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What’s more wrong than John P. Walters or William J. Bennett? Both of them together.

The two wax nostalgic in the Boston Globe… Bring back the war on drugs Ah, yes, remember the good old days of the drug war that these two managed to inflict on this country? Well, they want it back. For … Continue reading

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Replacing the Black Market

Interesting survey at Marijuana Business Daily: Chart of the Week: Black Market Marijuana Taking Big Hit in States With Operating Dispensaries, Rec Shops Of course, we always said that most consumers, when given a choice, would prefer to buy legally, … Continue reading

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Cannabis and Alcohol

This article has reopened the discussion about the degree to which alcohol and cannabis are complementary or substitutes. Alcohol sales get higher after weed legalization contrary to industry fears But a few years into Colorado legalization, alcohol sales are up … Continue reading

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