Officer presented with department star


The newest member of the San Francisco Police Department drools a little when he gets excited.

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5 Responses to Officer presented with department star

  1. Dante says:

    I love dogs, don’t take this the wrong way.

    Why do Police Departments constantly give awards to themselves, to their own members, with no input from outside their ranks? The military is even worse.

    If they truely “served the public”, wouldn’t the PUBLIC give awards to the Police Department?

    When all you do is grant awards to yourself, do those awards carry any real value?

  2. darkcycle says:

    This is totally O/T, but it’s a great read and lays out very succinctly why I left psychology practice. Keep in mind, my work was primarily with children and teens:

  3. Gary Sage says:

    Like to see the rest of those fucking cops work for Kibbles and biscuits! I remain a dog lover but I will always hate PIGS!

  4. Mr Ikasheeni says:

    There is also an article in Alternet, about urine screening, we should expect the incumbent C in C to willing abstain from the yellow tide of piss surveillance. Anything less; then we are all patsies!

  5. cy klebs says:

    Well 1 way to cloud the issue is to imply an over partiality to to a racial group, but the slippery slope extends to getting hunting and fishing licenses. I agree that there is just cause to expect a clear choice this November! Out with blue-dogs!

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