Australia grappling with hemp foods

Cannabis seeds in foods may interfere with drug tests

Interesting article to read in that Australia is just now grappling with the notion of allowing hemp foods (something that has been allowed in the United States in terms of selling and consumption, despite DEA efforts).

Reading the concerns and seeing how silly they are brings home the similar silliness of issues here and the over-reaction by authorities to them.

I love this line:

The federal Health Department is already fighting the plan, on the grounds it could “promote a public perception that cannabis is an acceptable and safe product to consume”.

Yes, it could promote that, because it’s absolutely true! And extremely nutritious and tasty as well.

I wonder if the federal Health Department fought the plan to legalize broccoli on the grounds it could promote a public perception that broccoli is an acceptable and safe product to consume.

[Thanks, Evert]
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5 Responses to Australia grappling with hemp foods

  1. claygooding says:

    I hope I live long enough to see America ask our drug warriors and politicians “why”.

    I see no way for them to bow out of prohibition gracefully,,it all has to come out and as horrified and shocked by what they have done to our society as we are,over the most therapeutic plant on earth,str8’s will be joining us in calling for an end to the self serving bureaucracies created to keep it illegal.

  2. Nunavut Tripper says:

    These bastards never fail to make my blood boil when they come up with crap like this.
    We eat hemp seed butter,hemp seed oil and seeds on a regular basis as part of a healthy diet because hemp has an great lipid profile ( good fats versus bad fats ) that’s second to nothing else. It also has an excellent amino acid ratio
    equivalent to steak for god sakes. The hemp butter is really tasty on crackers and such.
    As a heart attack survivor these foods are a big part of my health regimen if I want to last a couple more decades.
    What do they want me to eat ? Corn ,wheat and soy that’s been totally fucked by the Monsanto gangsters.
    Think I’ll pack a Volcano bowl and try to calm down.

  3. Rick Steeb says:

    Healthiest most nutrient-dense seed on the planet. It would be insane to ban it. Thank the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals for overcoming our benevolent DEA on THAT.

  4. Hemp Seed says:

    Hemp Seeds, Hemp Protein and Hemp OIl are available in Australia today from Hemp Foods Australia They just cannot promote it as a food, nor make any hemp butters, snack bars, ice creams etc.
    They are sold for external use only, until the politicians get their facts right and join the rest of the world in allowing drug-free hemp seed as a food.

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