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Republican candidates waking up?

from this article in the Washington Post: Indicating that he actually wants to win, Trump also softened his tone yesterday on marijuana legalization. It’s another issue on which he has shifted his position to be more in sync with the … Continue reading

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Sanders and marijuana

Sanders will propose nixing marijuana from federal list of dangerous drugs Presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders will announce his support Wednesday for removing marijuana from a list of the most dangerous drugs outlawed by the federal government — a move that … Continue reading

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Good article at Salon

Many years ago, I first discovered because of the powerful series of articles by Daniel Forbes exposing the government’s efforts to subvert popular culture with anti-drug advertisements. It was partly because of that that I decided to start my … Continue reading

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Open Thread

A lot happening right now, and a fairly good recap of that by Tony Newman: What a Week! Everyone’s Hopping on the ‘No More Drug War’ Train New Gallup Poll: 58 Percent Support for Legalizing Marijuana… 130 Leading Law Enforcement … Continue reading

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More on UNODC’s decrim paper

Steve Rolles at Transform has an outstanding update and analysis of the situation regarding the “leak” of the UNODC paper recommending decriminalization worldwide, and it’s withdrawal due to pressure. The truth behind the UNODC’s leaked decriminalisation paper The United Nations … Continue reading

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Oh, Canada

Interesting election results in Canada. With 170 seats needed for a majority, the Liberal Party of Canada leads with 139 seats, Conservative Party with 76, and New Democratic Party with 12. Both the Liberal Party and New Democratic Party candidates … Continue reading

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U.N. to call for worldwide decriminalization?

This could be huge. UN to call on governments around the world to decriminalise all drugs, says Richard Branson The UN may be about to call on the governments of all countries to end the “war on drugs” and decriminilise … Continue reading

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Kevin Sabet is going to ‘get to the bottom’ of Bernie Sanders

In tonight’s debate, Sanders was asked if he would vote to legalize marijuana in the state of Nevada in 2016. “I suspect I would vote yes,” Sanders said. “I am seeing in this country too many lives being destroyed for … Continue reading

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Meth as a byproduct of prohibition

Good article from Radley Balko: Meth isn’t an argument for drug prohibition. It demonstrates prohibition’s failure. Meth is often the example prohibitionists pull out when someone points to an example like Portugal. “So you’d legalize meth, too?” But as the … Continue reading

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The public needs to be educated about civil asset forfeiture

To anyone educated in the law who has a general sense of reality and the principles of our United States government, it’s clear that there’s a real problem with civil asset forfeiture as it exists in this country. For the … Continue reading

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