So much bad policy at one table

Check out the 9 am panel tomorrow (February 3) at CADCA’s National Leadership Forum.


I’m sure the ghost of Harry Anslinger will be there smiling.

[Thanks, Tom]
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  1. CADCA

    “Our Vision”
    “A world of safe, healthy and drug-free communities.”

    “About CADCA”

    “Preventing alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse is no easy task.”

    You cannot promote drug free and then say you are preventing drug abuse. That’s a lie. Drug free means preventing drug USE. Period. That’s what drug free means.

    They start and end with double talk. These 5 on the 9am panel will fit right in.

    A drug free world is no utopian dream but more like an orwellian nightmare.

    Ask the pharmaceutical industry.

    Having these 5 on the panel would make a good study on what not to do (like prosecuting a failed war on drugs)

    • Duncan20903 says:


      My working theory about what goes on in the vacuum of the prohibitionist mind is that they believe that “addiction” is unavoidable for a fixed percentage of the people who try any of the substances on the governments’ naughty lists. In addition to it being unavoidable for the poor souls who are stricken because they made the fatal error of deciding to try whichever substance it was that gave them “addiction” it’s also impossible to determine which of the people will fall victim until it happens but by then it’s too late. So the only way to prevent “addiction” is to prevent any drug use. Hey, I didn’t say that it made any sense but please keep in mind that we’re talking about the (lack of) “reasoning” skills of the sycophants of prohibition.

      It is a chicken or egg exercise…which came first, the choice to get high or the addiction? Myself is a true believer in the theory that addiction is a congenital disease. Yes I know that anyone can develop a physical addiction. But most people can and do put in the effort to put a stop to that. I know that I’m in an awfully small percentage of people who subscribe to this point of view. But consider the part of the Rat Park studies when the researchers got the rats strung out by injecting morphine into the rats for 57 consecutive days. Then the rats are relocated into Rat Park. The rats are free to continue their addiction if they want to do so. But only 2% of the rats make that choice while the rest of them leave it alone.

  2. jean valjean says:

    “Federal Partner Power Sessions” caught my eye. Sounds like a seminar in how to milk asset forfeiture and Byrne grants. They know they’re losing so it’s time to put the bribes on the table…

    • Windy says:

      Speaking of asset forfeiture, a former cop turned politician in WA wants to crack down on the “illegal” grows which are supplying the “illegal” dispensaries, take their assets and give them to law enforcement to continue to fight against the “black market” that he says are the dispensaries. What an ass, and of course he’s the one politician the local news people interviewed.

  3. DdC says:

    Who needs old gossip queens like “One Armed Bennett” losing $8M in slot machines, but not tax money as drug czar. Proceeds from selling his Book on Virtues. Virtues of Vegas? With new AG’s like Loretta Lynch: “Civil forfeiture is a very important tool.” but New Attorney General Would Continue Obama Marijuana Policy limiting federal adoption of civil forfeiture. D’oh!

  4. claygooding says:

    Can we all agree that the signals coming from DC leaves us in the dark what will come next?
    We have Grassley chairing the Judicial Committee to stop any reform laws,,a seizure queen for an AG protecting the federal programs that buys their support and a ruling in a criminal trial that could set a precedent on marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug being unconstitutional,,that has been delayed twice now with no reason given,,it is like they are setting us up for something.
    If the new AG orders a bunch of shredders it may be time to get a passport.

    • Poca says:

      it’s like Tupac said about his legal trouble, all the cases he could win are delayed years out, while all the cases he has trouble fighting a due now!

  5. CJ says:

    how much death is indirectly the result of these men? when i see them, i see war criminals. I swear to God, I do not mean to offend, you all know me and know my life is 99.9% about heroin, buying it, using it, dealing with all that comes with that here in the United States but the other .1% of my life is spent as a historian [because believe me, when you do what I do, you have alot ALOT of time just sitting around waiting for deliveries, waiting for money to pile up [[panhandling etc]].] so I read books basically all day. I’m sensitive to history for certain. I can tell you honestly I can find very little difference between these men and some of histories most despicable villains. For instance, policy makers in Berlin certainly didn’t pull any levers to execute millions of jews but we know it was THEIR OK that did it. Charley Manson, we know he’s doing life, he’ll never get out, [shoot, Court TV loves it when he’s up for parole, that’s the only time anybody watches their show for his live parole hearing lol] but Charley never killed Sharon Tate, he just told his cronies to. Bloody Mary, daughter of the intrepid Henry VIII burned through protestants like a tobacco fiend in a duty free gift shop at the airport when the shop is closed and theyve been locked inside. We know Bloody Mary didnt light the stake herself. The list could go on and on. How about An Lushan’s rebelion, this dude’s policy cost a significant percentage of the world’s population to die off inexplicably. An Lushan’s fat arse was somewhere on a carriage calling shots as he tried to assume the imperial prerogatives of ancient China. Nevertheless, it’s called An Lushans rebelion for a reason.

    These men are no different. The great injustice is that they are paid, and hailed etc for their genocide. No doubt all these villains I’ve named, even Charles Manson, had supporters/fanatics. These dudes are paid and celebrated, it’s so revolting I swear it’s got the ability to send a man into withdrawals on the grounds of just how sickening it is.

    These guys all deserve to be charged with international war crimes. We all know their domestic policies have had international consequences. They should pay the price. Blood for blood. That’s the only way you can pay for blood unjustly spilt.

    • Crut says:

      That one has the ability to lead does not mean that others should follow.

    • Matt says:

      CJ, I sympathise greatly with you. However, I would like to address the basics with you. Forget the word “heroin” for a moment. The drug you like is morphine. Heroin is just a delivery system for morphine. The great majority of the world’s citizens believe heroin leads to sudden death. However, there is no evidence to support this. Until a large proportion of the voting citizens of the world are educated that heroin is just morphine, it does not lead to sudden death by overdose and its worst side effect is constipation etc, the chances of drug policy reform regarding opiates is in my opinion, remote indeed. The people (and tens of thousands of others) in the forum discussed in this thread depend on people such as yourself buying their drug of choice from a black market. They also depend on the regulatory framework that allows people such as yourself to be sent to prison merely for using your drug of choice. Do you understand the “heroin overdose” situation yourself? Do you understand there is no evidence to suggest sudden death from heroin (morphine) overdose? Do you understand there is much evidence showing that fatal heroin (morphine) overdose can’t be true? To the people on this forum that will attack me over this post, it is just too important for me to not discuss it. I will give this subject a rest for a while, but I make no apologies. Pete, I am working on a text version of my presentation.

      • Poca says:

        I dont know enough about the chemistry to say any different Matt, it is possible what you are saying is true, but drug interactions would definitely contribute to a death from overdose.

        Until you can be certain a drug isn’t cut with something else, then you cant operate under the assumption that overdose death is impossible.

        • Poca says:

          After looking a wikipedia a bit, you might be right. I think about how much heroin kurt cobain had in his system…miss you know who must have been trying to kill him, but he could take so much heroin with no death, they finally gave up with the overdose idea and got a shotgun and made it look like he killed himself.

          Anyway your argument is the biggest reason why we need to legalize heroin, prohibition is what is causing all the death with the incentive to cut the product along the supply chain…it is a whole lot safer in known purity and strength.

        • Matt says:

          The term “overdose” is a valuable tool of propaganda. There is copious evidence that coroners, forensic pathologists and others use the term “overdose” to describe the death of a person in which multiple drugs are found at autopsy. This is an incorrect and mischievious use of the term.
          Any event leading from ingestion of more than one drug is NOT AN OVERDOSE. It is poly-drug toxicity. An overdose is an event in which a quantity of ONE drug is taken that overwhelms the body.
          When I say heroin, I mean only heroin. I understand anything brought from the black market is an “unknow quantity”. There have been studies done that show impurities in black-market heroin very,very rarely are anthing other than innocuous substances like sucrose. Why would a black-market drug dealer want to intentionally harm his or her clients??

      • Pete says:

        Matt — why don’t you put your document together instead of wasting all your time here being argumentative over semantics with people who are doing a great job to try to end the drug war.

        We all know that heroin, when prepared and used properly, is safe. We all know that the drug war makes everything more dangerous.

        This site has been one that has actively promoted heroin-assisted-treatment as a best-practices approach.

        And the regulars here have done far more on a regular basis to actively do something about the drug war.

        So for you to come here and repeatedly brow-beat the regulars on the couch (and me) for not being pure enough by your definition is bordering on offensive.

        Telling us to stop using the word overdose does nothing useful in terms of our goal to end the drug war.

        If we go out tomorrow and tell people “Hey, there is no such thing as a heroin overdose” people will look at us like we told them the world is flat, especially if they know someone who died who had been using heroin. If, however, we go out there and say, “People are dying. And it’s because of the drug war.” (which is true), then we have an argument that can do something.

        • Matt says:

          Pete, I wouldn’t mind the opportunity to defend myself.

          1. As far as my presentation, it is just something done to convey some genuine information on an extremely important concept. As soon as I posted the link, I was abused, ridiculed and called a troll. Apparently, many of the regulars are not open to new information, are not accepting of having their beliefs challenged and are certainly not interested in approaching something from an evidential base. That is ok, that is their perogative. If you, the moderator, are not accepting of new and important information, then I don’t belong on your blog.

          2. Many of your contributors obviously believe heroin is associated with preciptious death. I am just respectfully suggesting there is no evidence to support this and much evidence to say it is not. May I suggest that many people who believe that heroin is associated with precipitous death will not be supportive of drug law liberalisation. I personally think is is somewhat pointless going out and saying “People are dying. And it’s because of the drug war.” Currently, the vast majority of people think they are protected by current drug policy (the War on Drugs) from a drug that causes precipitous death (heroin). It doesn’t and they aren’t. It needs to be explained that there is no evidence that heroin (morphine) is associated with sudden death. I can’t force you or anyone else to disseminate this information, but I can alert you and your readers to it. That is all I was trying to do.

          3. The overdose thing is one of the most important tools of drug war propaganda. I am not telling anyone to do, think, or say anything. And I am certainly not intentionally brow beating anyone. I am just presenting what I know to be true. Ideally the term should be understood and used in the correct context.

          4. Once you read my presentation, you will see that I alert people to the real danger, which is poly-drug use.

          I will submit the presentation in text form. Overall though I feel chastised for telling the truth. I don’t think this is healthy for a blog of this nature.

        • DdC says:

          Drug overdose wiki
          The term drug overdose (or simply overdose or OD) describes the ingestion or application of a drug or other substance in quantities greater than are recommended or generally practiced. An overdose may result in a toxic state or death.

          What All The Words Mean – A Glossary
          Overdose. The inadvertent or deliberate consumption of a dose much larger than that either habitually used by the individual or ordinarily used for treatment of an illness, and likely to result in a serious toxic reaction or death.

          The term ‘overdose’ is often misused as a descriptor for adverse drug reactions or negative drug interactions due to mixing multiple drugs simultaneously.

  6. primus says:

    Circle Jerk? Circle Jerk!!!

  7. Will says:

    I guess Kevin Sabet was considered to be too young to be a part of that panel. Talk about getting long in the tooth and dying off…

  8. Servetus says:

    The five drug war criminals will be discussing their strategies for an escape and sanctuary in Paraguay.

  9. Frank W. says:

    Where are the other four? Anslinger gave them nine Rings…

  10. Atrocity says:

    I just hope a fire doesn’t break out and cause the electronic locks to malfunction and trap everyone.

  11. claygooding says:

    More Than 100 Native American Tribes Consider Growing Marijuana

    “”More than 100 Native American tribes have reached out to FoxBarry Farms, a management firm building the nation’s first marijuana facility on tribal land, to express interest in the cannabis industry.

    FoxBarry CEO Barry Broutman, whose company also works with tribes to build and operate casinos, told The Huffington Post there has been a surge of interest since the Department of Justice’s announcement late last year that tribes are free to grow and sell marijuana on their lands as long as they adhere to specific guidelines.

    “I really underestimated,” Broutman said. “So many tribes are wanting to do this right now.”

    Can you imagine the frustration when state legislatures realize they won’t make a dime in taxes or won’t be able to regulate how it is accomplished from seed to sale?

  12. NorCalNative says:


    Pretty much says it all.

  13. DdC says:

    Research: Marijuana will not turn your brain into an alien life form

    Marijuana Does Not Harm the Human Brain
    … via @FreedomLeafInc

    But research also discovered that lying about cannabis will do harm and turn your brain into an alien life form. With only one known remedy. Using Pot To Save Brains! Seems the older liars have dried up their endoCannabinoid Systems producing Larger ‘Fear Centers’ in Their Brains. Eventually leading them into a long, dark, slow, painful, Schizophrenic Unrest in Hell you Alien Freaks!

  14. kaptinemo says:

    They still don’t get it. A smiling gaggle of (makes sign of letter “L” on forehead) losers. Smiling as if any of them had ever accomplished something of merit as DrugCzars. Bargain-basement Bonapartes without the funny hats, but no less delusional for believing that prohibition could ever work.

    On the contrary: just google “ONDCP scandals”. Too many to list.

    A long, long litany of corruption, lies, and general insults to the intelligence…and democracy.

    • kaptinemo says:

      And for those too young to catch the ‘bargain-basement Bonapartes’ reference, I’m referring to such as these.

      Like I said, no less delusional. That they are living to watch their precious DrugWar crumbling to dust must be exceptionally galling…I hope

  15. Matt says:

    A member of the board of CADCA is the following person- Michael A. Braun, Managing Partner, SGI Global, LLC. This guy is ex DEA. SGI Global engages in a host of activities such as intelligence, air transport, lab testing etc. In short they are a DEA contractor. From their website-

    Case Studies:
    -Forensic Accounting for DEA Financial Operations
    Conducting forensic accounting and related services for the Asset Forfeiture and Money Laundering Section (AFMLS), SGI Global’s team delivered successful performance and demonstrated results, enabling the project to be extended.
    -Counter-Threat Finance Support to the ATFC
    SGI’s financial intelligence analysts and mentor personnel, embedded with military commands across Afghanistan, facilitate improved targeting of insurgent financial structures.
    -Investigative Support to DEA Mexico and Panama
    SGI Global provides investigative, intelligence, and financial analysis support to the DEA Mexico City Country Office and the Panama City Country Office, promoting the bilateral exchange of critical evidence, including financial intelligence.
    – And would you believe it a study into second-hand opium smoke in Afghanistan.

    So, CADCA is basically just a chamber of commerce of people that depend on the gravy train of taxpayer’s money that finances the “War on Drugs”. Accordingly, CADCA has a huge vested interest in the possession, manufacture, distribution and sale of drugs other than alcohol, tobacco and caffeine remaining illegal. And regardless of the human cost, (Mexico etc). They depend on the prison/industrial complex (for want of a better term). Forgive me if I am stating the obvious to various members of this forum, but it needs to be known. It is very, very scary to anyone hoping for an end to the “War on Drugs”.

  16. thelbert says:

    a little bit of good news is a good way to cheer up the day: after looking at the noggins above i need to remind myself that those guys have no control over my life unless i allow it.

  17. pfroehlich2004 says:

    Hey, IIRC Washington’s I-502 had a provision that some research center or other was to produce and publish an objective study of the law’s effects. It’s been over two years now. Anyone know if this report has come out and, if so, where one might find it?

  18. Duncan20903 says:


    Well since we’re chewing the fat about the ghost of Harry J I meant to post an update about my proposed horror movie which was originally called “The Problem with Harry J”. The first update is that I realized that Alfred Hitchcock’s classic movie was called “The Trouble with Harry” so I changed mine to “The Trouble with Harry J” since I have delusions of being Mr. Hitchcock.

    Well anyhow it’s a moot point because every publisher and movie producer from here to Timbuktu has rejected my sheer genius. Of course every one of them told me that the idea is sheer genius, but they had to pass because they worried too much about liability stemming from the risks to life and limb that can be clearly and easily foreseen. Just the thought of an undead Anslinger ghoul could lead to coast to coast riots worse than ever could be even imagined. It didn’t even matter that I (probably) killed off the undead Anslinger ghoul at the end of the story. The riots just wouldn’t wait for the end of the story before the mayhem would be well underway..

    The last part is that I didn’t want to leave anyone dangling about how the movie ended. If you recall from the treatment the protagonists were a loosely knit circle of long haired overfed leaping gnomes with the noble ambition of pissing on Harry Js grave at the very instant of the official repeal of the absolute stupidity of the absolute prohibition of cannabis. Instead the careless treatment of grave digging tools by the cemetery’s grave diggers led them to accidentally release the undead Anslinger ghoul.

    The rest of the movie would have chronicled their obsessive efforts to undo the unintended consequences of their inappropriate grave side behavior. Also we’d see the undead Anslinger ghoul’s degenerate attempts to get the absolute prohibition of cannabis reinstated.and scare the hell out of the nation’s school children just for kicks and giggles.

    The leaping gnomes catch a truly lucky break because just by happenstance they decided to listen to “Welcome to My Nightmare” and learn that female black widow spiders eat their husbands immediately after mating. So in the end the leaping gnomes are able to arrange a very romantic date for Calvina Fay and the undead Anslinger ghoul. It was fortunate that they knew of her secret sex fetish and also of her fondness for undead Anslinger ghouls. The plan comes together with her eating the undead Anslinger ghoul after seducing him.

    Once again everything is right in the universe. Except why the heck did Ms. Fay buy an EPT kit at Walgreen’s? Peace is only a temporary thing in the world of horror movies you know.

  19. DdC says:

    9 am panel at CACA’s National Leadership Forum.

    a term meaning fecal matter used by hispanics to deter their kids from touching something

    Juan, don’t touch that candy that fell on the floor, its caca!

  20. Crut says:

    Article from the UK’s Independent: Colorado is making so much money from cannabis it’s having to give some back to citizens

    Is it even possible to spin this as bad news? Oh yea probably, “Big Marijuana strikes again!!”

  21. cy klebs says:

    Don’t these guys remember how the men who founded our republic grew hemp. Who are the authors of point 13 of the NSM or these corporate tools to tell our red blooded farmers what not to grow!!

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