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Timing is everything

Yesterday: Head of US border agencies revises lethal force policy The federal agency in charge of U.S. border security on Friday issued a revised handbook on when its agents may use lethal force, adopting changes aimed at reducing dozens of … Continue reading

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They promise to be ‘more careful’ next time (updated)

Toddler critically burned during SWAT raid Atlanta. Police conduct a no-knock SWAT drug raid at 3 am. Bust open the door, and toss in a stun grenade, which lands in a crib on the pillow next to a baby’s face, … Continue reading

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Breaking… (updated)

US House votes 219 to 189 to prohibit DOJ funds from raiding or interfering with state medical marijuana programs. It isn’t a done deal yet, but this is historic. Update: I’ve been reporting on votes in the house regarding this … Continue reading

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Paul Armentano in Medicine Hasn’t Found Anything Wrong With Pot by Larry Gabriel who notes that “one of the biggest arguments anti-marijuana warriors use is the ‘we don’t know enough about this stuff’ ploy.” “To date, there are over 20,000 … Continue reading

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With news like this, who needs parody?

Spike in drug offences shows success of police operations DRUG offences in the North East have skyrocketed in recent months — and police couldn’t be happier. The spike in recorded drug-related crimes shows the success of police operations targeting the … Continue reading

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Minutes of fame

Well this appeared out of nowhere on Facebook this morning – it’s one of my quotes from Guitherisms – haven’t thought about it in years (the picture was from New Orleans in 2008). It has taken off virally today, with … Continue reading

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Just making it up as he goes along

Kevin Sabet currently is at a Philosophy Festival called How The Light Gets In 2014 where he is a panelist in a sold-out event entitled “Morality, Hypocrisy, and Health.” (I’ll let you decide where he fits in.) Here are a … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Scholars Scramble for the Archives of Marijuana Legalization Ah, yes, we have certainly come a long way, from being the outcast crazies to being a significant movement in history. Symphony’s first cannabis concert woos, raises funds I would have loved … Continue reading

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O.penVAPE changes drug testing policy

You may remember that O.penVAPE came out with an offensive drug testing policy for their employees (OpenVAPE throws alies under the bus; drug tests employees). The reform community (including readers here) reacted strongly. At first, O.penVAPE’s Todd Mitchem badly ridiculed … Continue reading

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FBI meets reality

Potential FBI Hackers Smoking Weed Before Interviews Triggers No Drugs Policy Review The FBI has admitted that it is considering relaxing its strict rules against drug taking, in a bid to try to encourage more hackers to work for them … Continue reading

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