiate but it doesnt feel anything like an opiate so in short :

    I have committed many crimes, absolutely raped my own soul and dignity and manhood with some of the absolutely shocking, nightmarish things that I have done, with my body, to people, to family, to friends, etc. I have done things they cant even put in illegal pirate movies all for heroin succor… and yes, on its own terms that statement may shock some and make absolutely no sense though to others who’ve been there I know they get it completely and to you I say yes we are a family. BUT the point is, I’ve done those things no WEVE done those things and in that quest but now we’re switched to this thing which DOESNT EVEN COME CLOSE and what, HOW THE HECK IS IT SUPPOSED TO HELP?

    No it doesnt. It doesnt at all. I mean the statistics back this up that methadone success rate is generally piss poor. like high 30 %’s low 40 %’s but of the 30-40 % how many of those are REALLY clean 100% on NOTHING but methadone?

    I’d say that SUCCESSFUL treatment would be the following:

    Person takes the substitution drug and THAT IS IT. NOTHING ELSE AT ALL, the substitution drug. Then they re-establish the relationships in their lives theyve ruined the ones that can be salvaged anyway (cuz lets face it, some of the things we’ve done, guys and gals, well, we’re never gonna be forgiven for by some and becoming OK with that is a battle in it of itself) maybe getting a family of your own started at some point?? being independent to some extent, getting a craft/trade/career…. contributing to or at least becoming involved in that society we left for so long… the non druggie world…. to me, that’d be successful treatment and then, from access to the treatment, you may eventually successfully come off the substitution drug WHEN YOURE READY of course… Now to me that’d be success… FUNNILY enough this is what success seems to be in heroin maintenance WORLD WIDE.

    Methadone patients ?? Oh isnt it ironic how methadone clinics always seem to be around starbucks’ and cafes or mcdonalds and wendys??? oh if any of you are in NY and especially in the LES from Union Square where they hang out on that triangle type area away from the main park to the south/east sittin on that row of benches across the street from that mall, and of course in the actual park itself, “methadone alley” the south side circular seating area in the middle of actual union square park. But go further down and all those mcdonalds, wendys, starbucks etc. you know it, they are jam packed with overweight, sweating, benzo (xanax, clonopin) selling, wasted, passing out, methadone clinic patients. Matter of fact, if youve noticed them, you maybe have noticed me too, i used to have a Billy Idol type hair cut now I have a real mohawk and its bleach blonde.

    Nevertheless, becoming unhealthily overweight because of your substitution medication (the official excuse by the methadone clinics is “methadone doesnt make people overweight, its the fact that prior to methadone treatment, people are malnurished and constantly running around for money and living that life, burning excess calories…” I swear to you all that is their official line. that’s total BS. LOL. So what, everybody then in the clinics is naturally physically supposed to be overweight then and like very over weight?? no i dont think so.) sitting in chain places all day selling drugs and being such a nuisance to the general public that its just a major issue.. no i think methadone maintenance is a total freaking mess and it has impeded what we know will truly save lives and better the world at large.

    And in case you didnt know, to tie it back in, the reason I said all this is because the Nazi’s invented methadone. After WW2 methadone was taken by the allies kinda hidden away for awhile then experimented on and here we are.

  13. CJ says:

    oh and i see I never made my point about my own time on methadone, just about two years I was on it and I never had a single clean urinalysis. Yes, the substitution treatment ( i have to laugh out loud at the thought ) never ever once did for me what it was supposed to substitute and thus it came to be something that just prevented me from feeling too awful when I woke up but to be on that stuff just to not feel too bad in the morning, well yes, it is one of the worst parts of dope use, that waking up feeling having no money and no opiates and sick as hell, but being physically dependent on methadone isnt worth it, to me, anyway, tho i know others say it is. Anyway, yes, lol, 2 years, weekly drug tests, could never feel ok enough even on excessively high doses of methadone to be able to be clean. I know i am not in the minority of people who have been or are on methadone (atleast in NYC. for sure)

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