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Oh, and by the way, the Drug Czar lies

… but now he’s getting Arne Duncan, the Secretary of the Department of Education, to do it as well. Deputy Director David K. Mineta announced at the ONDCP “blog” that Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske and Secretary Duncan were reaching out … Continue reading

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More on market alternatives

Some commenters have been less than thrilled with my admiration for Calderon’s use of the term “market alternatives” as a code for legalization. Sure, in an ideal world, nobody would speak in code, and everybody would understand the full meaning … Continue reading

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Spam comment of the day

I loved this one: I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very konwledegable? Thanks for asking, Jenelle. I find konwledeg to be very important, and the research I do helps me to konw lots of things … Continue reading

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I’d like to be in that race

Anti-Drug Abuse Message Award The Jackson County Drug Free Council recently announced that it is sponsoring an award for the Seymour Police Department DARE Soap Box Derby on Sunday on West Second Street. According to a press release, the award … Continue reading

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