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Some eye candy on TV

The Alyona Show on the RT network has been gaining some real traction by covering a lot of stories that the mainstream media tends to ignore. Here, she interviews our friend Scott Morgan on the latest intimidation efforts by the … Continue reading

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Paul Sheehan, moron of the day

For a really bizarrely bad column, check out Paul Sheehan in the Sydney Morning Herald with Tolerance a recipe for drug misery It leads off with a huge picture of a cute family – fiancee, father, little boy. And then … Continue reading

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What’s more important? Arresting, or saving lives?

Lawmakers ponder immunity in overdose cases Springfield (AP) – Kathie Kane-Willis faced a life-and-death dilemma: Her boyfriend’s lips were blue. He was going into cardiac arrest from a drug overdose. Would she be arrested if she called the authorities for … Continue reading

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