What’s more wrong than John P. Walters or William J. Bennett? Both of them together.

The two wax nostalgic in the Boston Globe…

Bring back the war on drugs

Ah, yes, remember the good old days of the drug war that these two managed to inflict on this country? Well, they want it back.

For 25 years before President Obama, US policy confronted drug addiction with effective public health measures, emphasizing education, prevention, and treatment and, crucially, programs to reduce production, interdict the drugs, and lead international partnerships to destroy drug cartels. It worked.

Yet President Obama refuses to attack supply. […]

Worse, Obama has tacitly allowed legalized marijuana to spread drug use on a widening scale, undermining prevention and treatment. Now drug gangs flourish in a legalized-drug environment, spreading addiction throughout America. […]

As death and addiction spread, who will speak truthfully about this epidemic? President Obama has not, but many Republicans have also downplayed the danger of drugs and the importance of law enforcement. Crime- and drug-ravaged communities are crying out for leadership. Who will answer them?

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18 Responses to What’s more wrong than John P. Walters or William J. Bennett? Both of them together.

  1. thelbert says:

    so legalized cannabis is spreading the dreaded drug use. and it’s worse than fentanyl in your heroin. ’cause cannabis is much more immoral than any opiate. it’s the hinges on the gate to hell. these two are prime examples of the elite mindset.

  2. claygooding says:

    Over $7 trillion dollars and 23 million arrests of 99% marijuana users and an OCCASIONAL trafficker bust was never a successful war on drugs.

    We just didn’t have the internet to diffuse either one of these idiots propaganda while they were in office and they can’t believe we have trashed all their propaganda and lies even now..

  3. primus says:

    The comments are great. All are on our side. They call out the authors of this malodorous pile of dung, and they also call out the newspaper for publishing it. Why is it that the print media have not yet figured out that they have lost relevance for exactly that reason; they publish crap?

  4. strayan says:

    Prohibtionists in America present:

    John Walters and William Bennet

    Starring in:

    Drug War Wonderland

    A story of:

    Two old clueless blokes fading into irrelevance.

  5. jean valjean says:

    “… US policy confronted drug addiction with effective public health measures, emphasizing education, prevention, and treatment…”

    Interesting that they don’t mention caging drug consumers any more. Despite this omission/lie hundreds of thousands of US citizens are still being kidnapped and fed into the drug war machine with all the life changing consequences brought about by that. Here’s a quote from Terry Gilliam regarding his dystopian film Brazil:
    “An iniquitous system demands that individuals be fed into it if it is to continue to exist. Once in, a person cannot escape.”

  6. jean valjean says:

    Is the drug war preventing great discoveries in psychology?

    ‘In the case of Oliver Sacks, he claimed that psychedelics “allowed me to be more empathic and understand from my own experiences what several patients were going through, but it also gave me very direct knowledge of what physiologists were calling the reward systems of the brain.”’


  7. DdC says:

    Bring back the war on the drug war…

    Prohibition takes another life.

    Homicidal Maniacs John P. Walters and William J. Bennett plead for insanity defense. Warrant out for Biden and DEA Gang Leaders.

    Having tea with a straw man. Ranting about hobgoblins and demons that will come to all who believeth. Teenage predators devouring neighborhoods on superpot. Coming to a neighborhood near you real soon. Oh its coming. Soon. Super soon.

    “Bennett, William J., John J. DiIulio, Jr.,
    and John P. Walters: Moral. Poverty Theory”
    Pub. Date: 2010. Access Date: September 16, 2014.

    “I’ve said that “Martha wanted to get high, she didn’t want to die”.

    DEA fraudulant testing, twice.
    Joe Biden’s RAVE Ax bans Test Kits…
    Added xtc as schedule@1 narcotic.
    Underground markets don’t label potency, or ingredients.
    So people die.

    The hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it with a knife.
    Prefered Treatment of Racketeering Drug Thugs Bennett and his side kick Walters. Preventing a 4 yr old girl from using cannabis for Epileptic seizures.

    What’s Bill Bennett Smoking? December 04, 2001
    The latest release from William J. Bennett Inc.–the book and op-ed factory also known as Empower America–appeared Thursday on the commentary pages of the Wall Street Journal. Its subject was familiar—the War on Drugs, and why we need it now more than ever.

    Bennett’s best-known written work may be The Book of Virtues

    Bill Bennett’s Bad Bet
    The bookmaker of virtues.
    Sinners have long cherished the fantasy that William Bennett, the virtue magnate, might be among our number. The news over the weekend—that Bennett’s $50,000 sermons and best-selling moral instruction manuals have financed a multimillion dollar gambling habit—has lit a lamp of happiness in even the darkest hearts. As the joyous word spread, crack flowed like water through inner-city streets, family court judges began handing out free divorces, children lit bonfires of The Book of Virtues, More Virtuous Virtues, Who Cheesed My Virtue?, Moral Tails: Virtue for Dogs, etc. And cynics everywhere thought, for just a moment: Maybe there is a God after all.

    He’s lost $8 million in gambling casinos over 10 years, that surely is addictive or compulsive behavior no matter how good virtue has been to him financially.

    Oh i see… hummmm

    Director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy

    The Color of Money Can Stop Drugs
    Mr. Bush and the drug czar, William Bennett, should ask the chairmen and presidents of our 200 largest banks and savings institutions to take a public pledge not to accept deposits from drug dealers, whether overlords or street pushers. They should also be asked to identify any deposits of known or suspected drug dealers to the Comptroller of the Currency, who should work with law enforcement officials and the Internal Revenue Service to get their hands on this money.

    Oh but Johnney Pee doesn’t gamble… eh?

    John Walters Philanthropy Roundtable.
    Sure we’ll take your tax write off money and donate it to a nice reliable drug worrier. Iran Contra, Coups d’état and more drug worriers. Son of US Army Lieutenant General Vernon A. Walters, the deputy director of the CIA from 1972 to 1976 during the Nixon administration. One of the original post-war Military-Industrial Complexers.”

    Calvina Fay Prohibition Inc.
    Americas New Drug Pushers John P Walters

    The Philanthropy Roundtable is a national association of individual donors, corporate giving representatives, foundation staff and trustees, and trust and estate officers. The Roundtable is founded on the principle that voluntary private action offers the best means of addressing many of society’s needs, and that a vibrant private sector is critical to creating the wealth that makes philanthropy possible.

  8. claygooding says:

    Pot kills cancer,,,too bad it doesn’t kill prohibitches.


  9. Servetus says:

    John Walters is currently listed as Chief Operating Officer of the Hudson Institute. The Hudson Institute has featured such luminaries as Scooter Libby and Richard Perle. Walters fits right in with the unhappy right wing group as one more example of a defeated warmonger.

    The Hudson Institute presents itself as “An independent research organization promoting new ideas for the advancement of global security, prosperity and freedom. ” In fact, it’s strongly partisan Republican, it’s never featured a useful, original idea in its existence, and it works against the advancement of global security, prosperity and freedom by continuously clamoring for war.

    A renewed drug war against heroin by the government will merely spark increased interest in its use by people who never considered it before. It’s likely to act as a promotional advertisement for heroin, targeting rebellious types who despise phonies like Bill Bennett and John Walters. Culture wars function precisely this way. Some of our strongest cultural symbols embody drugs. The types of drugs one ingests are, for certain elements of society, associated with one’s identity, so that attacking a popular illicit drug is functionally equivalent to attacking the culture it allegedly represents.

  10. kaptinemo says:

    Dinosaurs in duet, serenading each other in sour notes as they sink into History’s tar pit of bad ideas and their proponents.

    Someone hand them some lead sandwiches to stuff their mouths with; that tar is too thick, they’re not sinking fast enough, and I’m sick of hearing them.

  11. NorCalNative says:

    Tried to read the article at the Globe. Problem is, it’s not translated from anal-sphincter into English so it didn’t make a bit of sense.

  12. FromTheCommentThread says:

    bojanglesdance09/08/15 07:15 PM
    “Want to win the war on drugs? Make them legal…all of them. But then make people buy their drugs by going through Comcast customer service…problem solved.”

  13. allan says:

    most of you have no idea how tickled I am to know that our once small (yet crafty) flotilla of pirates is now a freaking armada and when I ignore the WOD for a few or many days there are plenty of folks smacking down Prohib heads when they appear. That is just so boss. Pretty bitchin’ too. Groovy comes to mind. Far out works.

    and I gotta tell ya, second flush of strawberries is coming in… dahyummm! I love me some garden fresh strawberries. I also really like looking at my garden and knowing I’m legal… 😀

    • Hope says:

      I like knowing that’s happening for you.

    • Windy says:

      Hubby and I just picked fresh strawberries and yellow raspberries from our garden this afternoon, we found them as we were moving our (LEGAL!) plants from the garden to the indoor grow room to flower. Btw, anyone have any tips about possible pests they might be harboring from being outside in the open air?

  14. O.B.Server says:

    real target: “allowed legalized marijuana

    Conflation of heroin and marijuana: “to spread drug use on a widening scale, undermining prevention and treatment. Now drug gangs flourish in a legalized-drug environment, spreading addiction throughout America.”

    Here these repudiated old prohibition propagandists try to conflate (confuse) pot legalization with heroin addiction. Preventing pot legalization was always the real goal. Here they hope recent news reports of heroin can be conflated to “drug use”, which, they hope to blame on “legalized marijuana”.

    But don’t overdose rates decrease in states where pot is legal? Never mind that, just keep repeating this: Legalized marijuana in Colorado leads to heroin in Massachusetts. Legalized marijuana in Colorado leads to heroin in Massachusetts…

    Target, as always: “legalized marijuana

    • B. Snow says:

      And the biggest lie in the whole damn article was the smallest = “It worked.” – carefully slipped in at the end of a long paragraph full of straight-up lies.

      They also accidentally(?) Let their truly greatest fear ‘Freudian Slip’ right out in public, for all to plainly see!

      … many Republicans have also downplayed the danger of drugs and the importance of law enforcement.

      There it is – hanging out like they accidentally ripped their suit pants – on the day they most unfortunately decided to “Go Commando”…
      The drug war money spigot that Nixon promised would flow eternally, is about ready to go dry.

      Although I doubt it matters as much these days, as there’s only so much B.S. you can pitch to a populace before they smell the truth.

      They just can’t keep bullshiting the younger generations like they did the ones before us – in part due to the Internet & social media, in addition to the mistake of making their lies too damn big in their commercials.

      Or occasionally, Accidentally telling the truth – aka the “Pete’s Couch” ad!

      Brought to us by my personal favorite (presumably anonymous) Prohib-Idiot that pitched it (As some sorta reverse-reverse-psychology?) in the infamous “Above the Influence” ad campaign.
      Maybe, someday soon-ish, I’ll get a chance to thank them properly for inadvertently leading me here.

      For those who don’t recall my story – I found *This Couch* while hunting for the namesake/laughable ad online = they kept making people take it down, well after the fuck-up was realized.
      I like to think of it as an example of true providence… and this is where I thank Pete for being Pete – and the rest of the couchmates, simply for being themselves.

      And glad nobody can see me tear up a little bit sometimes = Due to the magic of the *Couch Interface Device*, I think it’s hidden in the ottoman there.

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