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Of drones, domestic authority, and civil unrest

Glenn Greenwald has a very strong piece: The growing menace of domestic drones Whatever else is true, the growing use of drones for an increasing range of uses on U.S. soil is incredibly consequential and potentially dangerous, for the reasons … Continue reading

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More on the unreliability of dog sniff searches

Australia: Sniffer dogs get it wrong four out of five times A RECORD 80 per cent of sniffer dog searches for drugs resulted in ”false positives” this year, figures show. The figures obtained from the state government in response to … Continue reading

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We need to be a leader in human rights

… and the drug war makes that practically impossible. Just saw another of many international stories of how drug users and addicts are treated: Pakistan drug rehab kept addicts in chains Pakistani police say they have discovered drug addicts held … Continue reading

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