Some eye candy on TV

The Alyona Show on the RT network has been gaining some real traction by covering a lot of stories that the mainstream media tends to ignore.

Here, she interviews our friend Scott Morgan on the latest intimidation efforts by the federal government against medical marijuana states.

(8 minutes)

Doesn’t Scott look cute all cleaned up and ready for TV?

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  1. Scott does a fine job, as usual. But the backlash against medical marijuana, as the host noted, is a telling reminder that focusing almost solely on medicinal use is the reason drug policy reform moves at a glacial pace – and not always forward.

  2. darkcycle says:

    He looks way too wholesome. If he were walking in my neighborhood I’d think he was a J.W.

  3. Rhayader says:

    Alyona often features guests who are fiercely critical of the drug war. Radley Balko has been on her show a number of times — and in fact, Alyona is among the team of guest bloggers posting over at The Agitator while Radley is on vacation.

  4. vickyvampire says:

    Yes Scott is Cute,easy on the eyes, Well anyway,Yeah he did sound positive overall saying Department of Justice Freaked out over momentum about polls and growing states and cash was it 1.7 Billion he said in Cannabis market,polls show growing support yet,I don’t know,things have slowed in certain areas.
    Montana folks will need to heartily pay plenty of funds to lawyers to litigate hopefully regain their insane loss, and the dispensaries can continue to be raided indefinitely? that’s full intimidation and a pain in the ass. and do they not confiscate thousands worth of pot product and do they get it back or is some of it destroyed. mmm we’ll see.

  5. dt says:

    What states can do without any fear of federal interference is just write exceptions into their laws for medical marijuana, or better yet repeal their marijuana laws altogether. It’s when state officials start taking an active role in regulation that they theoretically could be prosecuted under federal law for “facilitating distribution” or something along those lines.

  6. Fred Rogers says:

    Well hello there?how are you? I’m Fred,Fred Rogers.have you seen my grandma rogers?She would say this Scott Morgan fella is a very very bad man.He has a sicking agenda on his hands.Now can you say AGENDA.
    He wants to come into yours and mine nieborhood,and fill it all up with dopers.You know what a doper is don’t ya.It’s person who doesn’t give a hoot about our moral values.He can’t be trusted.He wants to legalize,things that have been illegal since before you were born,even before i was born.Now thats a long time folks.
    If you ask me. I don’t find him cute at all.No I do not my friend’s.He looks like he’s on an illegal substance.What do we do when we someone on drugs?That’s right we tell an adult.Mainly we tell a police officer.becouse your local policeman is your friend you should always trust the policeman. They keep bad people in jail where they belong. Do you know what my favorite book is,fellow bloggers on the internet?.that’s right it’s Nineteen Eighty Four.Which was written by Gorage orwin.

  7. ginger astaire says:

    I agree with Fred! I was fishing yesterday and the guy next to me said he’d seen this Russian Dope Feind on RT telling people to smoke more dope to cure their pimples and that we should bring the boot of the government down on his neck. We should grind this Rusky to dust rather than risk being infected with his evil nonsense. We need an amnesty program for folks who has tortured medical marijuana patients. If we stop terrorizing people we’ll lose our country. This is why you don’t want people smoking stuff they might enjoy. Where will it all end?

  8. darkcycle says:

    Careful, Fred and Ginger, that is perilously close to sarcasm. Duncan and I, as the semi-official sarcasm police, will issue you a warning this time. Don’t let it happen again…..we’re watching you….

  9. Randy says:

    Nice job, Mr. Morgan!

    Reform at the state level has picked up steam steadily these past few years. So much so, it’s to the point where it’s worrying the Federal workers whose paychecks are tied to enforcing drug laws. These DOJ letters to the states is an effort to slow down reform in order to save their phoney-baloney jobs. They know that once the reform dominos start falling at the state level, the federal laws are sure to follow. Eliminating drug laws at the federal level would be the end of thousands of lucrative jobs at the DEA and elsewhere in Federal government.

  10. Duncan20903 says:

    Pete, there’s no arguing that he wasn’t decked out in his Sunday go to meeting clothes.
    @Daniel Williams, well there I was stuffing envelopes down at NORML HQ sometime either in 1993 or 1994. I really do seem to have a mental block or defect for keeping the series of events in those 2 years in order. Rob Campia was still employed by NORML, Dick Cowan was boss and Allen St. Pierre was busy doing whatever the heck it is that Allen does in the main office. All three were present as was I, but I was playing the role of fly on the wall.

    After a while Dennis Peron wandered in. He was pitching the embryonic California Prop 215 and giving a rudimentary explanation of the subject of medicinal cannabis in California. He argued that Prop 215 would greatly enhance the effort to re-legalize cannabis because Prop 215 would offer people who would never have been a recreational cannabis user the opportunity to see the effects of cannabis 1st hand. After an arbitrary amount of time without the patient ending up a drunken stumble bum, a heroin addict, or a gibbering psychotic, his friends and family would have the opportunity to see first hand that cannabis isn’t the bogyman which they thought it was and those may well be people who rarely have direct contact with us cannabinoidians and have all sorts of irrational and baseless opinions of us.

    We can see the Know Nothings grabbing that and claiming that the only motivation is to re-legalize medicinal cannabis. Somehow they miss the point that it’s sick people that need medicine that are the primary objective and that any hopes of jump starting the re-legalization of cannabis for enjoyment was never seen as anything more than a by product of helping sick people suffer less.

    The Know Nothings claim that the potheads are scamming the public to get recreational cannabis re-legalized. Quite frankly if anyone was scammed in this issue it was the potheads. During the campaign for Prop 19 last year we saw the California medicinal cannabis community lobby against and help defeat Prop 19.

    Say, how the heck did we miss the fact that the Medical Board of California raided some recommendation mill quacks from Venice Beach on the 20th of last month? I really do hate it when outsiders pull that shit. But I guess it’s nothing new. Sometime around 1980 or 1981 there was a bordello not far from my home which was anything but a secret to the locals, DBA the Valentine Health Club and the Fairfax County, VA police raided and shut them down on February 14th.

    • darkcycle says:

      Duncan, apparently, up here in my neck of the woods, there was a well known farm (well known to some, I guess…) where people from all over came to stay in a resort setting and have SEX WITH FARM ANIMALS. Yes, it was a Bestiality resort, they arrested a bunch of the …ahem….”farmers” (animal pimps?) and the customers as well. One of the customers came all the way from Germany, just for the opportunity.
      Just in case you managed to retain your lunch, I think the mill they raided was the heavily advertised “Medical Kush Doctor” and the “Medical Beach” dispensary. There were none higher profile than they.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        I’ll go one better. For three years in a row some Florida legislators have promoted making bestiality illegal. Of course that also means that they’ve been unsuccessful 3 years in a row. Go figure that one out.

        Well it’s still funny that it took them 3 attempts to get that law passed. Will the Governor sign the new law? Stay tuned.

      • darkcycle says:

        I understand Texas has had the same problem. I really wanna know who voted against those bills, and what lobbyist lobbied them to oppose them. There be some weird stuff goin’ on.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Bah, pictures of legislators and bureaucrats in almost any compromising position imaginable are a dime a dozen. I’m certain that about two months ago the addictionologists got some kind of recorded media that would embarrass Barry and that’s why he’s suddenly declared war on the medicinal cannabis community. Probably from the time when he was coked out his mind and without thinking stuck his arm into an elephant’s ass, the elephant puckered up and walked down the street with Barry hanging out of its rear. It’s hard to keep a lid on that sort of thing you know.

        (my apologies to Richard Pryor control F elephant)

        Texas is where the Republicans don’t like oral sex and want to re-criminalize it. What kind of a person doesn’t like oral sex? I just can’t get my brain around that concept.

        You know what? I think we’ve taken this conversation as far as we should. It’s on the edge of disturbing now, if not actually disturbed.

  11. denmark says:

    The message is out there but the platform is what matters. Maybe is a positive force but this type of programming is singing to the choir. I’m not saying don’t do it, I’m just saying, that’s all.

    Commenter Daniel is right, the focus on the medicinal arena has proved ugly and unproductive. Many said it would, and I was of the same mind-thought then and now.
    Scott does look nice and clean-cut, that’s a plus. The anti-dispensary District Attorney’s playing gawd have put my life in danger. Now the acquisition of medicinal cannabis is NOT available to me.
    I look as straight as they come, always have, and no one on the street is going to trust me when I ask for pot.

    • DdC says:

      Prop 19 failed because it tweaks 215, that already establishes Californians can use it for any reason by anyone. Why change that for the moneysluts just wanting to sell it? Adults old enough to fight in wars and vote were denied by the appeasing of prop 19. It should have failed, just like the attempt in 2012 will by neglecting the 18 to 21 voting block. RxGanja helps patients the same as it has for thousands of years. It has nothing to do with Hemp or using Recreationally. Prohibies are liars and thieves and giving their mumblings any credibility is why the appeasers have stalled the movement. Prop 215 is was and always will be the Compassionate Use Act to keep everybody out of jail. No one believed America could be so callous and cruel to actually put sick or dying people in cages for a remedy. Now they know. Its up to the people to speak out or stay silent and suffer. If they can live with themselves putting quadriplegics in jail to die for a few joints. No words will convince them otherwise, anymore than words stopping the witch burners or lynch mobs. We have to filter them out with our consumptions. Boycott the Kochknockers and GOPerverts supporting the drug war and maybe the heartless bastards will get the message. I am a clean cut red blooded American with hair to my belt and a beard touching my belly button. Anyone have a problem with that can kiss my ass! This has been a psa from your local growers union.

  12. denmark says:

    You have to check this out darkcycle.

    Google bordersheriffs dot com. The bald guy on the front page wants 6,000 soldiers on the border now.

    • darkcycle says:

      There’s $$$$$ in that fear mongering, Den. They see Homeland Security dollars that are going to slip them by. I’m surprised Sheriff Joe whatzizname from Maricopa Co. isn’t their sympathy poster child.

      • Duncan20903 says:

        Sheriff Joe is too busy getting ready for medical merrywanna. Has anyone actually mentioned wanting to start a dispensary in Arpaio County? If so, they’re nucking futz.

        The unregistered guests in Arizona aren’t his favorite but arresting them does nothing to enhance his budget because they get sent to Federal facilities.

      • darkcycle says:

        AH! The arrests he makes are counted Gross, not Net. A felony arrest is a felony arrest, doesn’t matter for record keeping where those people go. Those federal facilities of which you speak, did you know they aren’t run by the Feds in Az? They’re run by CCC (I’m looking for the link). That’s where the money goes, the for profit prison industry. Sheriff Joe isn’t looking out for his DEPARTMENT, he’s looking after his CARREER. He’s looking at that revolving door and thinking “Meal Ticket”. And his investments. And he wants into politics next and he’ll need that spigot to be open.

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