The drug war hard at work

bullet image Drug War Enables Police Roadside Sexual Assault

The mere suspicion of marijuana was enough to provoke a thorough search of the woman’s car and, when nothing was found, Ms. Corley was subjected to a horrific and humiliating roadside body cavity search, while being held down by two police officers. As Corley described, “They sexually assaulted, raped me and molested me.” […]

As Radley Balko reported in the Washington Post, there have been a number of these cases. So many that the Texas legislature was shamed into passing a law that’s supposed to prohibit such searches without a warrant. However, that law doesn’t take effect until next month. Balko writes, “That the state would need such a law in the first place speaks volumes.”

bullet image Shooting of Unarmed 19-Year-Old Highlights the Drug War’s Depravity

Last Friday the Seneca, South Carolina, police department identified Lt. Mark Tiller as the officer who shot and killed 19-year-old Zachary Hammond in a Hardee’s parking lot on July 26. Hammond, who was unarmed, was on his first date with 23-year-old Toni Morton, who was eating an ice cream cone in the front passenger seat of his car at the moment of the shooting. Morton was later charged with possessing 10 grams of marijuana. According to The New York Times, police had targeted her as part of “a sting operation.” The Washington Post says “undercover agents set up the drug buy.” […]

Hammond and Morton were minding their own business when Tiller initiated the use of force because of a pending transaction involving a third of an ounce of marijuana, a drug that is legal for medical or recreational use in 23 states. Furthermore, it was the police who arranged the transaction to begin with, in an attempt to catch Morton doing something that shouldn’t be treated as a crime because it violates no one’s rights. That’s what a drug sting is: a trumped-up version of a fake crime.

Whether or not the shooting is deemed to be legally justified, it is outrageous that a young man is dead for such a stupid reason.

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  1. Daren says:

    It always amazes me how reformers talk about the so-called harms of prohibition while downplaying the excesses of drug abuse. For every flash-bang grenade to an infant’s face or dog shot on a raid, there’s a hundred winos in the gutter. Reformers claim outliers are the norm.

    • claygooding says:

      The harms of alcohol,,the drug you point out is legal and it is one of the most harmful substance we have,,yet you can buy it in almost every town in America,,but please do not confuse alcoholics with other drug users,,,and other drugs may cause health issues and a few might help put some people on the streets but not in the numbers alcohol does.
      Most of our efforts are at ending the drug war,,marijuana or other drugs,, it is wrong to turn production and distribution over to criminals that will add harmful substances and turn what is considered a dangerous drug into a deadly drug.

      And prohibition breeds corruption.

      The DEA and recently the Miami Narcotics squad laundering millions of dollars in drug money and nobody arrested and the ATF selling the cartels guns and no arrests or even tracking them.

      Sorry you don’t “get it”. We want harm reduction since after $7 trillion dollars it is obvious they cannot spend enough to defeat the cartels on the money prohibition guarantees they will have.

      You can return to SAM or whatever org you get your check from and kiss our collective asses.

      • Daren says:

        Alcohol does the damage it does due to its availability rather than its pharmacology. Do we really want a Philip Morris of pot?!

        • Daniel Williams says:


        • free radical says:

          That is patently false. You cannot divorce the damage of alcohol from its pharmacology. It is toxic to the body; its pharmacology IS its damage. Availability is a red herring: the damage of alcohol was made far worse, not better, by the policy of prohibition.

          It is absolutely ridiculous to say that if the healing and cancer-killing herb cannabis were made more available, society would suffer damage like the damage we suffer from alcohol. Cannabis was legal and available for 6000+ years of humanity’s development, with no such damage or death as can be attributed to alcohol.

        • Servetus says:

          Who said anything about excess? We here on the couch are connoisseurs of the greatest elixirs and magical potions on planet earth. We know our dosages. We know our highs. Knowledge is what makes it all happen safely. Just say know to drugs. Drugs are your friends.

        • DdC says:

          Daren, Daren, Daren

          I suspect dust collecting amazes you.

          Philip Morris purchased Kraft in 1988, combining the company a year later with its other food unit, General Foods Corp. to form Kraft General Foods. The company was later reorganized to form Kraft Foods Inc. in 1995.

          Kraft Mac and yellow stuff, like Velveeta we used as trout bait in Pa. I haven’t shopped at Safeway for 25 years and the organic markets won’t let them in the door. Tasted good as a kid. Marlboro’s too. Now i know better.

          Seriously do they still pay trolls who are that naive? Wait until you get to high school, maybe it will be easier to understand. Your attempts at trolling, leave a lot to be desired. Actually the thought that some kid in Mississippi or Indiana can’t stop her seizures because of loony tune’s lies about cannabis. Puts you in the gutter more than any wino.

          Theoretically since it’s humanly impossible. 40,000 times as much marijuana as you needed to get stoned before you will overdose (and die). That’s a ratio of 1:40,000, whereas alcohol is 10 to 1

          Alcohol Has Killed Thousands Of People Since This Morning.
          Pot Use Has Killed Zero Since Forever.

          These are estimates of the total people directly killed
          by each drug since the beginning of the day.

          Counting only deaths due to the direct effects of alcohol consumption and dependence, around 1,760,000 people are killed by those causes around the world each year.

          ​Smoking marijuana is 114 times safer than drinking alcohol

          Can Marijuana Get Rid Of Alcohol Hangovers?

          Please Don’t Forget About The Pot POWs

        • kaptinemo says:

          The prohibs give themselves away every time. The latest propaganda meme from them is ‘Big Tobacco’. So, right on schedule, here comes ‘Daren’ with ‘Philiip Morris of pot’, even trying to use the same tautologies.

          We should be happy ‘Daren’s here. It’s a sign of our further advancement. The prohibs are hopelessly out-classed, and the fact they show up here, after years of only the very rare ‘sh*t-n-run’ tactics that most of them do when they come here, shows how desperate they’re getting.

          Prohibs used to refuse to acknowledge the very existence of reform and reformers, trying to act with bureaucratic imperiousness, looking down their noses in their taxpayer-supplied offices, an aristocratic sniff preceding the august declaration that we were beneath their notice.

          You see how well that worked out. We’re on the move, everywhere, and the prohibs are in retreat. Their bureaucratic backsides are blue and bleeding from the drubbing they get every time they tangle with us publicly.

          And now that Congress has realized the amount of power that such a voting bloc that cannabists represent, a voting bloc that crosses nearly every demographic in existence, it smells prohib blood in the water, the political feeding frenzy based upon the humongous amount of corruption and waste at anti-drug bureaucracies like ONDCP is about to begin.

          A sign of prohib desperation is when the more foolish of them wade into a river full of those who’ve been on the receiving end of the misery and mayhem their sweetly-reasoned-sounding laws created. If the reformers act like piranhas, seemingly uncivilly tearing a prohib a new solid waste outlet, the prohibs have only themselves to blame for giving reformers a reason to chew them to pieces.

          Prohibs purvey propaganda.

          Reformers relay reality.

          And because of those dynamics, ‘Daren’ and his ilk have become irrelevant, and they know it.

          That wound has gotta sting, ‘Daren’.

          (Wolf’s grin while holding up salt shaker)

          I got some disinfectant for ya, though…

        • Duncan20903 says:


          Oh, isn’t that just precious! “Outliers”! Gosh the sycophants of prohibition really do love their invisible evidence. At least our so called “outliers” have substance. You can see them, you can touch them (with permission!), you can have a conversation with them.

          On the other side of the coin we just have to take Daren’s word that all of his little friends who he’s “seen” suffer the horrors of “drug” “abuse” exist. The fact that we haven’t met any of them doesn’t matter because Daren assures us that he’s “seen it.”

          Humbug Daren. I’m calling shenanigans. Prohibitionists are by definition dishonest people. But don’t worry, you don’t have to prove anything. I think that all of the sycophants of prohibition who have the 90 IQ points required to figure out the truth have already defected and there’s not much point in arguing with the brain dead.


        • Matthew Meyer says:

          A one word refutation: pruno.

    • Will says:

      Are you suggesting we re-prohibit alcohol (again!) to help the “hundred winos in the gutter”? There were/are alcoholics before prohibition, during prohibition, and post prohibition. Alcoholics will exist regardless of laws pertaining to alcohol. However, alcoholics do not have to fear being arrested, having their property seized, having their doors broken down at 4 am (and yes, possibly having their dog — or a family member — shot in the process). The legal system does not get involved with alcoholics simply because they drink to excess. Obviously it’s another matter if excess alcohol intake leads to activity that endangers the alcoholic or those around him/her.

      Daren, alcohol aside, surely you know that current drug prohibition has nothing to do with helping people with drug addiction/problems. Prohibition is a profitable business. Drug eradication is not the goal. More than one DEA agent has described the war on drugs as a “job security program”.

      If, magically, someone were to tell the DEA and various law enforcement agencies across the country that finally there was a way to completely eliminate all illicit substances from the planet, the collective cry from Prohibition, Inc. would be, “Wait! NooOOO!!!”

    • David Hart says:

      It always amazes me how reformers talk about the so-called harms of prohibition

      What do you mean by ‘so-called’? It is very very obvious that enforcing criminal laws against drug possession causes harms. Most obviously, harms to the people arrested and prosecuted, but also, harms such as the fact that the lack of legal regulation makes the drugs more dangerous (less predictable dose, more impurities) than would otherwise be the case, or the fact that the entire profits of the drug industry go to criminals, who have less incentive to avoid violence in their dealings than legally regulated sellers would. You may argue that these harms are outweighed by the harms that would result from increase drug use under a legal market, but you cannot reasonably imply that prohibition harms do not exist.

      while downplaying the excesses of drug abuse.

      To the extent that that happens, I’d agree that it’s bad: I don’t support trying to pretend that a drug doesn’t carry the risks that it does, and responsible reformists generally don’t make that mistake. But it is just as important not to overstate the harms of drug abuse, because, as already noted above, prohibition both worsens some drug harms, and also directly creates extra harms. If we have a distorted view of the intrinsic risks of a drug, we risk accepting a cure that is worse than the disease.

      For every flash-bang grenade to an infant’s face or dog shot on a raid, there’s a hundred winos in the gutter.

      I’m not sure why you went with ‘winos’ here – people whose problematic drug is in fact legal to use – but the general point is that prohibition is generally pretty bad at reducing levels of drug use – and for any given drug, the people who are most likely to be problematic users are among the least likely to be deterred. If the government reintroduced alcohol prohibition tomorrow, responsible moderate drinkers who care about being on the right side of the law would find it much easier to quit than serious addicts who care more about getting another drink than the immediate risk of arrest.

      You also bring up alcohol on a thread on a post about police brutality in the pursuit of people involved or suspected of being involved with cannabis – a drug which by any rational analysis is far less dangerous than alcohol. Even if there are a hundred problematic alcohol users for every victim of police brutality, there are surely far fewer problematic cannabis users – and those problems tend to be less life-threatening anyway. Prohibition would have to be colossally more effective than it is at deterring cannabis use to make it reasonable to believe that the harms described in the OP the lesser evil.

      • NorCalNative says:

        David, that was very well written. Stop by more often will ya?

      • DdC says:

        All drugs harms are directly caused by prohibition.

        Properly done Pharma drugs are almost never the cause of harm. Done in clinical settings with exams, clean needles and consistent quality assured ingredients and conditions.

        Doctors make mistakes, patients are notorious for many ways of abusing medications, predominantly unintentional. Just from side effects of the medications. Supposedly long term testing and consistent results for FDA approval prevent more than fast tracking. In such cases Ganja is scarce or inconsistent strains. Where circumstances almost force patients to use such drugs. A helper is prudent. Rare on the streets, more harm. They just un-shelved Narcanâ„¢ (naloxone) as an opiate antidote. For the Ganja antidote, strong coffee was recommended.

        The founder of SWAT is also the father of DARE, growing future SWATs. The harm of prohibitionist hate. The harm in getting kicked out of school or off of the team for no other reason than metabolites, is doing harm. Losing your house or car or job or license does harm. To many more than just the person victimized. The family, the co-workers, company and economy with one less spender, doing harm because its prohibited. On false terms, doing harm to the integrity of the nation.

        Point is hundreds of millions use Cannabis on a daily bases without incident. Other than prohibition harm from the streets and drugcops. The simple logic that removing the humanity of a sterile setting etc. Causes the harm. Or leaving the prescribed limits and scheduling. Fixed income seniors saving money taking daily meds every other day. Prohibition is the Gateway to bathtub crank or stolen auto parts. Or substituting white powder OTC or weaning off of physically addictive narcotics. Less harm vs extorting dangerous snitch missions doing harm. Just to set up medicinal Cannabis users they get out of a drunk driving crash sentence.

        Small time Ganja growers peddling enough to smoke and pay the rent and go surfing. Spending locally, keeping jobs. Doing no harm until snoopy gets a command to find drugs. 90% of the time whether actual drugs are there or not. Civilized areas have proven the safety and efficiency of Dispensaries. While Draconia probes Uranus. Doing harm to the for profit incarcerated. Prison slave labor taking jobs and taxes for cage and board, doing harm to families. Prison max cap contracts staying full. more tax diverted from infrastructure repairs. Doing more harm.

        Prohibition violence is no different than Capone protecting his turf. Caused solely by prohibition. Booze Probies never busted a drinker, as they do by the hundreds of thousands of tokers and stoners. Pesticides, stealing water, trashing parks are all from a spineless leader willing to let it happen. By not treating it as a very useful vegetable. More harm from synthetic alternative pollution to wars to obtain the pollutants. Way more harm than Hemp. Also a schedule#1 narcotic that produces soft and durable blue jeans, Omega 3, 6 and 9 efa’s. Nutritional harm due to cost of importing due to prohibition.

        Harsh penalty states drive entrepreneurs to civilized areas. Then without regards to anything but quick bucks. Camp out until the harvest, then split. Always used as a poster child for anyone associated. Harm to the environment and eventually the people, mostly the reputation soiled with muddy headlines. Corporate competition kept from the markets are why prohibition exists. Harming the economy.

        When someone still wonders about potential dangers that could occur at any moment now. Although they haven’t in 12,000 years. Or banning research on tumors after trying to prove the harm it does to lungs, which failed miserably. So they banned research. Harmful.

        Monkey asphyxiation for Bonzo. Dupont, Turner and Benzinger’s Billion dollar urine tasting business. Harm. Come on now, society is just losing it full tilt boogie and anyone can see the war itself is what they sell. Treating the harms of prohibition for a living, fighting hard against cures and prevention.

    • Cannabis Corpse says:

      Daren, are you a troll? If yes, nicely played, sir.

      Here is a thousand internetz.

    • Dante says:


      Let us be honest here, you’re trolling.

      What, seriously, is your agenda? Remember, dishonesty only harms you. Not me or the members of this board who are painfully truthful.

      No disrespect, just the typical stoner curiosity about the world around me and the people who live in it.

      Am I off-target? Please advise.

    • N.T. Greene says:

      You say that like flashbanged children are acceptable casualties of war so long as we can arrest somebody for something at the end of it.

      “He is a man at the end of his tenure. It is easy enough to tell: he condemns all outside solutions as incomplete in favor of the demonstrable failures he is most familiar with. Time will forget his name in everything but the annals of the Library… And this is the only way he can think of fighting that.”

      “But he’ll fail, won’t he?”

      “That is hardly guaranteed. Progress is not a steady march forward; it is often a heated battle in and of itself. If you want progress, be prepared to shed blood over it — your opponents are certainly willing to shed it.”

  2. Tony Aroma says:

    I hope all those officers involved in the TX incident are charged with sexual assault, rape, whatever else they can think of. They need to be convicted and permanently on a list of sexual offenders. Not that that would disqualify them from police work.

    • Daren says:


      • jean valjean says:

        Daren….you wouldn’t be dodging Clay’s response to your absurd first post, would you?

        • Daren says:

          Considering I posted the “agreed” comment 7 minutes before Clay’s response, that seems unlikely.

        • jean valjean says:

          Daren, my bad, it’s official; you are not a dodger. Delusional prohibitionist tool though? Well, I think that has been answered in the responses from the couch. It’s been a while since we had someone like yourself take us on. Brave of you.

        • allan says:

          ditto – rare is he who sprays and stays. Good on ya Daren. Don’t agree with you but at least you stuck around!

    • DdC says:

      It’s the crooked, but legal system. The militarization and thin blue line. Indoctrinating Copshops that certain groups of citizens are “the enemy”. Caging non violent citizens for victim less crimes. These Cops are immoral, but legally just following orders…

      this stop was justified
      and the department did everything by the book.

      Harris County Sheriff’s spokesperson

      WTF book is that, Mein Kampf? If it was only kept in Teckus. The law doesn’t seem to bother any of the religionists. They spew old testament catch phrases to justify many atrocious things. Quoting chapter and verse and they haven’t a tittle of morality in them. Other states have similar laws. One guy in NM was shackled and taken to a clinic where they probed him. Said it was justified since they tried busting him before, and he always got off. This time probable cause was that he stiffened his buttocks. They all must pop a lot of sleeping pills just to get through the night. All if it not stopping terrorists with yellow cake or anthrax. They justify anal probing to catch someone with a little pot. Then they cover each others asses with “the law”.

      Unfortunately nothing is ever new with these sadistic bastards…
      – The AÊ‚Ê‚hole Police
      – WTF’s Up with New Mexico?
      Have they been annexed by Texas?

  3. Crut says:

    Hope is surely, slowly coming, but that is bitter when countless lives are still being interred.

    The whole if you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention mindset unfortunately plays here.

    The thing is, I’m truly getting tired and depressed of constantly being outraged. How long is that sustainable until the pot boils over? Internet activism is still too inefficient, though much farther reaching than other forms.

    What to do, what to do…

    • claygooding says:

      Register and vote.

      Hopefully enough poor people are angry enough to vote this year because if they do the (R) will be lucky too keep the Senate and the House,,,much less take the WH with the clown car they have going.

      • Crut says:

        Thanks Clay, I’ve been “throwing away” my vote at the deserving (third party) candidates for years. I’m the rare informed voter that votes his conscience and goes to the non-presidential polls also.

        As impossible the task may be, I try to vote for someone instead of against another…

        The WH vote is mostly only symbolic now. A distraction so that you ignore all of the other important stuff.

    • NorCalNative says:

      Crut, I took you up on your suggestion this morning. I’m about a quarter through the book the Authoritarians. Good stuff.

      I feel your pain my friend. What to do indeed. For me that light-bulb went off when I realized that EVERY DATED DOCTOR in my community was a possible future target.

      Gene Sharp at UMASS has some great free online books on non-violent revolution (the BEST kind). Why not take a look at his online library at the Albert Einstein Institute and check out his “198 non-violent revolution tactics?” Some of those suggestions might fit your personality and desires to help us win this thing OFF the internet.

      My favorite? Public Disrobing. I even asked our photographer buddy allan to arrange a photo shoot with his nude models. He didn’t favor me with a reply, but I still think having a line of ladies spelling out the ECS on their breasts (or holding the letters in front of them) would be cool. I’d love to own a poster of that bit of public protest.

      BTW, Gene is old enough that the actual Einstein wrote a forward to one of his early books. If we’re to win this thing adopting the tactics of non-violent revolution looks to be a good way to counter opposition forces.

      I’d volunteer, but that damn tattoo when I get nekid kind of grosses the kiddies.

      • DdC says:

        He does occasional Community TV docs here.
        Workshops too if memory serves.

        The Resource Center for Nonviolence,

        THURS. APRIL 7: Discussion of Gene Sharp’s “Politics of Nonviolent Action”

        • NorCalNative says:

          Pssst. Just between us all this hippie bullshit non-violence stuff sucks. Word’s out that MMYV has spies here and this was my lame nod to keep those vermin off-track of our real goal of cannabis global hegemony.

          Seriously though, thanks for the link and words on Gene. And BTW, a recent phrase your wrote was fricking brilliant in it’s ability to sum-up the situation. “…Draconia probes Uranus.”

          Did you know allan is/was team photographer for the Eugene, OR, minor-league baseball team the Emeralds? You might recall an HOF 3B named Mike Schmidt. He played his first professional ball in Eugene for the Emeralds.

    • Servetus says:

      Constant outrage can indeed wear you down. That was a problem when I was deep into studies of the inquisitions and witch hunts, even though it all happened long ago. It still applies to what I encounter today in the drug war.

      The good news is that outrage can be treated as a separate part of the mind. Hannah Arendt commented on the method, and I discovered it by necessity.

      Arendt separated the evil and its structure. While one part of her mind examined and interpreted the structure and dynamics of the present evil, another was reserved for its contempt. The technique makes it easier to switch between the two states of mind, emotion and analysis. Efficient and effective retribution is preferable to filling one’s mind with rage. The reward is that focusing on the analysis reveals the means of destroying said evil.

      • claygooding says:

        Never heard of her but I have been using the separation technique since birth I suppose except mine came with a “full auto” switch that I do not have complete control over,,that is when you attack the structure and what you despise at the same time without regard of innocent bystanders,,luckily or unluckily there are no innocent bystanders in the drug war,,only victims and assholes.

        I suppose if anyone has no knowledge of just how corrupted and evil the war on drugs has become they might be considered an innocent bystander,,but if you know and do nothing then you lose your innocence claim.

  4. DdC says:

    Oh joy, Our excerpt séancists can’t understand Sativa from Indica.
    So naturally it must be “uncertain medicine” and weaseled into the headline.

    Marijuana: Uncertain Medicine – Video –
    Marijuana’s effects can vary from person to person, and scientists are not quite sure what to make of the common distinction users and growers make between cannabis sativa and cannabis indica. ☺ sorry.

    Could it be…

    Only 13% of the medical schools surveyed mention the endocannabinoid science to our future doctors?

    A Very Lucrative Evil Hoax

    Or, harrumph…

    California Cops Are Trained ‘Marijuana Is Not A Medicine’

    Maybe NASA can use the hubblebubble to find out about…
    Indica vs. Sativa: Understanding The Differences

    Since the government research uses only the monopoly crop in Mississippi. Perhaps “Science” researchers should try Weed Maps.

  5. allan says:

    OT… Marijuana harm ignored in push for legalization

    Says Sheila Polk, county attorney for Yavapai County, Arizona, northwest of Phoenix, “Legalizing an addictive drug that is linked to … increased psychosis and suicidal ideas, lowered IQ, memory loss, impaired learning and academic failure means more damaged lives and lost opportunities for our youth. It’s unconscionable to experiment this way.”

    • Frank W. says:

      Guess Sheila’s never been to a party in Sedona AND THAT’S WHY SHE’S CRANKY

    • DdC says:

      SF Stoners still beating Sheila’s Snakes…

      NL West…W….L…PCT….GB…HOME…AWAY…..L10



    • kaptinemo says:

      From the comments there, it would seem that the author isn’t very well known.

      In any event, the article is more proof of their Inner Whacko peeking through. Just about every discredited meme is included, and summarily trashed in the comments.

      But the final sentence shows just how demoralized the prohibs are:

      “Sadly, it’s unlikely voters will hear anything much like this when the drumbeat for legalization begins in earnest late next year.”

      Conceding defeat even before the first pawn is moved?

      The reality of the demographces proving them outvoted and their efforts doomed is starting to sink in. You can smell the trampled ‘sour grapes’ of the losers from 20 paces. Even that prohib food chain bottom-feeder knows it.

      The troops in their trenches have begun to realize what they are actually facing, namely, their neighbors.

      And when they are forced to face the fact that their neighbors don’t care for their interference in their personal lives vis-a-vis cannabis, and their neighbors outvote them, it starts to sink in that, this time, prohibs are in enemy territory, surrounded by potential hostiles.

      Prohibs are the minority, now. Reformers and reform-minded people are the majority. And given what that minority has done in the past, they have good reason to fear their new status.

      Because their neighbors are effin’ fed up with the prohib’s insufferable presumption that their neighbors can’t manage their own affairs, and need prohibs to run their lives for them.

      The only thing that protected them in their self-righteous pogrom against their neighbors was the law. Now, that law is changing in our favor. Payback is a (female dog).

  6. Chris says:

    This will only fool the dumb stoners who don’t know that .9 repeating is 1!

    I looked for I-75’s mile marker – google street view is showing only 419 and 421 on both sides of the road!

    • DdC says:

      I had heard they changed the RF marker at ATT stadium to 421′ from 420′. Now it states “marked and actual”, whatever that means. The place has a Greatful Dead Day and paid tribute to Jerry on his birthday. Three of them sang the National Anthem in the 90’s. During the World Series they won 3 times in the past 5 years, they were known as the Rookies, Has Beens, Misfits, Stoners and Waiver Wire Pick Ups. Not sure why they would change it. I found 6 other stadiums that still haven’t been swallowed up in political correctness. Probably harder to steal an outfield distance marker.

      Happy 419.9, that would be 4/19 at 9:36pm for brain drained non stoners.

      Sportsman’s Park* St. Louis Browns & Cardinals
      Center field 420′

      League Park Cleveland Indians
      Center field
      Marked Actual
      420′ (?) 410′

      Memorial Coliseum Los Angeles Dodgers
      Center field 420′

      Colt Stadium Houston Colt 45s
      Center field 420′

      Jarry Park Montreal Expos
      Center field 420′

      Comerica Park Detroit Tigers
      Center field 420′

      AT&T Park* San Franciso Giants
      Right center
      Marked Actual

  7. hope says:

    It’s so obvious. Another life we didn’t save. Another death because of prohibition. Death! Horrible sudden death out of nowhere. Delivered by hired killers working for the local government. A funeral. A very sad funeral and a sorrowful viewing. We didn’t end this prohibition in time to save this young man. Life is sacred. Someone else is bound to die if we can’t make the prohibitionists give up their deadly scheme and the only way to do that is to make it legal. That’s the only way these deaths can really be stopped. End the prohibition. I can guarantee you that more will be killed if this continues anywhere. How wretchedly wicked and wasteful the murder of this young man is.

    • Windy says:

      Hope, three people a day lose their lives to a cop’s gun, fists or taser, and a family’s dog dies at the hands of a cop every 98 minutes. Not all of those deaths are due to suspicions of cannabis activity; therefore, unfortunately, ending prohibition won’t stop the militarized cops from killing people and dogs. Ending that is going to take a LOT more than just ending prohibition. I don’t recall if I’ve posted this here before, but even if I have it deserves another posting:

      Cops are NOT heroes, people, most of them are sociopaths who like having power over other people, some of them are full blown psychopaths, and the ONLY time one of them becomes a hero is when s/he risks his/her own life to protect another human or animal from harm. They are not heroes when they die in a car wreck (which is the most frequent reason a cop dies on the job, which wreck is usually the cop’s fault), they are not heroes when some nut job guns them down in a coffee shop or parked car. Stop putting them on a pedestal, and start holding them to a higher standard than you do your neighbor; because we give them the power of arrest (and even life or death) over us, we must not allow them to commit acts we would be arrested and imprisoned for doing. We must demand they treat all of us, even suspects, with some courtesy, instead of the abusive and arrogant attitude they usually show

      This is my solution to the out of control police state:
      The first thing that needs doing is to remove “qualified Immunity” from ALL law enforcement (prosecutors and judges, too) so they can be sued as individuals for their wrongful or destructive acts. Then we need to disband ALL public employee unions starting with the police unions; and lastly, we need to mandate that in order for any LEO (including all agencies that now have policing powers) to be hired, or to remain on the job, they must ALL be required to carry personal liability insurance which has the following clause, which reads:
      “All killings (human or animal) by insured will be investigated by the insurance company as well as a police agency other than the department where s/he is employed. If the insurance company investigation concludes the killing was unjustified the insured will be immediately dropped from coverage and prohibited from obtaining this kind of liability insurance in the future, regardless the conclusion of the LEA investigation.
      “Premium will double after one allegation of abuse, upon reasonable suspicion of its validity (which will be investigated by the insurance company, rather than the department which hired him/her), or loss or corruption of body/dash cam video of an arrest/altercation due to ANY kind of malfunction, and if the officer shut off the cam that will be probable cause of validity of the allegation.
      “Premium will double again after a second such allegation or loss/corruption of video. After a third such allegation or incident of video loss, coverage will be dropped, permanently, on this LEO.”

      No insurance=no job anywhere in any kind of policing at any level of government or security for any private security firm, not even as a night watchman; this will be a permanent ban! Implement this and all law enforcement will almost immediately become more civilized and polite in their encounters with the rest of society. We make this happen and we are ALL better off, including the LEOs, themselves.

      • claygooding says:

        With the recent report that LE agencies are training all applicants too “shoot first and ask questions later””,,just how long before the same procedure morphs to the public?

    • DdC says:

      It’s so obvious.
      Another life we didn’t save.

      The again Hope, sometimes we do.☺

      Amelia Weaver’s Miraculous Recovery on Medical Marijuana
      Since medical weed became legal and Amelia received her first prescription from LeafLine Labs, she hasn’t had a single drop seizure. The 9-year-old is sleeping, speaking, and catching up to the other kids in school.

      This is the war they wage, watching little Amelia’s suffer. Then continue to try and prevent others from having access. SAM has buried more Americans than the hot wars. Thousands with the same conditions in UnCivilized places. Busting Dispensaries causes hundreds of already suffering people more trauma. First we need a law, we get a law. Not the right color ink? So thousands without laws go to prison or rehabilitation to rehabilitate against chemo side effect remedies, Someone has to watch the rehabbers when they pee in a cup. Treated like a kid for stopping what the legal adult meds couldn’t.

      The law does not establish right or wrong. People justifying hideous acts because they broke a law to justify such behavior. Including torture, execution and the addiction to beating people down to rebuild in their own image. They’re locking up women in asylums for potential risk of aborting. Shutting down research like for Polio vaccines, is pure profit over people. Like Amelia feeling good with eCB’s is taking all those profits with her trying new white powders that don’t work. But they do necessitate side effect white powders.

      I shouldn’t be thinking such thoughts. They’re just misinformed looking out for our best interest and all we have to do is make sure our interests meet their requirements. Kevie has to believe those kids with seizures are suffering for the good of other kids. He would pat her back and tell her like so many sick parents afraid to use cannabis due to the potential stigma. I’m just saying no, for the sake of the kids. Is there a remedy for such mental moldiness? Are the profiteers so deluded and corroded that it’s best they be hauled to the junk?

      They get up and knowingly spend the day trying to keep Amelia sick. What level of perversion is that? Are we in uncharted waters? Kevin Sabet and Patrick Kennedy should be indicted on child molestation charges. So many forced into the shadows for suggesting cannabis. Paranoia en masse is not a good thing. Sometimes I wonder if these are real Americans. Did they play sports or ever go to a party? Did they spend their time eavesdropping and snitching? Whatever, get over it.

      It’s not your calling in life to make people suffer. Just because you get paid for it doesn’t make it moral or even close to civilized behavior. Public cavity searches for pot? Kids having seizures Science is Verboten from researching. Plenty of money trying to find something, anything to keep it from medicinal research. Not a little bit odd to the media so called journalists?

      So Amelia’s parents spend week long days in terror. Following the AMA until they run out of hat tricks. Or you run out of insurance. Then pack it up, sorry, we tried adios. Off to a teaching hospital. Run the gamut and when they write it all off. Then the parents discover they have had a remedy. It just takes breaking the law. A very very bad law at that. It doesn’t make you a criminal since you are Un-Victimizing what the crooked system made a victim.

      Only in the deep dark brains of an idiot would it be justified to deny Amelia her cannabidiol or cannabinoids, It seem rather simple how to weed out the traitors terrorizing American citizens. Women, kids and especially the bread winners they depend on. Reality is a beautiful thing. Pick it up and if its real you can see it. Just like Amelia.jpg

      • Hope says:

        Thank you, Ddc. You never cease to amaze me. You are a living cornucopia of real knowledge and true information concerning this God awful, oh so long and drawn out fiasco of injustice and cruelty perpetrated on so many people by a bunch of self righteous, vicious, greedy busy bodies. All the sorrow and grief and hardship the prohibitionists keep causing others, including these children and their families could end tomorrow, if they weren’t heartless, cruel, bigoted horse’s asses, without judgement, and without mercy.

  8. Crut says:

    OT: Excellent insight and perspective:

    Christianity, Libertarianism, And The Drug War

  9. Servetus says:

    Roid rage as it applies to police officers who ingest anabolic steroids is getting the drug enforcement treatment in an Alternet article. As in all drug scapegoating, it’s the steroids instead of the cops that are being blamed for questionable police shootings in Ferguson and elsewhere. What a convenient dodge for the cops, eh?

    Not everyone thinks roid rage is real, or that simple. Scientific research dismissing roid rage doesn’t stop the DEA from casting its net over the whole issue. ‘Anything to Appear Relevant’ seems to be the DEA’s new motto.

    Strangely enough, even though police officers are prohibited from using anabolic steroids, when caught, nothing much happens to them, even though specific penalties are often stipulated. It’s as if police departments want to treat the whole situation as a health problem. The Phoenix police department says the cost of drug testing its officers for steroids is prohibitive. For that matter, it’s apparently easy to mask steroid use.

    The launch of the steroidal cop stereotype has a good chance of catching media attention and blooming. Expect new idioms and vocabulary to emerge, such as ‘going coproidal’, cop juice, and roboroid.

    • David says:

      Surely “going coproidal” means “starting to resemble faeces”, from the Greek kopros “dung” and eîdos “likeness”?

  10. Duncan20903 says:


    Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall
    Humpty Dumpty had a great fall
    All the King’s horses
    And all the King’s men
    Couldn’t put Humpty together again

    Something that I’ve noticed is that prohibitionist parasites and their sycophants have really rotten memories. Really, really rotten indeed. At least on the subject of cannabis/prohibition they do. But that’s a positive for this side of the debate because they keep on using the same failed arguments that only a foaming at the mouth prohibitionist could comprehend. E.g. Sheila Polk, the county attorney for Yavapai County, Arizona. Back in 2010 Ms. Polk was also president of the Arizona County Attorney & Sheriffs’ Association. Keep in mind that Arizona’s medicinal cannabis patient protection law was approved by the voters on Election Day 2010.

    Here’s the list of bald faced lies, half truths and hysterical rhetoric promulgated by the Arizona County Attorney & Sheriffs’ Association in 2010.

    Here’s Ms. Polk’s most excellent example of how to lie with statistics concerning the proposed 2016 ballot initiative for regulated re-legalization:
    Top Prosecutors Call On Arizona Leaders To Oppose Legal Marijuana

    It really isn’t often that I run into a prohibitionist regurgitating the same hogwash after failing to scam the citizenry. Not that it doesn’t happen, but it’s usually one prohibitionists lying in past campaigns and a different prohibitionist doing the current regurgitation. So it’s kind of special to be able to point out that Ms. Polk used very similar tissue of lies in 2010 as she is using in 2015. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for being a consistent, dimwitted liar Ms. Polk.

    Here’s the actual numbers for high school students’ rates of cannabis use immediately previous (2009) and subsequent to (2013) the enactment of the AMMA:

    Ever used marijuana (one or more times during their life)
    2009: 42.8%
    2013: 43.3%

    Tried marijuana before age 13 years (for the first time)
    2009: 11.8%
    2013: 9.8%

    Currently used marijuana (one or more times during the 30 days before the survey)
    2009: 23.7%
    2013: 23.5%

    If the case for the continued embrace of the absolute stupidity of the absolute prohibition of cannabis is so open and shut, then why in the world do the prohibitionists feel compelled to tell so darn many fibs?

  11. DdC says:

    Medical Marijuana Arrests: When Will It End?
    By Alice O’Leary Randall
    Some people try to forget the day they were arrested for marijuana possession but, with the hindsight of four decades, I can say it was one of the best things that ever happened to us.

    It was August 24, 1975 and my husband, Robert C. Randall, and I were living a rather ordinary life, just eight blocks from the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. in a neighborhood that could kindly be referred to as “pre-gentrification.” The Metropolitan Police executed the warrant, ransacked our house and removed six marijuana plants from our sun deck. It was, of course, traumatic and life-changing.

    Robert C. Randall ecp

    • DdC says:

      “We’ve seen products labeled ‘plant food,’
      ‘glass cleaner,’ even ‘toilet cleaner,” says Ryan.
      But what’s actually inside the bottle is anybody’s guess.

      Joe Biden’s RAVE Ax bans Test Kits…

      Florida, Drug Wars and Daily Mail?
      Cater Pillars of Society.

      ☛ Flakka:
      Video Shows Eugene Chewing On Victim’s Face…
      CBS News May 30, 2012
      ☛ Flakka: Cheaper Than a Big Mac…
      yahoo finance June 10, 2015

      oh that’s terrible… 🙈

      May 30, 2012 A surveillance video has surfaced of Rudy Eugene, who Miami police shot to death on May 26, after they discovered him gnawing on the face of 65-year-old Ronald Poppo. Poppo was homeless for nearly four decades before the attack, reports the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

      What is flakka? CBS News April 2, 2015
      Florida’s dangerous new drug trend?


      a-PVP; Flakka; Gravel; O-2387
      Euphoric Stimulant
      alpha-PVP is a synthetic euphoric stimulant with a short history of human use. Its dose, effects, and duration are similar to those of MDPV. Chemically, it is a synthetic cathinone, and first became popular in the US in 2013.

      -Tachycardia XR, by Rocket
      -A Completely Misunderstood Compound, by Doses
      -Euphoric Stimulant Different ROAs, by lederrida
      -Submit a Report to our Experience Vaults

  12. Servetus says:

    Anyone still believing the drug laws don’t discriminate needs to listen to Former U.S. Marshal and DEA Agent Matthew Fogg. In part of an interview produced by Brave New Films, he reveals all:

    “We were jumping on guys in the middle of the night, all of that. Swooping down on folks all across the country, using these sorts of attack tactics that we went out on, that you would use in Vietnam, or some kind of war-torn zone. All of the stuff that we were doing, just calling it the war on drugs. And there wasn’t very many black guys in my position.

    So when I would go into the war room, where we were setting up all of our drug and gun and addiction task force determining what cities we were going to hit, I would notice that most of the time it always appeared to be urban areas.

    That’s when I asked the question, well, don’t they sell drugs out in Potomac and Springfield, and places like that? Maybe you all think they don’t, but statistics show they use more drugs out in those areas than anywhere. The special agent in charge, he says ‘You know, if we go out there and start messing with those folks, they know judges, they know lawyers, they know politicians. You start locking their kids up; somebody’s going to jerk our chain.’ He said, ‘they’re going to call us on it, and before you know it, they’re going to shut us down, and there goes your overtime.’” [emphasis in original]

    There goes the overtime. Boo hoo. More and more first-person testimonials will likely emerge that toss sand into the gears of drug enforcement. Ending the drug war just keeps getting easier.

  13. Servetus says:

    Sweden’s zero-tolerance policy for drugs isn’t working. The Swedish cops are generating really bad PR for their country by arresting popular, visiting musicians. Snoop Dogg just got the Swedish treatment in his last gig there:

    27 Jul 2015 — Snoop Dogg was arrested by Swedish police after his car was pulled over in a roadside control late on Saturday night. Earlier in the evening he had given a concert in the university town of Uppsala north of Stockholm.

    The rap star was taken to the police station for a urine test, the results of which were not immediately available. After leaving the station, Snoop Dogg hit out at Swedish police on Sunday, vowing that he would never return to the Nordic country.

    “2 all my Sweden fans U can blame YA police dept for never seeing me again in your beautiful country,” the rapper wrote in a tweet.

    Snoop Dogg, who has also been stopped by officers on previous visits to Sweden, said the arrest was due to racial profiling, claims which Swedish police denied.

    Take that Sweden. Swedes are not known for their fondness for black and brown people. However, Swedes appear to be growing much fonder of cannabis:

    22 Jul 2015 — Last week The Local reported that two men had been sent to prison after 570 cannabis plants – enough to produce around 31 kilogram of marijuana – were discovered at a disused school in Lysekil in western Sweden in a raid eight months ago.

    And the incident is just one in a growing series of drugs hauls recovered in the Nordic country over the past decade.

    In 2014 a total of 904 cannabis farms were reported to the police – more than quadruple the 211 reports officers received in 2004, according to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brottsförebyggande rådet, BRÅ).

    Finally, an answer to decrepit, US inner-city schools: grow pot in the school buildings. Everyone gets to learn urban farming. Why buy when you can grow?

  14. NorCalNative says:


    Just had an interesting encounter with law enforcement.

    California Highway Patrol sometimes uses a little piece of shared driveway I share with a neighbor, to use their computers.

    Checking on why the neighbors dogs were freaking out for so long, I approached him without knowing it was CHP.

    I was in that stage a few breaths after toking where smoke was still coming from my lungs. To add to that I was wearing my “cannabis-to-the-people” t-shirt with a big green fist holding a pot-leaf.

    So, there I am blowing a little pot smoke in his face, reeking of pot, with a pot-leaf staring him in the face. The rest of story is really boring and reeks of white privilege. It was exactly how relaxed that type of interaction and encounter should be under legalization.

    Hope it never happens again.

  15. Healing Herbs of Wizard Mountain says:
    • B. Snow says:

      I wonder what C.J. would say about that story?
      I’m guessing hhe’d call “shenanigans” at best…
      and this – “Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative” is baloney its the “public health approach”n aka Drug Court minus the court (apparently), there’s just one or two quibbles here.


      “If you are a user of opiates or heroin, let us help you. We know you do not want this addiction. We have resources here in the City that can and will make a difference in your life. Do not become a statistic, …”

      2. The article talks about the reality that most heroin related deaths occur because of toxic impurities (cut) or unknown/varied purity = strength/potency…
      And a few sentences later complain about the FDA approving Oxycontin use for severe chronic pain patients as young as 11 yrs. old = which is Totally Reasonable IMO, people don’t hurt less because they’re young. That long held belief that old h terminal patients should be allowed to take some drugs = but if you’re not in some sort of hospice care on death’s door.

      Or if you’re going to have to live with “moderate to severe” pain for years & years means you can’t possibly take pain meds adequate to relieve that pain is fucking infuriating!

      Having a doctor say – “you’re to young to be in that much pain” is a nightmare – and if you react to their condescending bullcrap the way anyone in that situation would, they’ll try to flag you as drug seeking = presuming the worst.
      It’s no wonder people go from pain meds to eventually using heroin – because the doc almost always want to put an arbitrary time limit on how long you need pain relief.
      They’re trained to do anything = (experimental treatments – surgery, injections, drug trials, etc.) Anything but the one thing that’s proven to work if yhey don’t obsess about avoiding ‘addiction to’, or ‘dependence on’ Opiates…

      The notion that people will always need more and more is a falsehood – prescribing them “take only as/when needed and ss few as possible” is part of the problem.
      For people in regular largely consistent pain – a steady fixed & scheduled dosage (every ‘X hrs’ 2/47/365) at an effective dose level can be maintained for years.

      The pain can be relieved around the clock without needing to hurt & wait for (possibly hrs each day) the meds to kick-in after taking them on a *PRN* ‘only when you absolutely have to take it basis’ that is what leads to people catching “a buzz” of some sort & taking it to get a “high”, that’s also what leads to people OD’ing, mismanaging them, and stupid things like damaging their Liver from tyelenol overdoses.

      As opposed to Oxycontin which is time released = if you don’t fuck with the pills and intentionally abuse them. Taking opiates on a schedule (writing a med-log of what you take & when also makes a huge difference = you quickly realize just how many you need to take and that if you try to abuse them you’re gonna fuck yourself over and run out before youvll be allowed to refill them – excuses & lies don’t fly most places “someone stole them” – requires you to file a police report… and “I spilled them in the sink” is one they’ll warn you up front – will not fly, nor willl anything else more than once *maybe* = if they believe you, and it goes in your file.
      IDK where all these news horror stories come from – aside from a couple notorious parts of Florida up toward Appalachia & then a few spots in “BFE” Maine & more recently Vermont.

      All the stories about over-prescribing opiates are IMO slightly more credible & accurate as “MJ-Edible Overdoses” they may happen but the spectres around this is more “Moral Panics & Folk Devils” material than anything. Anecdotal examples exist, and junkies that OD and then blame prescription pills for their addictions are about as Credible as people claiming that they got addicted to marijuana & they just happened to have a pocket full of shrooms/acid/pills etc.
      People “plea bargain” down to marijuana addiction, and go to *weed rehab* – lying thru their teeth the whole way and making stoners look evil & cannibus into the “Gateway Drug”.

      Which, I think everyone not employed by SAM, the ONDCP, or the rehab-industrial complex – have long since stopped believing to be even remotely factual… aside from it being a gateway to the black-market = which in the online world apparently has way more for sale than drugs, another reason to truly legalize drugs not “arrest & rehab” people.

      They’re gonna learn to only arrest people who are out causing serious public disturbances, property crimes, and the like – who seem to be causing said ruckuses due to a druug problem that truly warrants arrest, drug courts( maybe?), and if they choose Rehab = there’s no wasye like rehab for people that don’t want “help” or don’t fucking need it at all – who are just “choosing it” over jail-time!

  16. Plant Down Babylon says:

    After all the kev kev spewing and the obviously slanted article tone, the end result was that in the last 5 years, there has been NO INCREASE in accidents in the state.

    Sometimes, I hate NPR.

    • Crut says:

      Jeez, they clamped down on the time-limit for comments over there! Certainly don’t want any discussion that lasts more than 24 hours… Think of the children!

    • Windy says:

      KING5 broadcast that story:
      never bothering to make clear that many (likely all) those drivers also had alcohol in their systems and some cocaine, too; and they also neglected to mention the lack of increased accidents. In the comments, in response to another poster who posted the real facts about cannabis use and driving, I wrote:

      Well, I guess we will soon see how ethical KING5 news is, if they broadcast these qualifying facts we can assume they are ethical reporters, if they do not … I guess we will all know what to think about KING5 news reporters.

      • Duncan20903 says:


        Here’s something interesting about the “statistics” presented in the NPR follies:
        It says that in 2013 there were 1,362 drivers who were positive for active THC: linky

        But on March 7, 2014 Jacob Sullum wrote an article titled “Drunk And Drugged Driving Arrests Fall In Washington As Anti-Pot Group Warns That Legalization Undermines Road Safety which said that the total number of ‘DUI-drug’ cases filed by the Washington State Patrol was 1,357.

        I noticed that there was no count of how many of those drivers were using drinking alcohol or other substances in addition to cannabis. Even the Colorado State Patrol included that number although they acted as if they thought that it was meaningless.

        I also noticed that the numbers reported for the median blood serum level of active THC decreased by 25% between 2013 and 2014 (5.2 ng/ml to 3.9 ng/ml)

        The number of arrests increased 29.148% between 2013 and 2014.

        That feels like evidence supporting the assertion that the WSP decided to more aggressively enforce DUI-cannabis in 2014. Supporting evidence, not proof. But rather compelling supporting evidence from my POV.

        I haven’t read the column yet but Mr. Sullum has responded to the WSP chicken shit:

        Is Marijuana Causing More Car Crashes in Washington?
        The presence of THC does not necessarily indicate impairment.
        by Jacob Sullum
        Aug. 21, 2015
        In 2013 there were 34,952 arrests for DUI in the State of Washington.
        Those numbers make no sense at all. In my 38+ years of choosing to enjoy cannabis I know of exactly 1 person who caused an accident when he was high. After leaving a store he decided to smoke a bowl in the parking lot. Finished up and backed into a Montgomery County police car, his vehicle filled with the odor of freshly burnt cannabis. They didn’t tag him for DUI but he was relieved of the burden of several thousand dollars, required to attend a re-education program and learn how to say “marijuana is bad mmm-kay?”

        I don’t have any citations but IMO police rarely charged DUI-m in the past because it’s so hard to prove and so they settled for charging petty possession.

        Who am I going to believe, the people reporting those statistics or my own two eyes?

        The people at NPR are certainly not friends of freedom.

        It’s another good lesson in how to lie with statistics. While cannabis was a misdemeanor a lot of cops would be satisfied with charging a driver he knew to be cannabis addled with petty possession. Take away that option and add a per se limit and

        It appears that Maryland is going to have a working medicinal cannabis patient protection law. Perhaps 3 really is a charm because this is the third incarnation of the law. A couple of interesting but seldom or never before seen features includes:

        …exemption from sales tax just like other medicines. No excise taxes. No nuisance taxes e.g. building a new stadia for the Ravens or Orioles, no property taxes, no carpet tax, no administration tax and no tax on tax.

        …”One Maryland. One law” is their response to local officials who want to gum up the works with red tape at the local level.

        …the law clarifies that vaporization is not smoking for the purpose of protecting property owners and neighboring tenants from unwanted Cannabis smoke.

        …the implementation, adminstration, and enforcing regulatory requirements will be the bailiwick of the Natalie M. LaPrade Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. Wow, they said cannabis!

        …they couldn’t bring themselves to work outside the traditional prescriptions written by doctors and filled in pharmacies so they re-invented the wheel

        The best part? I qualify!
        The worst part? No patient cultivation!

        • Duncan20903 says:


          I need to proof read while the edit clock is still ticking. Everything below the /snip/ was a work in progress.

    • DdC says:

      NPR Censorshop… Sucks as bad as Neocon censorship.

      Ignorant SAM Welfare Queens

      Cannabis and Driving

  17. DdC says:

    Nicotine changes marijuana’s effect on the brain
    Generally speaking, the smaller a person’s hippocampus — a part of the brain associated with learning and memory — the worse their memory will be. Researchers found, however, that for people who use both marijuana and tobacco, the smaller their hippocampi, the better their memory was during tests.

    I knew that…

    New Schools, Less Crime: Colorado Sees Benefits Of Marijuana Legalization

    So the Lynch Mob in DC are afraid of better schools and less crime? Job security?

    Oakland blocked from suing to keep Harborside pot dispensary open

    Here are more examples for the kiddies to see how tyrannical the US government can be to those who question their authoritah! In the Land of the Pee and the Home of the Behaved.

    SAM Approaches to Marijuana Canada Urges Saskatoon to Close Pot Dispensary

    When are these ignorant SAM welfare queens going to get called on their lies and intimidation? Bilking US tax payers out of millions of dollars. Anywhere else it would be called Embezzlement. SoS, more US threats to nonconformist and common sense.

    Canada’s Supremes Cower Under DEAth Threats – 12/24/03
    – Loosen Pot Laws and Face Tighter Border U.S. Warns!
    – Drug Czar Talks About Tightening at Border
    – Relaxed Pot Laws May Affect Border
    – Canadian Pot Legislation Could Snarl Border
    – Danger On Our Northern Border
    – Pot Bill Could Bog Down Border
    – U.S. Warns Pot Plan To Clog Border
    – A Border War Over Pot
    – 140 More Agents Will Be Sent To Border
    – Canada, U.S. Bolster Border Security
    – Potent Marijuana, Lax Laws Frustrate U.S. Border
    – Police Smoke Out Cross-Border Marijuana Trade
    – U.S. Faults Canada for Letting Drugs Across Border
    – Marine Anti-Drug Border Patrol Suspended
    – Looking Over the Northern Border
    – Opposite Side of Border, Opposite Pot Issue
    – Border Crossers Fall Victim to Profit-Takers
    – Fired Border Patrol Agent Blames Hemp Bar
    – Italy Police Battle Reefer Madness at Swiss Border
    – Unmanned Planes Tested in Border Watch

  18. Servetus says:

    Times have changed.

    Human rights criminal, former Senator, and current VP Joseph R. Biden Jr., is facing heat on the front page of the NY Times for his role in instigating the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act.

    Now that mass incarceration (a euphemism for the drug war) has revealed itself as the cowardly act of racial and cultural repression it is, the Times says the possible future presidential candidate faces a “hurdle” among voters who are more evolved on the drug issue. No kidding.

    It’s more than a hurdle. If Biden thinks he has a future in politics, it won’t be the future he envisions. Once he leaves office, Joe might want to consider the option of seeking sanctuary in a monastery to protect himself from the public outrage his drug-war-related human rights violations have generated.

    • DdC says:

      Mum of 15-Year-Old Girl WHO Died After Taking Ecstasy
      Most parents would have lashed out blaming their child, her friends, or the dealer or the manufacturer.

      The response of her mother, Anne-Marie, 43, has been unusual and instead of blaming she began to look into the reasons her daughter died.

      Her conclusions have been that far from chasing drug use underground by keeping them illegal were the trade were open and regulated her daughter might still be alive.

      She said: “I was blissfully ignorant about the world of drugs before Martha died.

      “Afterwards I looked at her Internet history and found that she had been researching ways to take drugs safely.

      “I’ve said that “Martha wanted to get high, she didn’t want to die”.

      Joe Biden’s RAVE Ax bans Test Kits…
      DEA fraudulent testing, twice.
      Added xtc as schedule@1 narcotic.
      Underground markets don’t label potency, or ingredients.
      So people die.

      Biden RAVE Act failure tacked onto Amber Alert after DEA Falsified XTC Test Drugs, TWICE. Not released until after the Act passed. Banning test kits.

      CSN Search results for: glyphosate
      Really Mr. Biden, a Plan Colombia for Central America?

  19. Frank W. says:

    The Oregonian recently ran a story about roadside breathalysers and we can skip their adware orgy and go straight to this comment:

    VoxDundee 1 hour ago
    The legal guys & bail bondsmen should be all over this one. A huge new client base milling around out there – just in the nick of time, too – to help out the flagging law shop trade.
    Couple this with the new vehicle & plate recognition equipment across from the pot shoppe disguised as a petunia basket, high-speed databases, state databases on purchase amounts, etc., cloud servers, cop cruiser electronics & cameras – it just can’t miss.
    “According to our screen pop-up, there’s one now, Charlie…looks like he’s got a tail light out & no seat belt – looks a little spacey…better check this out.”

    Baal bless you Vox Dundee!

  20. DdC says:

    OK Sabet,
    now shut the hell up…

    Traffic Deaths On The Rise —
    What’s Really To Blame?

    – higher highway speed limits
    – low fuel prices and –
    – cellphone mania.

    Pot economy thrives in Uruguay

    Can foreigners buy marijuana in Uruguay?
    The only legal way for a visitor to get hold of weed is to be given it as a present.

    Tour through Uruguay cannabis culture Mvd High
    Now two tours, organised by Mvd High, a joint initiative between a small local tour company, a cannabis association and a media company provide you a great solution.

    The Sensorial City tour is a regular city tour with tastings included at strategic intervals.

    The Cannabis Culture tour takes you to one of Montevideo’s twelve growing coops where your guide may be one of the principal lobbyists behind the legislation.

    Both include tastings of top-grade produce, just as you would experience on a good wine tour.

    Federal court rejects,
    reject Oakland’s bid to save giant medical pot dispensary.
    Oakland lost a legal fight Thursday to prevent the federal government from shutting down the nation’s largest medical marijuana dispensary.

    In a unanimous ruling, a three-judge panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals said the city had standing to sue because Oakland stands to lose tax revenue if Harborside Health Center, a warehouse-sized dispensary, is closed.

    But the panel said the U.S. Department of Justice also had the legal right to try to shutter the Oakland-based cannabis retailer.

    “Normally the federal government sues states that enact such laws,”

    “But when Colorado and other states legalized marijuana, the Obama administration directed federal law enforcement to refrain from using its resources to enforce federal law in those states.”
    ~ Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley

    Justice Dept. memo lets feds shut down pot dispensaries
    The restrictions, Stemler wrote, bar the department “from impeding the ability of states to carry out their medical marijuana laws, not from taking action against particular individuals or entities, even if they are acting compliant with state law.”

    I really wonder if these clogs even know how full of shit they are.

  21. DdC says:

    Chrisp Chrispie goes on 48hr eating binge,
    Kevie joins Norquest to fight taxes.
    Westburro Gabfest to Protest.
    God Hates Literates!

    Colorado Marijuana Tax Revenue Nearly Doubles in One Year
    New Schools, Less Crime:
    Benefits Of Marijuana Legalization

    They hate taxes,
    except the ones they get to spend.
    These are just going to schools… and they object.
    SAM the Sham and the Pharmaoh’s?

    Appeals Court Rules Pot Smoke Is Not Offensive

    Another one bites the dust
    And another one gone,
    and another one gone
    Another one bites the dust

    Judge Rules Against Pot-Eating Police:
    Video Allowed Into Evidence

    Are Cops Corporations? A dictionary defines “corporation” as
    “a number of persons united in one body for a purpose.”
    Checking up your ass for stash?

    The Supreme Court ruled that corporations are protected by the ban on warrantless search and seizure. Otherwise, as the Cato Institute’s Ilya Shapiro puts it, “the police could storm down the doors of some company and take all their computers and their files.”
    ~ When Did Companies Become People? N.P.R.
    Excavating The Legal Evolution July 28, 2014

    Imagine that…storm down the doors of some company and take all their computers and their files. Hey wait a minute! That’s the first thing they take, after the brownies…

    Misinformed Cannabis Policies Prevent Access to Life-Saving Treatments

    Doh! Misinformed Cannabis Policies Kill
    Son of SAM?

    Urban: Hyperpathetic ✔
    An amalgamation of the hypothetical and pathetic, at the same time with a certain degree of exaggeration or hype. Implausible what if’s that border on the ridiculous.

    Federal Spending on Medical Marijuana Research is Pathetic

    Pathetic? ✔
    Miserably or contemptibly inadequate.

    • Mr_Alex says:

      Project SAM should be exposed for their connections to the Drug Free America Foundation formerly known as Straight Inc, Kevin Sabet already said in a interview which he lied about his relationship to the Semblers

      • DdC says:

        In public! Then flog them for Public Exposure.

        Who’s against ending prohibition.jpg

        He lied about his relationship to the Semblers
        because Mel is really jealous.

        Take Mel and Betty Sembler, for example.

        From Everybody Straight to Drugs Free America!
        Hardly what I’d expect from a drug worrier.

        Prohibitionists lie? Shirley you jest.

        “Don’t Step On The Grass, SAM” u2b 1968 Kay

        Starin’ at the boob tube, turnin’ on the big knob. Tryin’ to find some life in the waste land. Fin’ly found a program, gonna deal with Mary Jane. Ready for a trip into hate land. Obnoxious Joe comes on the screen. Along with his guest self-righteous SAM. And one more guy who doesn’t count. His hair and clothes are too far out. While pushin’ back his glasses SAM is sayin’ casually. “I was elected by the masses”. And with that in mind he starts to unwind. A vicious attack on the finest of grasses.

        Well it’s evil, wicked, mean and nasty. And it will ruin our fair country. Well, it will hook your Sue and Johnny. All will pay that disagree with me.

        Misinformation SAM and Joe. Are feeding to the nation. But the one who didn’t count counted them out. By exposing all their false quotations. Faced by a very awkward situation. This is all he’d say to save the day.

        Well it’s evil, wicked, mean and nasty. And it will ruin our fair country. Well, it will hook your Sue and Johnny. All will pay that disagree with me.

        You waste my coin SAM, all you can. To jail my fellow man. For smoking all the noble weed. You need much more than him. You’ve been telling lies so long. Some believe they’re true. So they close their eyes to things. You have no right to do. Just as soon as you are gone. Hope will start to climb. Please don’t stay around too long. You’re wasting precious time.

        • Mr_Alex says:

          Straight Inc’s horrific programs are still alive today, Teen Challenge has been rumored to be very close to Betty and Melvin Sembler, i would not be surprised if Betty and Melvin Sembler are starting Anti Cannabis groups

        • Duncan20903 says:


          I got thrown out of “Teen” Challenge at age 22 on 7/4/1983. My transgression was quitting the program, which is not allowed. As Donald Trump might have declared, you can’t quit! You’re fired!

          I wasn’t there long enough to offer an insider’s perspective on whether or not there were abuses. I swear that it was the eggplant that made me quit got me fired. I had never previously known that eggplant even existed. Can I call 30 days on KP for sniffing the eggplant abusive? Who the heck didn’t sniff the eggplant the first time s/he encountered it?

      • DdC says:

        Melvin and Calvina, Warts of the World…

        Melvin Floyd Sembler (born May 10, 1930) is former United States Ambassador to Italy (2001–2005), and former Ambassador to Australia and Nauru (1989–1993).

        Italy Seeks To Bring in Tough Law on Drugs – 12/01/03
        Italy’s centre-right government has approved a proposal making it an offence to possess and use even the smallest quantities of mild narcotics. The move could give Italy some of Europe’s most severe anti-drugs laws.

        ☛ Italy Steps Up War On Drugs
        ☛ Italy’s New Hard Line on Soft Drugs Sparks Row
        ☛ Pass The Dutchie, Don’t Sell It, Judge Tells Kids
        ☛ Italy Police Battle Reefer Madness at Swiss Border
        ☛ Italian Region Backs Medical Marijuana

  22. Windy says:

    OT but good news:
    In a dramatic and unexpected conclusion to a widely criticized federal prosecution, the jury for the criminal trial of the so-called Kettle Falls Five has voted to acquit the three remaining defendants on all charges except one for manufacturing fewer than 100 marijuana plants. Significantly, that charge does not trigger any mandatory minimum sentencing under federal law, opening the door for a compassionate resolution during the sentencing phase.

    Though the group of alleged co-conspirators had become known as the Kettle Falls Five, by the time the jury found their verdict charges had already been dropped against 71-year old Larry Harvey — who was recently diagnosed with Stage-IV pancreatic cancer — and greatly reduced for Jason Zucker, 39, as part of a plea deal Zucker struck with the US Attorney’s office. Thus, the verdict only affects Harvey’s wife Rhonda Firestack-Harvey, 56, her son Rolland Gregg, 33, and daughter-in-law Michelle Gregg, 36.

  23. Will says:

    Larry Harvey passed away on Thursday, August 20th.

  24. Servetus says:

    Recently written on a brewpub display and not the subway wall, a bit of trivia about the origins of the word ‘outlaw’. A shortened form of ‘outside-the-law’; in olden days, an outlaw meant a person who had no rights within the laws of the land, who could therefore be robbed or killed at will by anyone crossing that person’s path.

    The inquisitions applied the outlaw concept to convicted heretics, whom they forced to wear an outer-garment tunic featuring a big cross for the rest of their lives. The tunics were called the ‘saffron cross’ in the medieval period, and the ‘san benito’ during the Spanish Inquisition. Outed as heretics to all who saw them, the unfortunate convicts were treated as outlaws. Some were drafted into the crusades. The Monty Python movies and productions showing crusading soldiers with big yellow crosses on their armor are historically accurate depictions of heretics impressed into the service of the Church. These heretical soldiers would often strike fear into the cvilians when they descended upon Christian villages en masse merely for a rest stop or to pick up supplies.

    Upon a heretic’s death, the tunics were hung in churches to disgrace all succeeding family members and generations of the dead heretic. This produced consequences. An epidemic of church arsons swept Europe. Which is why today one finds incredibly fine, non-flammable stonework featured in Europe’s church architectures.

    American drug consumers have been given the outlaw treatment since 1914. Police criminal records are the modern equivalent of heretical tunics. The tradition of the outlaw has been preserved in police roadside sexual assaults on women and the pointless murder of 19-year-olds over something as trivial as cannabis. A wave or epidemic of something awaits law enforcement and the government should they not immediately cease and desist in their prohibitionist activities.

    • viggoPiggsko says:

      Love it Servetus, nice comment.

    • jean valjean says:

      It’s not just “American drug consumers” who get the outlaw treatment. Thanks to the U.N. the land of the free has exported its drug inquisition throughout the world.

  25. Duncan20903 says:


    Res ipsa loquitur:

    Menominee Tribe members say yes to selling marijuana on reservation

    KESHENA, Wis. —Members of the Menominee Indian Tribe have voted in favor of allowing both recreational and medicinal use of marijuana on their northeastern Wisconsin reservation.

    The tribe announced the results Friday. The votes are advisory only, meaning it’s up to tribal leaders to take the next step.

    “We have to be very, very cautious how we move forward, and not only looking at the welfare of the tribe and trying to maximize what we think are the benefits, (but) minimize what we think are the consequences,” Menominee Tribal Chairman Gary Besaw said.

    About 58 percent of those voting voted yes on recreational use of marijuana. The medicinal question passed by an even bigger margin, about 77 percent.

    About 13 percent of the tribe’s 9,000 members cast ballots.

    I wonder, how long will it take Chairman Besaw to figure out that he’s been sold a bill of goods by the prohibitionists?

  26. Duncan20903 says:


    Every day of the week prohibitionists say some of the most idiotic things. E.g. I once heard a so called “Drug Recognition” “Expert” say that the tongue of people who chose to enjoy cannabis very recently turns green.

    Stoned driving is uncharted territory
    By Ralph Vartabedian, Los Angeles Times
    July 2, 2011

    It was his green tongue that helped give away Jimmy Candido Flores when police arrived at the fatal accident scene near Chico.

    Flores had run off the road and killed a jogger, Carrie Jean Holliman, a 56-year-old Chico elementary school teacher. California Highway Patrol officers thought he might be impaired and conducted a sobriety examination. Flores’ tongue had a green coat typical of heavy marijuana users and a later test showed he had pot, as well as other drugs, in his blood.”

    The typical prohibitionist does stupid so very well that they make it looks almost effortless. Please keep in mind that these are highly trained experts operating on a closed course. So don’t try this at home. I’m putting this one into the “where the heck are you when we need you Charles Darwin?” category:

    Is marijuana dragging us down?Here’s a look at marijuana’s role in traffic fatalities, quality-of-life issues, crime
    By Patty Hastings, Columbian Social services, demographics, faith
    August 23, 2015

    “I have taken calls from people very frustrated that they now see marijuana growing in their neighbors’ yards openly,” Cooke said. “It’s the secondhand smoke that comes over the fence line.”

    Let’s see one of them top that one!

    • Frank W. says:

      Scare-tactic headline for an article with positive cannabis news? Welcome to Yahoo, Patty!
      As for Vartabedian the CPAC Warrior,if he wants to try pot he can come to my house and suck on my joint. I always tell them it’s a rush.

  27. DdC says:

    The Drug War From The Boardroom To The Alley
    Roger Casement, Aug. 23, 2015

    The War On Drugs has always had the character of a protection racket for the transnational corporations, Glaxo Welcome, and Johnson & Johnson’s subsidiary Tasmanian Alkaloids, and their legal opium monopolies.

    So now soldiers are returning from Afghanistan with eyewitness accounts of the how the illegal opium trade is propping up our latest stooges.

    From a soldier who served in Afghanistan:

    Afghan Opium Harvesting Protected by British Occupation Forces

    Opium Harvesting,
    c.200 metres from Camp Bastion Airfield Perimeter

    By Anthony Heaford
    Global Research, August 23, 2015

    Region: Asia
    Theme: US NATO War Agenda
    In-depth Report: AFGHANISTAN

    In this 7.5° view of Afghanistan, captured from an Airfield guard tower, we can see several less auspicious elements of the ISAF invasion and occupation:

    The photograph shows five men harvesting opium a couple of hundred metres from Camp Bastion perimeter defences, seen in the foreground.

    Not only was this illegal drug production being carried out in the shadow of ISAF’s Main Operating Base, it was being done under the protection of British soldiers. Her Majesty’s Armed Forces (Army and RAF) were protecting this man’s cash crop from illicit ‘taxation’ by the Afghan National Police or Army.
    – See more at:

  28. Servetus says:

    News from the world of bugs and drugs: Researchers at the University of Helsinki discover that ants do drugs:

    24-AUG-2015 — Formica fusca can change their taste for food once exposed to … fungal pathogens.[…]

    “When ants are feeding on the diet containing extra free radicals they are able to survive infections significantly better. Moreover, the ants also choose the diet including extra free radicals after they are exposed to fungus, but not if they are not”[…]

    …ants have an idea of their health status and seem to adjust the dosage of medicine to that[…]

    For healthy individuals under no infection conditions, feeding on the free radical diet has the same detrimental side-effects as with any drug. But once infected, free-radical-feeding ants have about 20% higher chances to survive the otherwise lethal fungal disease.

    If the lowly ant has the right to dose themselves, why not humans? The research demonstrates that self-medication is the rule, not the exception. That makes self-medication a natural right for all life forms on the planet, and probably a few other planets as well. The prohibitches have turned the natural world upside down. It’s time to free all the repressed radicals, chemical or human.

  29. CJ says:

    hey. I recently wrote this in the comment section over at stop the drug war and I thought it was pretty good if not at least honest.

    This will never work. There’s only one effective type of treatment, substitution treatment and sorry i dont mean suboxone because that stuff is the most evil stuff in the world. Heroin maintenance is the only way to go. I’ve said it for years I will continue to say it. It is the ONLY way. Methadone is a nightmare and a joke but atleast its better than suboxone. Abstinence based treatment is 90% based on 12 step theory, 12 step theory has a success rate of 5 % it doesnt even warrant discussion as an effective treatment and yet I can guarantee you that is the primary method that will be utilized by the powers that be in the above mentioned article. The fact is, heroin users, we do NOT advocate for ourselves because of all this shame shame shame. Well I stopped feeling bad about it 5 years ago thats when I started coming to this site and others. When I stopped feeling guilty, stopped with that nonsense “oh this is it, this is the last time, i swear… tomorrow its not happening!” (because, duh, tomorrow, IT IS happening, you know it, I know it, lets stop lying to eachother, mmkay? Enjoy it, why the hell else are you doing it??)

    And remember, the writer of Game of Thrones, George RR Martin, in the first book, he writes about Tyrion Lannister talking with the bastard of Winterfell, Jon Snow. Tyrion tells Jon that if you know what you are, embrace it, make it your armor, and nobody will ever be able to hurt you again. Well listen, I am a heroin lover, I love it, know what? My life is an absolute nightmare of emotional and physical pain that will not ever stop, will not ever go away. It’s been so since I was 7. I have tried absolutely every single psycho med that exists (literally, because I looked at a list of all anti convulsants, anti psychotics, anti depressants, etc. etc.) I have done every form of therapy, every kind of drug rehabilitation, I’ve been through over 15 rehabs, 20 detoxes (probably 30 by now) and I am here to say that nothing will ever help me come close to being a “normal” person, capable of empathy, “contributing” to society (i.e: work, relationships, etc.) and also take away my chronic physical paints, like opiates do. So no, why should I, and why should ANY of us, wage a war on the one thing that actually helps us get through this awful transient world/life? No. We should make war on the ones who wanna make war on us and what we do. What heroin does for me is what I’ve heard marijuana does for so many.

    And what? These cops they send after us, and let me tell you this: the lengths they go to it is REVOLTING. It is DISGUSTING. At the end of the day, these cops are human beings just like us, but to put them in the plain clothes, set them up all over the city, have them engage us, lie to our faces, deceive us in vile, intentionally nasty ways to PUNISH us… its disgusting…and meanwhile these cops are killing themselves, getting addicted to alcohol and having divorces at alarming rates and why? because when they look in the mirror they know society reviles and hates them. Thats why you guys all feel closer to your beat partner then your freaking spouses because you know your evil.

    And to all the misguided parents, spouses, friends, loved ones, with your threats, your interventions, you hate that you call love, well im sorry but the fact is YOU DONT GET IT, you NEVER WILL GET IT so dont be surprised if your tough love ends up killing whoever it is your threatening to put on the street, take away this or that so they can live life how YOU want them to.. I guess that means you dont really love your son/daughter/lover/friend etc because if that person has to live life YOUR way then your so called love is conditional and you know what conditional love is?? ITS NOT REAL LOVE. You have blood on your hands, deny it if you want, take sanctuary in the drug prohibition world where you’ll definitely find like minded people who “just dont get why he/she does this… why cant they just stop… ” bla bla bla bla bla.

    The solution is heroin maintenance. The facts have proven it time and time again. Any hope of a person stopping using comes from HEROIN MAINTENANCE. After theyve done as much dope as theyve wanted without fear of persecution or judgment, not surprisingly, whether its a day, week, month, year or many years, people just… quit… and quit for good… whatever dope had to help them work out, it helped them work it out and ta-da they are what all these programs and people want them to be but are to misguided to help them be.

    Hate me all you want but hard truths cut both ways Ser Davos.

    • NorCalNative says:

      CJ, you should know your honesty and personal history have been a significant factor in helping to shape my views on the war OF drugs and legalization.

      I no longer see you as the “OTHER,” but as friend. You’ve humanized heroin and heroin users for me in a very important way.

      I really appreciate your comments. Thanks.

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