Drug Czar Speaking

Right now on C-Span

Speaking to Sheriffs’ Association. According to his office: “Will call for reforming criminal justice system to address addiction as treatable disease”

Sheriff introducing him couldn’t pronounce his name.

Update: Kerlikowske lied again about the NHTSA study.

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23 Responses to Drug Czar Speaking

  1. ezrydn says:

    At the end, the camera took a lomg shot and Droop Dawg was only talking to about 15 people!

  2. claygooding says:

    Your live feed isn’t working on mine Pete,is anyone else having problems?

    They must get his per se drugged driving laws passed so they can have another way to persecute marijuana users.

    • allan says:

      clay clay clay… they won’t be persecuting us… they’ll be giving us the tools to “kick the habit.” For our own good, of course. Which is not persecution… it may be cruel, sadistic and anti-scientific/civil/moral, but once out of that smokey cloud of addiction, it will all make sense. Trust ’em.

  3. Matthew Meyer says:

    Isn’t it Kerlikowske?

    • allan says:

      yep, ends in “e” not “i”

      hey ez… were the 15 or so attendees yawning or already asleep?

      • Maria says:

        Hah. I always thought it was a surname of Russo/Slavic origins which at some point had the ‘ski’ ending turn into ‘ske’ but still pronounced like ‘ski’. How -is- it pronounced? Hard k?

  4. kaptinemo says:

    The problem with all these crazy, benighted prohibitionists rearranging the deck chairs on the doomed Titanic-like USS Drug Prohibition is that far too many of them are armed fanatics…and they will shoot you if you try to use those deck chairs as floatation devices to jump from the sinking ship.

    Never mind that they’ll drown, too; that’s the farthest thing from their narrow, shuttered minds. All they know is that they absolutely must keep you from doing the only logical thing to save yourself and others…because doing so is against a law.

    • Duncan20903 says:

      I’m stealing that rhetoric kaptin. +1.

      • kaptinemo says:

        Duncan, I wanted to use the example of April 1945 Berlin, but that would be bumping into Godwin’s law.

        The Red Army had encircled Berlin, blasting it to bits with arty barrages, the Third Reich was collapsing in on itself, the city was in ruins, society collapsing, der Fuhrer was in his bunker, ranting and raving as plaster from the ceiling knocked loose by the Sov barrages dusted the Bunker’s inmates hair…and in the streets the SS was running around, shooting deserters. Everything’s about to go to pieces, as the old Brit song went, “The World Turn’d Upside Down”…and they’re doing…that.

        That’s the prohibs. They remind me of something I came across in my sci-fi reading days, the Crazy Eddies of The Mote In God’s Eye, always doing the wrong thing at the wrong time. Is a house on fire, burning uncontrollably and threatening to set adjacent homes ablaze? Their solution is to arrest the bucket brigade for disturbing the peace. Stupid. But, hey, what can you expect from such people?

        • Matthew Meyer says:

          There was something about those who went Crazy Eddie though, it seemed like theirs was the logical response to the Motie society, or revealed something of the truth about it…it’s been too long since Roy Wagner’s Fantasy & Social Values.

          Nothing like sci-fi for expressing “negative capability”–the ability to imagine things being different from what they are…like Ursula K. LeGuin’s intermittently-gendered beings in _The Left Hand of Darkness_.

          And let’s not get started on _Dune_ and “spice”!

  5. Duncan20903 says:

    How can anyone screw up saying Kerlifries? Have they never eaten at Krusty Burger?

  6. Hey there fellow drug war ranters, I have just put up a new website focused on mounting primary challenges to incumbent prohibitionists in the CT General Assembly.

    The URL is http://www.ctprimaryproject.com.

    I would be very interested in getting feedback from all of you: political, technical, or aesthetic. You can reach me via the comment form on the “Sign Up” page.

  7. claygooding says:

    Judge to Brewer: Follow voters’ will, proceed on pot dispensaries


    “”The state must allow medical-marijuana dispensaries and cannot restrict who operates them based on where they live or their financial history, a Maricopa County Superior Court judge has ruled.

    Judge Richard Gama’s decision Wednesday broadens the pool of potential dispensary owners, who have been eager to set up shop since voters approved the law in 2010. And the ruling clears what may be the last obstacle for the state’s medical-pot industry.””

    It only takes one prohibitionist in the wrong office to maintain prohibition,,

  8. Deep Dish says:

    Want entertainment? This fresh debate between Mason Tvert vs. Kevin Sabet.


    Funny highlights: TV commercial from the Drug Czar’s office which proves our points, “We sat on Pete’s couch for 11 hours,” and Sabet getting owned on “cultural legacy.” (Of course, Sabet was getting owned pretty much the whole time.)

    • Duncan20903 says:


      …but quite sadly Mr. Sabet was totally unaware that he was owned. Clueless is as clueless does.

      Is there a transcript? I have this very distinct voice for whenever Mr. Sabet talks in print and I don’t want to spoil it because he sounds like such a total herbert. Sort of like Truman Capote on helium. I find it very amusing. I’m also worried that it might be nauseating to actually hear him speak aloud.

      clay, you know it was so enjoyable watching Governor Brewer get bitch slapped and kicked to the curb by a judge, not just once but twice in a single week I’m almost happy she exists. Right at the moment Ms. Brewer is giving me a warm fuzzy. But really, she only delayed parts, not maintain. The authors of Prop 203 did a good job of anticipating the bullshit and compensating.

      (keyword is almost)

      • Deep Dish says:

        I can’t find a transcript. The fumes from his breath must be so toxic that nobody could stand to type it.

  9. comrade ivan says:

    Czars? WTF is that shit anyway. Is it the goddamn USSA now?

  10. Maria says:

    And in their eyes ALL use is addiction; there’s a whole unexplored Pandora’s box o’ fun just waiting to be opened.

  11. TohraBollokof says:

    It may be far more than just that.

  12. Peter says:

    so sabets worked in government. where are all these “moderAte” bills ending arrest for adult cannabis possession and lifetime bans on college loans etc he ispromising. i dont see them coming down the pike.

  13. Feelix says:

    The least that will happen is that a couple of street punks will hang them headless from a bridge just to show they can.

    “For nearly three years, I have been privileged to work closely with many of the most ruthless organizations to the south of our border. I am extremely proud of our record of abuse, fraud, waste, misconduct, and treason. I pledge a continuation of all such policies that will further weaken our national security and compromise all honest efforts of law enforcement.

    – Attorney General Holder.


  14. Addycat says:

    Stephen Colbert endorsed Ron Paul this morning on Morning Joe, praising him as the intellectually consistent candidate:

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Nice, the Colbert Bump going into tomorrow’s SC primary.

      The “Colbert Bump” is defined, connotatively by the Report, as an increase in popularity of a person (author, musician, politician, etc.) or thing (website, etc.) as a result of appearing as a guest on or (in the case of a thing) being mentioned on the show. For example, if a politician appears on The Colbert Report, they may become more popular with certain voters and thus are more likely to be elected. According to the American Political Science Association, contributions to Democratic politicians rose 40% for 30 days after an appearance on the show.

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