Terror and Drugs! Good and Evil! Eternal War!

Yes, it’s Paul Chabot. Back in April, I mentioned the upcoming release of this former drug czar advisor’s book “Eternal Battle Against Evil”

Now it’s out. And just in case you’re not frightened enough to buy this book and join the fight against evil, check out this video promo.


The cover now proclaims “Caution: Details may be disturbing to some readers.” The book is available at Amazon.com, where the reviews are currenly 100% 5-star raves – all from people who have not ever reviewed anything else, and have not bought the book on Amazon (I’m not suggesting anyone do that in reverse – I’m not a fan of using reviews to make a point – but you can always down-vote reviews that are nothing more than sycophantic promotion.)

I’m pretty sure I wrote them back in April with this offer, but it still stands… if they send me a review copy, I’ll be happy to review it here on Drug WarRant.

[Thanks, Logan]
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25 Responses to Evil!

  1. ezrydn says:

    One thing the good Dr. probably leaves out of his book is the corruption of his fellow prohibitionists, which number way more than the number of cartels. If he has all the right answers, why is he telling us? Why isn’t he “advising” the White House? I guess there’s no personal profit in that so it’s the book route. A whole new book and not one thing new between the covers. You’d get better information probably out of the Enquirer!

  2. Mr.wiggle says:

    I read the book,cover to cover,I’m america’s greatest prohibitionist,,,But this book is retarded as shit.All it is the same old same old.Just keep saying we need to fight harder spend more money,how this effects everytax payer blah blah.I read this book and honestly…
    fuck can’t believe I’m saying this but..In order to beat these guys……I notice how he brought up how people using drugs effects us all cause we have to pay for their treatment,and jail.I think now that if they dont want to stop using drugs,then i don’t want to pay to get them help….fuck just legalize the shit.we’re too broke. i don’t wanna be a chinese slave

    • Duncan20903 says:

      You need an invite to the soiree.
      You need a tu-tu to do ballet.
      You need Latin to to seize the day.
      But anyone can wiggle.

      You need a license to drive a car.
      You need lessons to play guitar.
      You need a permit to do just about anything.
      But anyone at anytime can wiggle.

      Wiggle while your wrigglin’ free. Gonna giggle.
      While you jiggle in a wigglin’ spree. Wiggle
      Wiggle if your wrigglin’ free. Gonna giggle.
      While you jiggle in a wrigglin’ spree. Wiggle.


      • tensity1 says:

        You’re a damn internet search wizard, Duncan. Kudos.

        • Duncan20903 says:

          There’s just some kind of je ne sais quoi quality about the wiggle dude that just makes me want to Google. If he says the right words I’ve got a classic in reserve. But it just won’t work without the right segue.

        • darkcycle says:

          Yeah. I’ve had lots of great thoughts about the Wiggler. Sometimes people with Tourette’s Syndrome can be alotta fun. For instance, you can put one on Main St. in Sturgis SD. during bike week, and tell him to walk to the other end of the street. Then, you take bets on how far he’ll get. It’s a fun game, but not for the faint of heart, or the weak stomach. Or, you can take one to a European soccer match. Or into a bar full of stevedores and longshoremen. The Wiggler would be fun to watch in any of those situations. Gotta say one thing, he kinda grows on you (like a fungus). And did I actually read in this rant “fuck, just legalize it”, or words to that effect? See, he may be rude, immature, bigoted, and use questionable punctuation, but he’s not all bad.

    • claygooding says:

      they call that an epiphany,,and we have been telling you that the government was spending more money than the damage the drug was doing,for years now.
      But like the rest of America,,you are waking to the fact that there are two sides making money off of prohibition,,,the cops fighting it and the criminals selling it,,,and we the people are paying for both sides.

  3. Steve says:

    Pete, if I bought you a copy of the book would you review it? ;>)

      • Steve says:

        Pete, if you’d like to contaminate your wish list with this item I’ll send it to you. There doesn’t seem to be a way for me to send you something that’s not already in your wish list.

        Alternately, you could send your address via email. Either way.

        As for why I’d give a nazifuck any money, I see it as an investment. If Pete has the time and inclination to review the thing, and if Pete, who IS an established reviewer at Amazon, with a good “Helpful” tally, wants to post his review there, well, then I can click the button indicating that his review was helpful.

        Pete, my hat’s off to you man. I don’t know where you get the energy.

        • Pete says:

          Steve – I was about to put it in my wish list and accidentally clicked on the One-click order button instead.

          It then occurred to me that it might be a better idea anyway for being an Amazon review, since Amazon has the feature of showing whether the reviewer actually purchased the book on Amazon.

          So thanks anyway – I’m sure there will be another book in the future you can purchase for me!

    • Duncan20903 says:

      Is there a return policy/money back guarantee? Would demanding my money back get the reviews deleted?

      Would Senator Franken get mad and vote against re-legalization if I wrote a book and named it “Paul Chabot is a Big Fat Liar”?

  4. DdC says:

    Why would you give such a nazifuck money?
    Go to the library… You can’t review shit, just flush it.

  5. Servetus says:

    According to the meager offerings at Amazon.com, Dr. Paul R. Chabot chose to go with ‘Total Publishing And Media’ instead of contracting with a genuine publisher to publish his book.

    Total Publishing And Media is a vanity press for first authors, typically a choice of last resort for writers who are rejected everywhere else. Their offices are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

    Here’s the link:


    • claygooding says:

      They must be the publishers that Duke,,Baptist Coalition,uses to copy/paste the ONDCP/DEA’s marijuana propaganda literature for all the Baptist Churches to push as the truth,,,,more evidence that going to church keeps you honest.

  6. paul says:

    Personally, I view the combination of swarms of police officers with vicious, soul crushing prosecution as a much bigger evil than the things listed on the cover of his book.

    Sure, terrorism and organized crime are dangerous, but the government is much, much more dangerous to the average person.

    Seriously, what scenario are you more likely? Getting blow up in a terrorist attack, or having your teenage son arrested at your house for drug possession, with attendant legal problems and crushing expenses?

    • claygooding says:

      Paul,,when you factor in that you are a lot more likely to have to deal with the police than a terrorist attack,,how do we defend against either?

  7. Chris says:

    “Adding comments has been disabled for this video.”

    Of course they are. Because someone might come along with a different opinion.

  8. darkcycle says:

    As I said before…I’ll wait for the movie.

  9. DdC says:

    It is appropriate to think of reformers as crusaders because they typically believe their mission is a holy one. The prohibitionist serves as an excellent example, as does the person who wants to suppress vice and sexual delinquency or the person who wants to do away with gambling. Many moral crusades have strong humanitarian overtones. The crusader is not only interested in seeing to it that other people do what he thinks is right. He believes that if they do what he thinks is right, it will be good for them.
    ~ Howard Becker, Moral Entrepreneurs

    A moral entrepreneur is a person who seeks to influence a group to adopt or maintain a norm. The moral entrepreneur may press for the creation or enforcement of a norm for any number of reasons, altruistic or selfish. Some examples of moral entrepreneurs are: MADD (mothers against drunk driving), the anti-tobacco lobby, and the pro-life movement.

    Another Walters Bennett Body Count. Pure bullshit, made into policy.
    I hate these evil money grubbing bastards.

    Review: Body Count: Moral Poverty (1996)
    …and How to Win America’s War Against Crime and Drug

    One-armed Bennett
    Moralistic pot foe blows millions in slot machines but the man’s fanatical policies live on.

    Amazon Customer Review of Chabot’s (Paperback)
    Drug warrior claptrap, September 25, 2011
    This review is from: Eternal Battle Against Evil
    Once again, a former drug czar spews the lies he was mandated to do while in government. Save your money, unless of course you believe the drug war really works. Okay, for the first five 5-star reviews, it’s interesting that the only reviews by these people is for this book. But hey, if you really believe in the book and happened to stumble upon it and like it and want to promote Mr. Chabot, more power to you. I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t read this book–and never would–for I know what kind of fact-twisting, doomsday-religious, scare-mongering moralizer Mr. Chabot is. So, no review from me. If my description of Mr. Chabot appeals to you, this book will probably be your bag of tea. Just an observation.

    Calvina Fay Prohibition Inc.

    Kids Helping Kids began as Straight-Midwest and over time was incorporated into Pathway Family Center (owns/owned 4 known programs). Pathway Family Center was founded by Terri Nissley, a “satisfied” Straight, Inc. cult parent who wants to continue in the torturing and brainwashing kids for profit industry. Kids Helping Kids (a Pathway Family Center program) has closed or is closing according to recent reports. Closing after years of protesting against fraud, abuse, and torture at the Milford, OH location.

    At least 10 children have lost their lives as a result of their participation in a wilderness therapy program (AKA “Brat Camps”) who failed them in the worst way imaginable. These are their stories as told through media reports, opinion and commentary.

    Calvina Fay is the Executive Director of Drug Free America Foundation and Save Our Society From Drugs (S.O.S.) From 1976-1985 it was known as Straight, Inc. and had a reputation for abusing kids as a drug rehabilitation program.

  10. DdC says:

    Eternal Battle Against Evil

    Occupy Wall Street

    Where: Liberty Square (How to get there)
    Donations: NYCGA Donation Page
    Help & Directions: +1 (877) 881-3020
    General Inquiries general@occupywallst.org
    Press Inquiries press@occupywallst.org

    The UPS Store
    Re: Occupy Wall Street
    118A Fulton St. #205
    New York, NY 10038


    Here is the pansy ass pig who did it!

  11. Peter says:

    Seems like Dr. Evil just went out and got his neighbors and the postman to review his vanity publication, if the spelling, grammar and syntax are anything to go by. As Pete has already pointed out, none of these “reviewers” has ever reviewed a book before on Amazon….obviously they were inspired by Dr. Evil’s great oeuvre to rush to Amazon and give it a unanimous 5 star rating….subtle it is not.

  12. Peter says:

    by the way, i love the video promo…check out the knight in armor standing in front of a huge cross….i’m guessing that is how chabot imagines himself….this book is just a huge ego trip

  13. darkcycle says:

    Pathetic. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if he had actually written those reviews himself. Five stars, all across the board. Yet we know what’s in it (generally). And Pete, if you can make it through all the way to the end of that thing to review it, and you haven’t given yourself a concussion from banging your head on the desk, you’re a better man than I.

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