A Letter From Cory Maye

Over at the Agitator

Self explanatory.

A lot of suffering. A lot of grief. A lot of injustice. This damned drug war.

I guess I’m just ready to share all this love that I have built up inside of me all these years. No more late nights or days just wishing I can hold my kids & tell them that their daddy loves them with all his heart. I’m sure my not being physically present has affected them in many ways. I just pray that it’s not too late, and together we can work on healing one another.

And finally, a little relief.

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3 Responses to A Letter From Cory Maye

  1. Hope says:

    I’m so thankful.

    What happened to Cory Maye, and to Officer Jones should never have happened. It wouldn’t have if not for the wild eyed prohibitionists and their strange lust. But I’m glad some of the wrong and injustice of it all has been relieved and Mr. Maye will be with his family again.

    Thank you for everyone that fought against terrible odds to save Mr. Maye’s life from the terrible beast of a thing it got sucked into.

  2. warren says:

    Is our berlin wall between mexico and the U.S. to keep people out or to keep the slave labor in? GM FORD etc. need .50 cent per /hr workers.

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