Alabama declares holy war on pregnant women

Alabama Supreme Court Rules That Women Can Be Charged With Chemical Endangerment if They Become Pregnant and Use a Controlled Substance

New York, NY – On Friday, April 18, 2014, the Alabama Supreme Court issued a 8-1 decision in Ex Parte Hicks upholding the conviction of Sara Hicks, who gave birth to a healthy baby who tested positive for cocaine in 2008. This decision affirmed the Court’s prior ruling in Ex Parte Ankrom, holding that that the plain meaning of the word “child” in the Alabama law unambiguously includes fertilized eggs and that pregnant women may be arrested for using a controlled substance while pregnant.

Chief Justice Moore apparently included Biblical citations and references to God’s authority.

Make no mistake about it – this is sadomoralism, combined with the intentional infliction of damage on pregnant women and newborn children in order to score political points in the abortion debate.

There is absolutely no interest in the health of pregnant women or children in these laws. They take healthy children away from their mothers and encourage mothers not to seek medical help during their pregancy for fear of losing their children.


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30 Responses to Alabama declares holy war on pregnant women

  1. jean valjean says:

    does abusing alcohol when pregnant get a pass? no mention of fetal alcohol syndrome.

  2. thelbert says:

    i have heard that washing a new baby in johnson’s baby wash will make the baby test positive for cannabis. alabama may have to build some more prisons so they can protect the babies from the mothers. sounds like over-regulation to me.

  3. darkcycle says:

    Beyond words. That this will result in some women not seeking medical care is obvious. Less obvious is the fact that this will undoubtedly result in women being imprisoned and having their children removed over false positives. Also, the fact that women of color and poor women will most likely be subjected to screening will result in racially biased enforcement. It’s an easily foreseeable outcome, and therefore is likely an intentional effect.

  4. thelbert says:

    speaking of drug tests, this is an eye opener:

    • Cannabis says:

      Unexpected interference of baby wash products with a cannabinoid (THC) immunoassay.
      Cotten SW, Duncan DL, Burch EA, Seashore CJ, Hammett-Stabler CA
      Clin Biochem. 2012 Jun;45(9):605-9. doi: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2012.02.029. Epub 2012 Mar 23.


  5. claygooding says:

    This is exactly why TX is starting to turn blue,,the Republican control in our legislature just keeps writing laws and regulations controlling a vagina and not one law on the books controlling a penis and now the women,thanks to the internet,are realizing it,,,I don’t think any Republican is going to fare well in the upcoming elections because of their attacks on women,,,and the fact that every Republican Representative in the House voted down equal pay for women finally struck a chord.

  6. Servetus says:

    Drugged pregnancy legislation is one more example of how drug laws get used for purposes having nothing to do with drugs. As in many other such diversions from common law, the pregnancy drug laws are being used to destroy the public mental health of minorities and newborns.

    A separate article covers the drug/pregnancy topic in a story about a black, 24-year-old Utah woman incarcerated for taking meth while pregnant here. Lynn Paltrow, Executive Director of National Advocates for Pregnant Women (NAPW), notes that:

    “It’s a precedent that allows the concept of child endangerment to be applied to all pregnant women. Once you decide that prosecutors and police officers have a role in prenatal care, there is no limiting principle,” Paltrow said. “The child endangerment statute isn’t limited to illegal drugs.”

    By that logic, every pregnant woman who has a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or an early pregnancy could be subject to scrutiny. In fact, across the country, this is already happening. Law enforcement officials began cracking down on pregnant women in the 1980s, during the height of the War on Drugs, because they were considered to be easier targets. And today, new mothers continue to be tested for drugs, arrested, and thrown in jail.

    Tennessee was the first state to use the drug laws to go all out in its attack on motherhood, with legislative passage of State Senate Bill 1391, which is currently awaiting the governor’s signature. The Alabama Supreme Court case could make it easier for the governor to sign the Tennessee bill.

    What the Alabama Supreme Court justices are doing is essentially practicing medicine without a license. They’re also violating separation of church and state under the First Amendment. Under such circumstances as are outlined for drugs, the justices could conceivably, and just as easily, favor arresting pregnant lesbians. If there were really any justice in Alabama, the holy roller justices would themselves be arrested and charged with multiple felonies under Alabama law.

  7. DdC says:

    Atrocious acts are normalizing daily…

    Yes, Women Are Being Arrested for Having Miscarriages

    Mississippi Could Soon Jail Women for Stillbirths, Miscarriages

    Women Jailed for Miscarriages in El Salvador

    Pro Life? Not even anti abortionists
    Wall street’s Spontaneous Abortionists

    GOPerversion, another Prohibition! On Women…

    The hemp plant is tall and stalky and the marijuana plant is short, shrub-like, and has “buds”. It’s an annual plant that grows from a seed, and because of its quick growth (average of 4 months) it requires limited pesticides.

    Cannabis as repellent and pesticide John M. McPartland

    Journal of the International Hemp Association 4(2): 87-92 Cannabis has been used as a pest repellent and pesticide in a variety of formulations. It has been planted as a companion crop to deter insects, nematodes, fungi, and weedy plants.

    Dried leaves and flowers have repelled or killed insects, mites, nematodes, and weeds. Plant extracts (either aqueous or polar organic solvent extracts) have killed or repelled insects, mites, nematodes, fungi, weedy plants, bacteria, and protozoans.

    Pure cannabinoids reportedly inhibit or kill bacteria, fungi, and insects. The validity of some of these reports is debated. Most of the scientific literature describes in vitro experiments, few studies concern field work. Utilizing left-over Cannabis leaves against pests appears to be a possible use for this harvest residue.

  8. Zach says:

    Hello couch. Ive been reading this blog daily since 08. Ive finally decided to stop by the comments section. This is my favorite site and I feel like I know everyone but you guys just don’t know me. Anyways I am a resident of Alabama and yes most folks here are good people but are misguided in their views. Were it not for my wife’s family and our children, we would have already moved to Colorado and left the conservative madness. At least we are in a college town.

  9. Zach says:

    Chief Justice Moore is the same guy who got removed from his position years ago with the refusal to remove the Ten Commandments monument and a few years ago got reelected to the same position. This state is solid republican. I don’t even think there is any democrats in any major offices except for 1 US congresswomen that represents the black belt region of the state.

    • Servetus says:

      I thought I recognized the name, but I was in denial that Judge Roy Moore would ever make a comeback. I sympathize with the many Alabamans who must now suffer the consequences of their elected choice.

      Judge Moore is epitomized by his Ten Commandments displays in courthouses, ones that evolved from simple plaques to a rock monument requiring a forklift to place in a court foyer. His antics feed a narcissistic ego, not uncommon among the fire-and-brimstone crowd. He’s another example of a jurist who can’t separate partisanship from his duties on the bench. He pursues an agenda that will be his ultimate downfall.

    • B. Snow says:

      Uhm, How do I say this politely?

      I’m not easily offended and I’m also “Caucasian” but I gotta ask, do they really use the term “black belt region”?

      Like on a regular basis? *pretend for a sec – I’m doing a really good ‘southern car mechanic’ accent*.

      “Well, dere’s your problem right dere…”

      Actually, I suppose that’s not (in fact) ‘the real problem’ – but it sure can’t help matters much. I could see “Buckle of the Bible Belt” or something similar.

      I’ve heard that all my life – and I’d also guess that’s more closely related to the actual problem. People that claim “Armageddon is upon us” – because people want a “secular progressive government” & they make a claim like “America is a Christian Nation – and has been back to the beginning… the Founding Fathers were righteous God-Fearing… = yada-yada-yada, Etc.”

      AND, they’re actually wrong – but arguing that many were Deists who believed in “God” but not necessarily much else… That’s like telling a 12-stepper you use some ‘illicit substance’ or drink – But you’re not addicted to anything = they Yell, “Denial” – (put their fingers in their ears) & Ignore any attempts at a logical or reason discussion about any possible difference between “Use vs. Abuse” = They claim they’re synonymous and they truly refuse to understand what they’re talking about.
      The inherent level of Cognitive Dissonance they’d have to deal with to comprehend the truth would be -reality shattering- for them!

      But Yeah, Clay – you’re right & it was Gov. Perry holding a special session of the state legislature to pass the TRAP bill – that Wendy Davis filibustered during the end of the Regular session that pushed them over the cliff.

      Now, it also helps that Greg Abbott’s not really doing himself any favors lately either = pissing off minorities, then women, & this week teachers. Not looking great for him.
      And – the Republicans here are either “stuck in the 50’s” -or- they want a do-over of the Bob Dole campaign strategy w/ the amazing line about “Building A Bridge To The Past…” (aka, the 50’s – when it was great if you were an older, white, & male – and possibly their allegedly ‘subservient’ wives) – But, not-so-much for Basically = Everyone Else.

      It could get ugly, so – I’m diversifying my investments in Flavored Microwave Pop-Corn Stocks, & spreading them a bit across a couple of companies, ‘just in case’.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Everything gets a pass if there’s cannabis anywhere in the general vicinity. For example there was a nutcake that killed two people then himself at Columbia Mall earlier this year. Authorities rooted through everything in his life until they found that he had “mentioned” cannabis in his diary a couple of years back. No need to think any further, obviously that means that the murders were caused by the cannabis. You might recall the name Cliff Kincaid:

      Maryland Mall Shooter was a Pothead
      Cliff Kincaid
      February 3, 2014

      Just after the murders, the killer, Darion Aguilar, was described in a Washington Post story as a “good kid” with no criminal record who was perceived as “harmless.” His mother called him a “gentle, sweet kid.”

      But now the story has dramatically changed.

      “Howard County police said on Twitter that Darion Aguilar wrote of using marijuana, expressed ‘thoughts of wanting to die’ and even said he was ‘ready to die,’” reported The Washington Post. But the marijuana reference was buried in the fifth paragraph, even though it helps explain why a “harmless” young man would turn into a psychotic monster.

      The police Twitter account reported that Aguilar, in his writings, “indicates he thought he needed a mental health professional, but never told his family. He also mentions using marijuana.”

  10. Zach says:

    It does sound kinda questionable, black belt region, but it is common terminology here in Dixie as is y’all and ain’t.

    Allan, I never put back pizza unless its got mushrooms on it.

    • Duncan20903 says:


      Wow, silly me. I thought that it meant that everybody in that region was Kung Fu fighting. I was having a really hard time with a bunch of redneck crackers practicing the martial arts so I’m glad that’s been cleared up.

      • Zach says:

        Whos got time for martial arts when there are outhouses to build and straw to chew on?

        Duncan i miss your burger king logo.

  11. Zach says:

    Also if anyone on the couch is a college football fan, I’m a mildly obnoxious Alabama fan. Roll Tide!

  12. Duncan20903 says:


    Is there anyone interested in some personal validation? Specifically regarding the very frustrating habit of prohibitionists who poopoo claims that approaching 100% of the scientific studies about cannabis are poorly constructed at best and bald faced lies at worst?

    Well the American Academy of Neurology appears to believe that.

    Medical Marijuana Inconclusive, Neurologists’ Meeting in Philadelphia is Told
    April 28, 2014 4:00 PM
    By Steve Tawa

    PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The American Academy of Neurology, meeting in Philadelphia, has released a study on the use of medical marijuana in brain diseases.

    The world’s largest association for neurologists says the review highlights the need for more high-quality studies.

    Review author Dr. Gary Gronseth (seated on podium at right) says they looked at more than 1,000 studies but only 33 were “of reasonable quality,” in his view.

    “The problem is, we don’t know it works for most neurologic conditions,” he tells KYW Newsradio.
    “That’s why most of our conclusions are, ‘We can’t tell whether this works or doesn’t work.”
    “Dr. Barbara Koppel, another review author (seated at center), also notes the dearth of high-quality studies on the long-term efficacy and safety of various forms of medical marijuana — including smoked, pill, or oral spray.

    There’s that “we don’t know the long term blah, blah, blah” again. Why is cannabis the only medicine on the shelf which has to prove long term safety? No other new medicine that’s approved by the FDA has to prove that. We still don’t know the long term effects of any FDA approved medicine that’s still on patent.

    No respect at all.

    • Crut says:

      The link is broken sir. Google found this:

      Review author Dr. Gary Gronseth
      –And there is not enough evidence, he thinks, to show whether it’s safe or effective for treating Huntington’s Disease, Tourette Syndrome, or epilepsy.

      Simple question for you sir, do you think cannabis is dangerous or addictive enough to throw people in jail for using it to treat Huntington’s Disease, Tourette Syndrome, or epilepsy?

      • Duncan20903 says:


        That’s the correct article. My apologies but ever since the last Firefox “upgrade” when I copy a link it doesn’t copy with the http:// part. It’s very annoying.

        Of course my major point was the rejection of 96.7% of so called scientific studies. I’m presuming that it’s supporting evidence that studies cited by the prohibitionist parasites are at least 96.7% hogwash.

  13. Brian Ansorge says:

    This is, as the author suggested, atrocious! Pregnant women have every right to smoke crack, shoot heroin and get shit-faced drunk. The Alabama Supreme Court has obviously over-stepped, rendering this misogynistic decision.

    Peter Guthier, my hero: championing the cause of pregnant crackheads, junkies and winos everywhere—or at least in Alabama.

    • DdC says:

      “Republic. I like the sound of the word. Means that people can live free, talk free, go or come, buy or sell, be drunk or sober, however they choose.”
      John Wayne

      Alabama declares holy war on pregnant women ecp
      Wall street’s Spontaneous Abortionists
      Tobacco and alcohol use by pregnant women has adverse effects on the fetus. 3700 children die by the age of one month because of complications from the mother’s smoking during pregnancy. Fetal alcohol syndrome is a leading cause of mental retardation.

      According to the U.S. EPA, MSMA “can reasonably be anticipated to cause cancer in humans” and is converted in the environment to inorganic arsenic, a known human carcinogen. About 4 million pounds of MSMA is applied every year to golf courses and cotton fields in the United States to control weeds.

      Pesticide Exposure in Farm Families Linked to Spontaneous Abortion
      The timing and types of pesticide exposures are critical determinants of reproductive outcomes, according to a recently published study by Canadian researchers. The study examined pesticide exposures based on recall by farm families and reported histories of spontaneous abortions among women living on the farms. The study found strong evidence that a woman’s exposure to pesticides in the three months prior to conception or in the month of conception significantly increased her risk of spontaneous abortion.

      Generations at Risk
      (Web Page; Tue Oct 08 15:27:00 CDT 2013)
      How Environmental Toxins May Affect Reproductive Health in Massachusetts Authors: Ted Schettler MD MPH, Gina Solomon MD MPH,Paul Burns JD, Maria Valenti A 1996 Report by Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility (GBPSR)

      Description: Of the more than 80,000 synthetic chemicals in commercial use today, only a small fraction have been adequately examined for toxic effects in humans and other life forms.

      Monsanto Company
      Glyphosate is one of many pesticides mentioned in three epidemiological reports that examine possible links between on-farm pesticide use and reproductive outcomes.

      High on Hemp

      Dried leaves and flowers have repelled or killed insects, mites, nematodes, and weeds. Plant extracts (either aqueous or polar organic solvent extracts) have killed or repelled insects, mites, nematodes, fungi, weedy plants, bacteria, and protozoans.

      Pure cannabinoids reportedly inhibit or kill bacteria, fungi, and insects. The validity of some of these reports is debated. Most of the scientific literature describes in vitro experiments, few studies concern field work. Utilizing left-over Cannabis leaves against pests appears to be a possible use for this harvest residue.

      Ganja Mothers, Ganja Babies
      Dreher’s research is interesting and relevant because it challenges the prevailing notion that all drug use during pregnancy is bad for children. Ironically, some of Dreher’s findings suggest that ganja use by mothers during pregnancy, and by their children after birth, might actually be good for children.

      Women Under Siege,
      Despite steps toward reform in Burma in 2012, the Burmese army continues to employ rape as a tactic of war in the ethnic states.

      • Brian Ansorge says:

        That’s exactly what I told my guilt-ridden, alcoholic ex-wife—after her third stillborn child. Somehow, she didn’t find it too reassuring, even after I tried convincing her that “republics” are only for *real* people.

        Premise: unborn children don’t count.

        HINT: your mileage may vary

  14. Destiny says:

    I have one word for these moralistic animals: disgusting.

  15. Azimandia says:

    There is no faith which offers salvation from intentional, explicit genocide of your neighbors and countrymen, Justice Moore. Absolutely none. furthermore, believers in Christ would appreciate if you stop associating his name with your purely-evil-through-mere-ignorance foolishness any longer.

    There’s nothing new about certain Christian sects’ cold genocide against pagan entheogenic folk. The only thing that’s changed is that this new generation of new apostolic ‘channeling’ and ‘tongue speaking’ nutjobs isn’t smart enough to shut up and make it about ‘treatment.’ instead of straight out outlawing entheogenic believing individuals from the oh so fundamentally human act of breeding, a more than slight violation of the basic notion of human rights.

    The wild culture war antics of the modern new apostolic christian sects in regards to their respect for other cultures sacraments has been supremely devastating to the wealth and fortune of this nation. It simply does not matter how stubbornly they wallow in puerile ignorance of the humanity, rationality and right of their victims, you can’t run a culture-war frisking and bounty hunting service off the backs of an unpopular, politically expendable minority for six decades and eight figures worth of victims without having it blow back up in your face. There is no force in the universe, not even a god, capable of saving these utter fools from the consequences of their own actions.

    Justice Moore, you just lost the game, so badly that your every interest, passion and past-time will become synonymous with the likes of ultimate disgrace. May your mistaken ignorance of others humanity serve as a warning to a hundred generations as to the fundamental limits of salvation by faith.

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