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I’ve just spent most of the past week as one of the judges of the Blue Whiskey Independent Film Festival in Palatine, Illinois. Awards were announced this afternoon and will probably be posted online soon. It was quite an amazing festival with incredible films in a wide variety of categories. It makes me feel good about the future of independent film.

bullet image Keith Humphreys manages to define two mostly fictional opposing straw camps in a rather bizarre, though creative way and then give us the low-down on what legalization will look like:

This will be tough for baby boomers to hear, but the current generation of Americans doesn’t know Woodstock from chicken stock and understands the Viet Nam War about as much as they do military action in the Crimea. If the U.S. legalized marijuana today, those now fading cultural meanings would not rule the day, capitalism would. Cannabis would seen as a product to be marketed and sold just as is tobacco. People in the marijuana industry would wear suits, work in offices, donate to the Club for Growth and work with the tobacco industry to lobby against clean air restrictions. The plant would be grown on big corporate farms, perhaps supported with unneeded federal subsidies and occasionally marred by scandals regarding exploitation of undocumented immigrant farm workers. The liberal grandchildren of legalization advocates will grumble about the soulless marijuana corporations and the conservative grandchildren of anti-legalization activists will play golf at the country club with marijuana inc. executives, toast George Soros at the 19th hole afterwards and discuss how they can get the damn liberals in Congress to stop blocking capital gains tax cuts.

Wow. That’s certainly a passionate future view.

I think that the reality would be much more along the lines of Eli’s comment on that post (and others):

Big Pot? Really? If anything it would seem more like microbreweries – and many of those potential customers simply existing outside of the market because of the relative ease of growing your own, and the fact that such smaller quanties will ever be required by the average user. I think there might be a scenario in which regulation and health care might create a sort of small pharma marijuana industry. But even there, it would be less Pfizer and more fish-oil-type supplement.

I agree that alcohol is much more likely the model of cannabis legalization than cigarettes, with both the budweiser version as well as the fine wines and single-malt scotches. If you’re looking at tobacco as the model, it would be more likely the cigar/pipe model than the cigarette model.

Marijuana is consumed much more like alcohol or fine tobaccos than like cigarettes. People will want different strains for different moods (just as I like The Balvenie when I’m at home relaxing, but prefer Lagavulin 16 when I’m out with friends).

Oh, and most legalization advocates are not against people making money from the sale of marijuana. We just want it to be legal money, not criminal profits.

bullet image Speaking of cannabis and tobacco, the UCIA News Blog reports on Tokepure – a campaign whose time has come

A campaign to get cannabis users to stop smoking tobacco is the biggest and simplest harm reduction campaign the government could and should be running. This is an issue that affects millions of mostly young people. In all honesty, tobacco use is by far and away the biggest danger to health cannabis users face, strange then that the government has never done anything to address the issue. The cannabis law reform campaign CLEAR in association with UKCIA is about to put that right.

I have always been a bit baffled by the tendency for people in the UK to smoke their cannabis mixed with tobacco. It’s never made much sense to me, and it certainly doesn’t make sense from a health perspective.

Of course, governments are never willing to suggest to people how to do a criminalized activity more safely — they’d much rather prop up their failed wars than save their own citizens’ lives.

Best of luck to the Tokepure movement.

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  1. C.E. says:

    Well we have a real-world example of how legalized marijuana would work in California.

    And I think in a lot of places it would work more like places that sell pornography and sex toys. A few small but conspicuous places where people go in, buy what they want, and leave without trying to be seen. Most of their advertising would be in “alternative” media and, of course, on the Internet. And I suspect a whole lot of people are going to be growing their own.

    Because if this country ever comes to its senses and legalizes marijuana, it will be a long time before the stigma goes away. But I’m OK with that.

  2. darkcycle says:

    Ah, bugger. The habit of mixing tobacco with your herb in joints is nearly impossible to break once you’ve acquired it. I picked up the habit in Central America. I’ve quit smoking cigarettes completely, but I CANNOT enjoy a joint that is not adulterated with the evil Virginia Bright Leaf.
    I’ll tell you one thing though…that is one habit that will keep the dope mooches away!

  3. Francis says:

    I love the Tokepure campaign concept. I have no doubt that it would be an effective harm-reduction strategy. I also have no doubt that it would result in reduced cannabis consumption (assuming that’s something you care about). As the article points out:

    “Because of [tobacco’s] highly addictive nature, tobacco smoking cannabis users more often than not satisfy their tobacco craving by rolling a joint. The long and short of that being to make cannabis users smoke a lot more cannabis than they would otherwise do.”

    So this campaign would likely help to reduce BOTH tobacco-related harm AND illicit drug use. I’m sure the British government is going to be all over this! I mean, what’s not to like?! The “problem” of course, is that the Tokepure message, shall we say, “heightens the contradictions” inherent in a legal regime that allows the use of deadly and addictive tobacco while simultaneously imprisoning users of a non-toxic and non-addictive substance… So my guess is they don’t touch this with a ten-foot pole.

  4. vickyvampire says:

    Yeah I LIKE your comments C.E.,Maybe I’M crazy Darkcycle but I like to mix my Cannabis with Parsley itS good for Arthritis.and I’m Fucking lousy at rolling joints it helps it burn better,Yeah my 28 year old, Nephew thought is Aunt was silly.No I don’t Vaporize,maybe someday just like roll it in papers.

    Dollywood,theme park told to lesbians to leave they were not properly attired, I guess had T-shirt with Gay saying on it something about a family Park and not offending anyone,

    I wonder would a Pot leave on a T-shirt render same result,if so a few hundred should show up at wearing both Pro-Gay and Pro Pot Tees that would make the news. I understand they have a dress policy there but it’s not indecent wear,sorry but the damn stigma against Gay and Pot needs to go away,Forever.

    • darkcycle says:

      Back in the day…I lived in southern California during the early seventies. Disneyland had a policy of not letting anybody with long hair or “hippy” clothing into the park. I was turned away once, but somehow they let me in on another occasion. I was with my family, and not causing trouble, but I had the uncomfortable sensation of disapproving mouse eyes watching my every move. That place (disneyland) is creepy.
      NEVER had that reaction at Magic Mountain (another So. Ca. theme park) or at Six Flags when I lived in the midwest.
      I would expect “Dollywood” to be …well….up tite.

  5. Duncan20903 says:

    I can’t go to Mr. Humphrey’s site. The sheer hypocrisy of its name starts my blood boiling.

  6. Duncan20903 says:

    There are people that still roll joints? Gee whiz, talk about living in the past. I thought when this guy died that he was the last joint smoking dinosaur around:

    C’mon, that guy is like 83 or 84 years old and thinks he can teach youngsters how to roll a joint.

    Just for the sheer stupidity of it, here’s Kevin Nealon rolling joint after joint after joint. At least Mr. Nealon’s exercise in stupidity is mildly amusing. (versus Mr. Humphrey’s)

  7. vickyvampire says:

    Very funny has usual, Dunca not kidding I have a friend who can do a joint perfectly,I swear she could win a Emmy award for the film of it,put Maryann’s well rolled Joints in A Trueblood episode and make them look crappy.HA HA.

    Oh that idiot Dr. Drew had to comment on Amy Winehouse saying how terrible and this is what happens to Opiate addicts,true he can and speculate on whatever he likes but their are folks who have used hard drugs and are still alive,got clean tapered off or switched addictions and are still alive hell look at Keith Richards, and on Hew Haw I remember one of the cast members saying she had been into heroin for twenty years got clean doing fine.

    Yeah some folks can accidentally overdose,even first time using have bad reaction it sucks,it’s sad Amy’s gone,but Dr,Drew is not the last word on Drugs I know he thinks he is. THat”s all.

    I caught episode Police Women of Broward County cute good looking women,who run around mostly busting Minorities for Drugs and of course doing stings to make there Fucking Quotas,
    One of them asked a young man(If you Loved your mom you don’t sell drugs) I wonder would she say that to Montel Williams and everyone else who has a Marijuana dispensaries that provides legitimate medicine with the safest medicine around.

    Yeah these cops walk around like arrogant and cocky,to pleased with themselves like it some game when they bust someone,I hope doesn’t get that popular.but unfortunately folks like to see others get screwed and taken down sometimes.

  8. pfroehlich2004 says:

    (Apologies in advance for repeating myself.)

    Hey everyone, please take a few minutes and check out this site:

    Their goal is to create a viable, centrist, third-party presidential ticket, elected by an Internet convention. Apparently they have already collected the 1.6 million signatures required to get on the ballot in California, so it seems to have some real momentum.

    Given the low probability of either Ron Paul or Gary Johnson clinching the Republican nomination, this presents a new opportunity for the drug reform community to inject itself into the 2012 presidential election.

    As of yet, there is only one rather vague question regarding drug policy, “Are we winning the war on drugs?” I have suggested adding the following 2 questions:

    1)Should the Department of Justice be ordered to cease prosecuting persons involved in the production and distribution of medical marijuana in accordance with state law?

    2)Should marijuana be regulated like alcohol and tobacco?

    When you visit the site, please “like” my questions and/or suggest some of your own.

  9. DdC says:

    Cigarette mfg.’s are in the best position to take the recreational market, They’re already set up. Booze would get into Ganja Bhang drinks, spiked Vodka and Big Pharma continue with sublingual, potions and pills. Labeled dosages and strains matched to symptoms. The Food Industry would have both non psychoactive highly nutritional Hemp, now a schedule#1 narcotic. Plus the Baked Goods, candy bars and chips. We have had an Apothecary longer than the 20 or so years I’ve been here, selling all manner of herbs, roots and extractions. Called the Herb Room. The political climate is still too weird to risk their property but it seems logical they would be a place to sell this herb in a bud form. Once again, TAX is on human inventions and labor, some redundantly. Nothing of Nature can be taxed unless you amend the code. If you do you jeopardize farmers with other crops, including tobacco that is sold raw, tax free. That is the only way to tax cigarettes is with adulterations taking natural untaxable tobacco and making human cigarettes. Plus the vice taxes, but then that would be conceding… no it would be selling out that Ganja is an intoxicant, which it ain’t. More make believe political scams. Let it be a plant. Outlaw poison oak!

    Maple Sugar Hashish Candy
    Starting in the 1860s, the Ganja Wallah Hasheesh Candy Company made maple sugar hashish candy, which soon became one of the most popular treats in America. For 40 years, it was sold over the counter and advertised in newspapers, as well as being listed in the catalogs of Sears-Roebuck, as a totally harmless, delicious, and fun candy.

    * Congressional Cannabis Candy Crackdown

    * Candyman Stoner

    * Ganja candy,jpg 300420 potarts

    * Ganjabars in Vending Machines,
    Ain’t that America, Home of the Free Baby.

    How would legal marijuana be packaged?
    It’s legal here in Denver on the state level. You can buy by grams, eighths etc. and they will put it in a bag, mason jar, or these dark brown little medicine bottles. You can buy it in cookie, rice krispie treat, ice cream, olive oil, tinctures, blah blah blah EVERYTHING. You can buy them rolled in joints if you can’t twist. Basically, it comes in basicially anyway you want.

    I was just in amsterdam with a friend and he had a joint that was the classic cone shape, obviously machine made and in a little green plastic cone, sort of like you would package a cigar.

    * Tobacco Maker Tested Marijuana-Scented Cigarettes
    The tobacco companies would take advantage of legalized marijuana

    * Envisioning consumer packaging for pot
    If Prop 19 passes and marijuana becomes legal(ish) in California, asks Todd Lappin, what might that mean for pot’s future as a consumer product? This being California, some will inevitably be positioned as an artisanal item,” like locally produced wine or gourmet food.”

    The Ganjawar Fraud…

    * Partnership for a Drug-Free America and Corporate Drug Wars
    Corporations profit from anti-drug propaganda

    * What the WHO doesn’t want you to know about cannabis
    The report concludes, for example, that “in developed societies cannabis appears to play little role in injuries caused by violence, as does alcohol”. It also says that while the evidence for fetal alcohol syndrome is “good”, the evidence that cannabis can harm fetal development is “far from conclusive”

    The ‘Virtues’ of Ganja

    • DdC says:

      Round 37: Tickets on sale…

      The traditional time proven method of rolling and toking a joint is still the only way to effectively and economically ingest with minimal paraphernalia. Many places the evidence is the pipes, hookah’s, bongs, chiloms and especially the unproven vapes. Requiring an infrastructure, electricity, plastic, ceramics, an electrical appliance to create the heat. Each faucet of the operation supporting the prohibitionists and war brokers making the parts for these products. All good for the prohibitionists and those with no concern over Ganja truth. Their prime directive seems to be in selling something or politically appeasing the politicians. PC Smoke paranoid bigots are selling vapes and worse, it’s just another stigmatizing, demonizing anslingerist prohibition. False bait and switch the same as they do Ganja. Just as deadly, falsely making claims against tobacco. It’s the cigarettes with hundreds of added chemicals causing the sickness not being dealt with, so it gets worse. The typical ingredient of a blind faith lapdog looking to what’s in it for them without a thought to the consequences of their actions. Yet the politically correct continue to insist on doing harm over common sense. Co Dependents with good intentions have terrorized civilization as much as the Appeasers bargaining over the laws of physics. Remove the chemicals and you remove the harm. Another prohibition that has already generated a billion dollar black market. Humans have been ingesting smoke for thousands of years. Trading cold wars is only by and for the Neocons brokering them. Such patsy’s begging the crocodile to eat them last…

      Silly moneysluts are the only thing in need of removal. Ganja has done fine on its own for a millennium. Let it be! Cali its already totally legal for anyone for any reason. State initiatives could be drawn up on all entheogens the same as we have done here. Obombo wasn’t being a nice guy with previous statements about not wasting funds going after individuals in states legalizing it. He was following the Constitution and the 10th Amendment. Something lost on Libertarians addicted to Wall St. One cigarette is not alone. Each cigarette from tobacco pesticides and filters to the paper it’s rolled in is filled with chemicals, some added, some natural. All sold for profit regardless of their outcomes to the health and safety of the citizens. Yet these CEO’s are to be trusted by gutting we the peoples safety nets and pollution standards? Can’t trust a politician we elect but we can trust the same Banksters behind the legislations? How naive can one be before its chronic?

      Actually, so was Boosh Cheney by only busting clubs, except for Tommy Chong. Individuals are legal in Cali and the 15 other places for medicinal use only, under bogus restrictions and loop holes for politicians to tweak. Our Constitution grants citizens initiatives the rule of law over any politician. Only another citizens initiative or possibly an amendment can add buyers clubs and large grow ops and still fit. The Supremes have already ruled them as Commerce so the 10th amendment doesn’t aply. So I believe the only way to sell it or have any exchange between parties would be to remove it from the bogus CSA. Energy better spent than whining about Obombo. Also the only way to utilize Hemp. 98% of the eradication statistics as an assurance we are getting our money’s worth. Any other business that would be illegal to cook books. So, stop hurting the most vulnerable lower incomes with your gossip. Tobacco is not Cigarettes and until you start dealing with the reality of the disease you will continue hashing out various treatments ending with victims. Stop the gossip and I’d wager if you removed the chemicals Rayguns said were for your smoking pleasure. Cigs would be pretty rank or like sucking on straws with no added chemical pleasure. More deterrent and truthful. I’m not sure how many Americans can still grasp that concept.

      Smoking Ganja

      Many joggers and marathon runners feel cannabis use cleans their lungs, allowing better endurance.

      The evidence indicates cannabis use will probably increase these outlaw American marijuana-users lives by about one to two yearsbut they can lose their rights, property, children, state licenses, etc., just for using that safest of substances: cannabis.

      * Asthma
      * Emphysema
      * The Official Story: Debunking Gutter Science
      * Studies the Feds Dont Talk About
      * Coptic Study
      * Jamaican Studies
      * Costa Rican Study
      * Lung Damage Reports

      (1) Most marijuana smokers smoke the bud, not the leaf, of the plant. The bud contains only 33% as much tar as tobacco. (2) Marijuana smokers do not smoke anywhere near as much as tobacco smokers, due to the psychoactive effects of cannabis. (3) Not one case of lung cancer has ever been successfully linked to marijuana use. (4) Cannabis, unlike tobacco, does not cause any narrowing of the small air passageways in the lungs.

      Cannabis is the best natural expectorant to clear the human lungs of smog, dust and the phlegm associated with tobacco use. Marijuana smoke effectively dilates the airways of the lungs, the bronchi, opening them to allow more oxygen into the lungs. It is also the best natural dilator of the tiny airways of the lungs, the bronchial tubes – making cannabis the best overall bronchial dilator for 80% of the population (the remaining 20% sometimes show minor negative reactions). (See section on asthma – a disease that closes these passages in spasms – UCLA Tashkin studies, 1969-97; U.S. Costa Rican, 1980-82; Jamaican studies 1969-74, 76.) Statistical evidence – showing up consistently as anomalies in matched populations – indicates that people who smoke tobacco cigarettes are usually better off and will live longer if they smoke cannabis moderately, too. (Jamaicna, Costa Rican studies.) Millions of Americans have given up or avoided smoking tobacco products in favor of cannabis, which is not good news to the powerful tobacco lobby – Senator Jesse Helms and his cohorts. A turn-of-the-century grandfather clause in U.S. tobacco law allows 400 to 6,000 additional chemicals to be added. Additions since then to the average tobacco cigarette are unknown, and the public in the U.S. has no right to know what they are. Many joggers and marathon runners feel cannabis use cleans their lungs, allowing better endurance. The evidence indicates that cannabis use will probably increase these outlaw American marijuana-users’ lives by about one to two years – yet they may lose their rights, property, children, state licenses, etc., just for using that safest of substances: cannabis.

      Organic Cannabis/Tobacco vs Chemical Cigarettes

      * Cancer risk in relation to radioactivity in tobacco

      * Tobacco Radioactive, Pot Safer!

      * Native Brand Cigarettes 100% Tobacco No Chemicals or Ignitors
      Grown in the USA by Native Americans. Flavorful, satisfying, pure, 100% tobacco cigarettes, no chemicals or ignitors added to make them burn faster or extra nicotine to make you smoke more.

      * Survey On The Use Of Crop Chemicals On Tobacco

      * Tobacco Smoke Flavoring Contains Hazardous Chemicals Nicotine fact sheet

      Cannabis Eradications 99.28% Ditchweed
      The national total of ditchweed eradicated compared to the total number of plants seized is 99.28 percent resulting in less than one percent cultivated indoor and outdoor plant eradication percentage at the national level,” the report concludes.

  10. Comrade says:

    Yes those evil capitalists with their big Marijuana Corporations. Captitalism + Drugs = Genocide! Marijuana is a selfish substance that demotivates our workers. How can we defeat the capitalists when our comrades are too high on their fictional Jesus weed to care?

    • DdC says:

      Buying prohibitionists products probably isn’t smart. Especially the known piss tasters. Every citizen being squeezed by the Neocons, not capitalists. Stereotyping groups is what propagandists do. Doing the same with the commie refs and lazy lame boring tired bigot refs is not within the parameters of the known laws of physics. History alone dispels the A-Motivational myth, let alone the Jamaican studies. 25 million tokers and they can’t be found without snitches. Cheech and Chong make comedy flicks. Reefer Madness was a documentary by the Christians and Booze Distributors, like Coors and McCain’s wife. To make the assumption either pertain to reality would make one reconsider giving cops guns after watching the Keystone Kops or Car 54. The roots of the law are poison and can not physically bare anything but poison fruit. Trying to disregard the fruit and use it in a salad won’t keep the guest from getting sick. Repeating it won’t remove the poison lies used to legislate cannabis out of the free trade market. Locally it can save towns but for the Feds intervening in Commercial aspects, including Hemp.

      As for the typical TV stereotype left over stigmatic slur from the Rayguns McCarthy “commie era”. The Ganjawar cold war has produced a trillion dollars to the war maintenance corporations. Haliburton Asbestos Co. or Dyncorps Spy Gadgets or Koch’s Private Prison Resorts and Rehabilitation Asylums. Senior and Wounded Vet Warehouses recycling the “projects”. Maybe just convert cargo trailers sitting abandoned from outsourcing everything. Anslingers gem to connect the Beatniks and then Hippies with Commies. Just don’t get it. Communism, first of all isn’t true in any modern sense. Nothing communal about dictatorships or gulags or sweatshops. Jesus was communal and if not a capitalist, at least had recognition to render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar. Christians are capitalists but not communal. The counterculture, counter being a hint. Eliminates the middleman or objects. Not a redistribution of wealth, but the realization of its irrelevancy as well as the impoverished. That the conglomerates had their own agenda’s and it had little to do with us other than redistributing our money. To DC and world Banks or locally depends on how long the remaining some of the people can stay fooled with those making it a necessity to survive.

      To unite temporarily from ideology and cultural insignificance’s to re-install the checks and balances. There is nothing in the Constitution about Corporations having the rights of citizens. Or a Commerce santaClaus. There is something I recall about Jefferson saying if we are not diligent the very Constitution we hold with such high esteem will be turned against us. Lincoln warned of giving too much power to Corporations would be the end of Democracy. Ike warned about the Military Industrial Complex and since Nixon the Prison Industrial Complex. Now its a world economy with disposable labor and two and three tiered systems of Labor and Justice. Herding an over populated planet of predominately starving illiterates now removed from their own indigenous existence from western diseases by exploitation. Not capitalism, fascism with industry married to governments. All of us enslaved by legal force to fuel our vehicles and heat our homes with non renewable resources. The reality behind the cold war prohibitions. The corporate chemical companies transferred from Berlin to the USA are Fossil Fool fueled infrastructures. The same labs producing white powder drugs are producing agent orange and green for the crops and Coca-war in Colombia. Same plastic from crude and cardboard from trees and Big Booze, Pharma and Ag.

      Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.

  11. Sandhillpam says:

    Good article by a pro-science blogger: America’s Brain on Drugs
    Brains science shows why the War on Drugs is failing

  12. Emma says:

    In case anyone was wondering, the Norwegian anti-Muslim/anti-socialist terrorist Anders Breveik of the recent horrifying Oslo attacks wrote in his “2083” manifesto that he never tried marijuana or other drugs and is opposed to their use (in his “Cultural Conservative” fantasy future cannabis, along with abortions and birth control, would be limited to Amsterdam-like “liberal zones” and hard drugs would be outlawed). He regularly used cigarettes and alcohol, also steroids, caffeine, and ephedrine for bodybuilding.

  13. Matthew Meyer says:

    Keith Humphreys’s dichotomy may be fictional, but he touches on something real: it’s an easy and compelling framing device for locating the opposition within a moral universe (and avoiding real conversation).

    In this part of Northern California (Shasta / Tehama / Butte counties), I am noticing the tendency of a very similar dichotomization to creep into online commenting forums, even (gasp!) “news” articles and certainly editorials.

    In Chico, in Butte county, for example, a divided city council passed an ordinance permitting the creation of two dispensaries within city limits–just a couple days after getting one of those “pot is illegal” letters from the regional US Attorney.

    Now all the social conservatives in town are taking the feds’ saber-rattling as justification for curtailing Prop 215 rights.

    The Chico Police Officers’ Association took it upon itself to announce, in letters to the press, that it would not enforce the ordinance because the officers refused to break federal law:

    Butte County itself has passed an ordinance completely prohibiting cultivation–indoor or out–on parcels less than .5 acres in the unincorporated county. This has sparked a petition drive, which puts the ordinance on hold and requires it to be rescinded or put to a referendum.

    Butte County’s DA, Mike Ramsey, has also become the subject of a possible recall effort by pissed advocates. Ramsey and his deputy DA, former probation officer and drug abuse concern troll Helen Harberts, are terrorizing the medical marijuana industry in the area. More than a year ago about a dozen dispensaries in Butte County were raided, with the first charges filed just recently. Ramsey and Harberts are determined to test a number of legal interpretations, beginning with their stance that money can never be exchanged for cannabis under Prop 215. Harberts, meanwhile, has felt free to comment on issues relevant to pending litigation in public forums.

    Occasionally I have seen Duncan and Malcolmkyle show up at the Chico Enterprise-Record and Redding Record-Searchlight to help out, but things are a bit grim, especially with the reactionaries in Redding.

    Anyway, this was probably my favorite piece of writing by Humpreys, ever…probably because he was indulging his fancy a bit…kinda seemed like maybe he wrote that high…

    • Duncan20903 says:

      I could use some help please. I’m having the devil of a time figuring out what this means. There’s just so many words with a lot of syllables and stuff:


      SEC. 3.5. An administrative agency, including an administrative agency created by the Constitution or an initiative statute, has no power:

      ( a ) To declare a statute unenforceable, or refuse to enforce a statute, on the basis of it being unconstitutional unless an appellate court has made a determination that such statute is unconstitutional;

      ( b ) To declare a statute unconstitutional;

      ( c ) To declare a statute unenforceable, or to refuse to enforce a statute on the basis that federal law or federal regulations prohibit the enforcement of such statute unless an appellate court has made a determination that the enforcement of such statute is prohibited by federal law or federal regulations.

    • DdC says:

      I’ve been on the same boards, but once again. Buyers clubs are not covered under prop 215. They are a convenience for seniors and conservatives without connections. Any civilized town in California should see this as an act of compassion. But it is not legal under the compassionate use act, therefore it doesn’t get the protection of the 10th amendment as do individuals growing for themselves without exchanging commerce. But Butt cops aren’t targeting individuals as I see it. So I’m sure you will find many pointing out the obvious faults of the drug war and many with remedies on how to treat this drug war disease’ symptoms. But until you overturn the controlled substance act, buyers clubs will fall under federal law and unfortunately for the good guys. Cops are right. Well maybe that’s too strong a word. The cops are following legal enforcement. It’s a matter of choosing what to enforce. Local cops work for the mayor, so any town can establish low priority laws. But they won’t protect the buyers clubs from Federal busts since Gonzo v Raich. Leary over turned the Marihuana Tax Act on 5th amendment grounds of self incrimination. I don’t see how Nixon got that passed Congress to enact the CSA. Although he did reject his own Commission’s report and that got passed Congress. Looks like another reverse engineering project of the Neocons. Otherwise it would be changing the title of a bad law just to keep enforcing it. Oh Jim Crow is dead but meet his brother Billybob? So grow under 99 plants and don’t give it away or sell it and you’re covered. If you are a care giver legitimately, you can be a proxy for the patient and assist them in growing the same as transfers or any other task of a care giver. Just not as a merchant. Silly foolish laws so corporations can keep mostly Hemp off the market. Which is also legal under prop 215 since its all considered a schedule#1 narcotic. Just not in quantities you could manufacture into goods. By the 19th amendment guidelines it seems anything can be grown by individuals if it is established as a state initiative. Peyote, Shrooms or even poppies for individual use if citizens vote another initiative specifically listing each natural entheogen. Manufactured drugs would stilol fall under commerce and be illicit. Good luck.

      Compassionate Use Act not the MMJ Act

      The Effect of Controlled Substances Scheduling on Research

      D.E.A. Confirms Grounds To Remove Marijuana From Sched#1

  14. Servetus says:

    For an excellent 3D depiction of the Δ9-Tetrahydrocannabinol molecule (rotates using the cursor), along with a list of additional chemical nomenclature, see:

  15. Servetus says:

    Texas economy benefits from the drug trade along its border? Cartels are investing their drug money in Texas border towns, providing an economic boost to the state:

  16. chris says:

    I smoked tobacco and hash in joints for over 30 years. Before the advent of good homegrown in the 90s, decent weed was a once or twice a year phenomenon in much of Europe. Yes you can smoke hash in a pipe or bong, but it’s a lot easier to get down in a joint. Also, you can appreciate the taste of hash in a tobacco joint without coughing your lungs up. In Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal you make a joint by tipping out a cigarette and mixing about half the tobacco with hash and funnelling it back in.

    Nowadays I just have hash cake – far more efficient than smoking and a much better high. Pure pleasure with no adverse consequences for health.

  17. Duncan20903 says:

    There is simply no person alive which the Know Nothings will denigrate in their irrational hatred of anything cannabis. I was shocked when I saw a number of them were willing to denigrate Willie Nelson. Geez, look at him, he’s a shriveled up little prune washed up singer. Yeah, 78 years old and still out working constantly just doesn’t mean anything.

    Today I noticed that they went after a man who was wounded in Iraq when he was defending our Constitutionally protected right to inexpensive fuel because he said he gets relief from neuropathic pain from war wounds. The VA gave him a choice, FDA approved pain killers or medicinal cannabis. Gosh, we wouldn’t want anyone using hillbilly heroin getting high on “dope” now would we?

    Wounded, honorably discharged veterans of foreign wars aren’t even off limits to these flatliners. These people have no shame. No ability to learn from history. When people protesting the Vietnam war went to greet soldiers returning home by spitting on them and verbally browbeating them they just didn’t do their cause any favors. This is simply bad joojoo. It is what spawned the “I support the troops” meme that we sometimes see to this very day.

    • thelbert says:

      the canard of the hippies spitting on viet vets didn’t happen to me. in fact my draft dodging friends were more than willing get high with me. i have never seen any evidence that hippies were spitting on anyone. i can’t believe that anyone would do something so stupid. after i got out of the army i joined the hippies. the only people that disrespected me were the propagandists in hollywood portraying veterans as strung out field jacket wearing bank robbers. thelbert: ninth inf div ’68-’69. bearcat and dong tam.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        I think it’s absurd to argue that something didn’t happen 40 odd years ago when I’ve linked to it’s occurrence just the other day. The fact that it didn’t happen to you is irrelevant. There are lots and lots of people who enjoy cannabis who have never been arrested for cannabis law violations and that sure doesn’t prove that there’s nobody in jail for that reason.

        If you want to argue that such disrespect was the work of “agent provocateurs” or was rare rather than commonplace that’s a couple of alternative scenarios that I’d be willing to entertain as possibilities. But with the high levels of emotion on both sides and the fact that the reaction is very much within the realm of human nature to blame anyone who participates for whatever reason for the ‘big picture’ I reiterate that it’s simply absurd to claim that such behavior never occurred.

        Have you never heard people blame people who enjoy cannabis for the nearly 40,000 dead so far in the Mexican Civil War? Do you really find it far fetched that there were in the 1960s who blamed soldiers for not absconding to Canada rather than participate? It sure wouldn’t have taken until the 1970s to end our participation in that conflict if the army had just refused to go. BTW I don’t recall limiting the people protesting to hippies. The people who objected to the travesty of the Vietnam war were not limited to hippies.

      • thelbert says:

        duncan. when is the last time you spat upon anybody. i’m guessing next to never. now imagine a guy that’s 6′ 4″ and full of muscle. would you walk up within spitting distance and let loose? only if you want an ass kicking. that’s why hippies or anyone else didn’t spit on g.i.s. but i’m open to evidence. even if it did happen it don’t mean nothing. it’s just another republican lie. throw it on the pile with the others. like the lie that we lost in viet nam because the media and the proles didn’t support the troops. we lost because our supply lines were too long for a long war. the vietnamese could supply their troops with bicycles and soldiers pushing them with a sack of rice or ammo on the bike. we were beaten by logistics not disloyalty. another reason no one spat upon me is that we landed at travis air base. no hippies allowed. when you come up with some evidence besides hearsay i’ll believe it happened. i’m not calling you a liar. i am calling the spat upon g.i. an urban myth. it just puts a burr under my saddle when i hear it, which is pretty rare nowdays, it’s same lie that hitler used when he said the jews stabbed germany in the back during ww one.

      • thelbert says:

        and another thing: the real damage that was done to the troops in VN was agent orange. the idea that we could win if only there wasn’t so many leaves on all those trees. that’s the kind of mind we have running this country today. if only the old folks didn’t have to have all that social security welfare, then we could have a balanced budget. the idea that the job creators are more important than the job performers. not one word about the illegal wars wasting the treasury. wars with no goal except to prove we can kill anyone we want to. no matter what the cost. osama might be dead, but he’s still accomplished his goal. which i think was to impoverish america. he didn’t make our leaders stupid: he just exploited their stupidity, greed, and imperial pretensions.

  18. DdC says:

    There is simply no person alive which the Know Nothings will denigrate in their irrational hatred of anything cannabis.

    That’s because there isn’t any rationale for the fear. Either these people are totally without cognizant ability to reason out simple problems like driving a car, or they are believing lies. The reason for prohibition remains the same. Not drug abuse. product removal. Until you see the disease you will waste time and energy on the symptoms. But getting a moneyslut to see reality is like taking a camel through the eye of a needle.

    Al Capone and Watergate were red herrings to divert the countries attention from the Fascist acts of eliminating competition. Booze/Ethanol or Ganja//Hemp.

  19. DdC says:

    19th should be 10th

  20. Most product lines offer good, better, best categories. Legal cannabis will likely follow that model, for awhile. Commercial grows will exist, at least for some time, and satisfy the “good” market. The better and best markets will served by smaller (but more numerous) operations.

    But the cost differential between growing high-quality cannabis and not isn’t all that great, certainly not enough to justify a big price difference between the two – which is why large, commercial grows may have a limited shelf life. As an example, it’s pretty hard if not downright impossible to buy shitty weed in Amsterdam – and prices are decent. Also, many locals grow their own. So all this talk by Humphreys, and others, of Big Canna taking over makes for fun reading but is really kinda silly.

  21. crimsonghost says:

    Interesting article in the Houston Chronicle today dealing with marijuana as the cartel’s go to money source.

    marijuana remains a solid bet. Call it the money market fund of the Mexican mob

    Read more:

    I copied the quote and they added the read more and the link. Saved me a bit of trouble

  22. DdC says:

    “The law is the collective organization of the individual’s right to lawful defense of his life, liberty and property. When it is used for anything else, no matter how noble the cause, it becomes perverted and justice is weakened. Thus, the law has become perverted by stupid greed and false philanthropy.”
    – Frederic Bastiat

    The Truth About America’s Oxy Epidemic
    By Maia Szalavitz July 22, 2011
    As the White House prepares to launch a billion-dollar anti-Oxy war, here are some crucial facts about who gets addicted—and why.

    New drug/alcohol screening from fingerprints
    A new technology that analyzes the sweat from a person’s fingertips looks to revolutionize the drug testing market, providing on-site results in minutes with a test so advanced it can even detect marijuana intoxication.

    California Marijuana Legalization Initiative
    A California marijuana legalization initiative was approved Monday to start seeking signatures to place it on the 2012 ballot. The Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Act of 2012 campaign is being led by former Judge Jim Grey, Libertarian Party and pot legalization figure Steve Cubby, and activist William McPike.

    White House Drug Strategy Just Demonizing It
    The White House’s official justification for the ongoing multigenerational drug war was light on facts and heavy on rhetoric.

  23. DdC says:

    Addiction: Your Key to Personal Success!
    The New York Times has an interesting OpEd from a neuroscientist, who links dopamine-resistant brains, thrill-seeking behaviors, and leadership

    A visit to Mellow Mushroom

    Only in San Francisco
    A San Francisco jury found a man accused of possessing magic mushrooms not guilty Friday after his lawyer argued that he forgot they were in his backpack, so he could not have knowingly possessed them.

    “Drugs and the Meaning of Life”
    Many people wonder about the difference between meditation (and other contemplative practices) and psychedelics. Are these drugs a form of cheating, or are they the one, indispensable vehicle for authentic awakening? They are neither. Many people don’t realize that all psychoactive drugs modulate the existing neurochemistry of the brain—either by mimicking specific neurotransmitters or by causing the neurotransmitters themselves to be more active. There is nothing that one can experience on a drug that is not, at some level, an expression of the brain’s potential. Hence, whatever one has experienced after ingesting a drug like LSD is likely to have been experienced, by someone, somewhere, without it.

    However, it cannot be denied that psychedelics are a uniquely potent means of altering consciousness. If a person learns to meditate, pray, chant, do yoga, etc., there is no guarantee that anything will happen. Depending on his aptitude, interest, etc., boredom could be the only reward for his efforts. If, however, a person ingests 100 micrograms of LSD, what will happen next will depend on a variety of factors, but there is absolutely no question that something will happen. And boredom is simply not in the cards. Within the hour, the significance of his existence will bear down upon our hero like an avalanche. As Terence McKenna never tired of pointing out, this guarantee of profound effect, for better or worse, is what separates psychedelics from every other method of spiritual inquiry. It is, however, a difference that brings with it certain liabilities.

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