Who needs criminals when you have the Philadelphia PD?

AT Toke of the Town: Philly Cops Rob Undercover Cop Posing As Marijuana Dealer

The arrests come just months after three other crooked officers were caught in a federal sting and charged with stealing heroin from a drug dealer.

Update: Got my years wrong. Sorry folks, this is from last year. Still…

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6 Responses to Who needs criminals when you have the Philadelphia PD?

  1. DdC says:

    Ya wonder why the Liberty Bell has a crack in it?
    Philly cops are wingnuts.

    1985 bombing in Philadelphia still unsettled
    Twenty six years ago, city police dropped a bomb on this block and let it burn. Five children and six adults, members of a small radical collective called MOVE, died; 61 homes in a middle-class neighborhood were destroyed. As the nation watched, Philadelphia became the city that bombed its own people.

    Philadelphia MOVE Bombing Still Haunts Survivors

    Mumia’s Death Sentence Ruled Unconstitutional by Federal Court

  2. Francis says:

    Cops steal drugs from people all the friggin’ time! Sometimes they use them. Sometimes they resell them. And sometimes they just destroy them. (The last one offends me the most. I mean, it just seems so wasteful.)

  3. Jake says:


    “So HIGH!” “Good munchies” wrote one cop to another. Reassuringly, the first writes back, “Everything should be open when we get done.”

  4. Sukoi says:

    Pete, don’t know if you noticed or not but this story is just over a year old…

  5. Pete says:

    Whoops. Bizarre – just showed up in my news feed yesterday.

    Sorry about that.

  6. Duncan20903 says:

    Well, I’ll bet those cops were embarrassed when they found out what they had done. Hari Kari is indicated for such a gross faux pas.

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