Just when you think the U.S. is finding its soul…

I was so impressed by this: United States Withdraws Radar Assistance in Honduras

The US Embassy in Tegucigalpa today confirmed that the Obama administration has decided to suspend radar assistance that helps the Honduran government detect narco-planes. The decision follows the creation of the Law on Protection of Airspace, which authorizes the Honduran Air Force to shoot down any aircraft in its airspace that is suspected of being used by drug traffickers.

Wow, I thought. Has the U.S. finally learned the lesson from the deaths of Veronica and Charity Bowers?

And then I read…

According to officials, the concern was because in some cases, these “narcoavionetas” could be undercover agents of U.S. intelligence.


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  1. Who/Are/They/Kidding/? says:

    “in some cases” ??? —More like 50% of cases.

    Kindly google any of the following:

    * The Big White Lie: The CIA and the Cocaine/Crack Epidemic by former DEA agent Michael Levine
    * Dark Alliance: The CIA, the Contras, and the Crack Cocaine Explosion by Pulitzer Prize–winning journalist Gary Webb
    * Whiteout: The CIA, Drugs and the Press by Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair
    * The Politics of Heroin: CIA Complicity in the Global Drug Trade by Alfred W. McCoy
    * The Underground Empire: Where Crime and Governments Embrace by James Mills
    * Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA by Terry Reed, (a former Air Force Intelligence operative) and John Cummings (a former prize-winning investigative reporter at N.Y Newsday)

    • kaptinemo says:

      And don’t forget The Boodle Boys

      An excellent source of links to excerpts of important books that help shed light on some of the most mysterious events in Human history is Third World Traveler. Be warned: a classic Wonderland rabbit-hole awaits.

      And for more up to date info, I go here to Al Giordano’s Narco News Bulletin you won’t hear about anything his (truly!) ‘authentic journalists’ (the real deal, not blow-dried buffoons on the Boob Tube) dig up in our corp-rat-ly controlled LameStream Media. All protein, no fluff.

      Same for Greg Palast. Read some of his work and you start to feel like the guys with the sunglasses in the sci-fi movie They Live. You won’t look at anything the same way, ever again.

  2. claygooding says:

    We should be so lucky.

  3. STV says:

    If anyone’s interested in making a difference, we’re looking for folks to help build a database on politicians’ stances on legalizing marijuana: https://blog.smokethevote.us/can-smoke-vote-help-legalize-marijuana/

    The system is built, it was very expensive. But now, anyone can go to http://www.smokethevote.us, drop in their address(or 9-digit zip if they’re paranoid), and the system will spit out a list of all the offices they vote for, and the endorsed candidates for each office.

    Never give your vote to a prohibitionist again!

  4. Servetus says:

    DEA agents are prone to shooting themselves in the foot. The agents flying aircraft over Honduras are obviously no safer when it comes to being shot at by their own Honduran ground troops.

    Contact your congresspersons. Tell them to stop giving DEA agents access to guns.

  5. Duncan20903 says:


    Everybody’s got a soul, it’s just that some of them are just black holes.
    Well they warned us that if we cut off their merrywanna profits that they’d just move into pushing hard drugs, and it sure looks like the camels have their toes under the tent. Everyone knows that garnishes are the gateway to the hard stuff! The next time you’re sitting on a beach in sunny Alcapalca and sippin’ on a Cuba Libre, just remember that makes it all your fault!

    Lime Prices In Mexico Soar As Drug Cartels And Bad Weather Take Toll On Crop

    That lime floating in a gin-and-tonic or flavoring a carnitas taco just got a whole lot more pricey.

    That’s because Mexican lime growers – the world’s second largest producer of the citrus fruit after India – have seen prices for their crop soar in recent months thanks to fickle winter weather, agricultural pests and the country’s drug cartels moving into the lucrative lime market.

    In some parts of Mexico, like the western state of Jalisco, the cost of limes has risen as much as 600 percent and nationally the average price for a kilo of limes has risen 147 percent between December and February, according to Mexico’s National Institute of Statistics and Geography.

    While growers are used to dealing with cold spats and insect infestations, the move by Mexico’s notorious drug cartels into the business has forced both farmers and trucker drivers to take unusual protective measures.

    Some citrus growers in the Pacific Coast state of Veracruz have taken to guarding their trees at night and truckers are now travelling with escorts following a hijacking earlier this month where armed bandits made off with almost $50,000 worth of the prized fruit.

    “There are a lot of people stealing limes, even entering the groves with weapons,” Adriana Melchor, director of fruit exporter Inverafrut, told USA Today.

    Limes are primarily grown in the state of Michoacán, which besides being fertile land for growing limes, is also the home turf of the Knights Templar drug cartel. Some analysts say that besides the wholesale hijacking of limes, the Knights Templar have helped drive down the production of limes and drive up the cost at markets but levying heavy taxes on growers in the region known as “La Tierra Caliente,” literally “hot land.”

    “So what they’ve done over the last couple of years, is that, if they’re nice, they put humongous taxes on the farmers,” Gustavo Arellano, a syndicated columnist and author who writes about Mexican cultural issues, told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. “If they’re not nice, they just kill farmers and take the land and take over lime production themselves.”

    Adding to these woes was the dual hit taken in neighboring Colima and other Pacific coast states, where a bacterial disease called “Huanglongbing” devastated crops – much like it did recently in Florida – and hurricanes last year wiped out a large swath of prime lime trees.

    “Michoacán was practically the only state that was able to produce limes because the producers are not on the coast like in the other 22 citrus growing states,” said Sergio Ramírez Castañeda, president of Michoacán-based industry group National System for Lime Production, according to Global Post.

    Ramírez Castañeda added that while the state normally produces 2,000 to 2,500 tons a year, it is now only harvesting 1,400 tons.

    “Producers didn’t go out to their groves, didn’t attend to their trees as they should have,” said Leonardo Santibáñez, spokesman for the Citrus Growers Association of the Apatzingán Valley. “This brought about smaller harvests.”

    Adding insult to injury, retailers in Mexico have also been accused of jacking up prices even higher than they are going for on the world market – something that Mexican business owners say is false.

    “Our prices are reflecting what we are paying in the market,” said Antonio Ocaranza, spokesman for Wal-Mart de México, the nation’s largest retailer. “We try to provide the lowest possible price and have been working closely with authorities to share what we are seeing in the market.”

    Gosh, I really don’t think they should have published this one on April 1 without a disclaimer either way. Wal-Mart de México?? Well, they made me look. Geronimo!? This has to be a joke, sí?

    Wal-Mart de México y Centroamérica, is a Mexican public corporation. It has been traded in the Mexican Stock Exchange since 1977. The company was founded in 1958 as Cifra by Jerónimo Arango.

    Be a good citizen, and don’t suck any blood limes!

  6. Crut says:

    Say what? NJ Prosecutors Association now supports Marijuana Legalization.

    New Pew Research national survey shows America continuing on the path to the end of the War on (some) drugs.

    • Jean Valjean says:

      You beat me to it Crut….I thought at first is was a late April Fools joke… in NJ?

    • claygooding says:

      It will have to be after the Outlaw Jersey Whale is removed from office,,that fat bastard is still making money from prohibition.

  7. primus says:

    Hey, Pete there is something wrong with the top post. Permalink shows twice and I can’t get to the comments.

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