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Thanks, Ben

MADISON: Sad news this morning as we learn that longtime Madison cannabis activist Ben Masel passed away shortly after 9am today from complications of cancer at hospice care in Fitchburg. Today’s Global Cannabis Freedom March, scheduled for noon on Capitol … Continue reading

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Think of the children

More of this kind of discussion, please… Children are Harmed, Not Helped, by Unwinnable Drug War by Daniel Robelo After forty years and a trillion dollars, supporters of the drug war still claim that any discussion of legalization sends the … Continue reading

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Sorry, Gil, you’re stuck being the czar

As you may know, our drug czar was trying to jump ship and land a plum job as Chicago Police Superintendent. Obama Drug Czar Doesn’t Make Top Cop Cut Looks like he’s stuck in his hopeless dead-end position for a … Continue reading

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Drug WarRant Book Club

Wow. I can hardly wait for the release date on this one by Paul Chabot. He explains the importance of having a book like this… In America, or abroad, we are seeing a rise in domestic groups destroying the moral … Continue reading

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Open Thread

CU Boulder history instructor baffled and offended by pro-pot protest On my way to class I passed through the quad and saw several thousand students (as well as many homeless folks and others who didn’t seem to belong there). They … Continue reading

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Sexual Assault Awareness

This release from the Women’s Marijuana Movement makes a very powerful statement. Women and Students Say Alcohol-Related Sexual Assaults are Being Fueled by Marijuana Prohibition Victims, parents, and advocates to speak out against laws and policies that steer people toward … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two House Minority Leaders

Illinois Although a piece of legislation that would legalize medical marijuana in Illinois failed by a slim margin last December, a Republican leader in the House has shifted his support, raising the chances that the bill could pass. Tom Cross, … Continue reading

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Kids Say the Darndest Things

The latest entry in our series is not from a High School or College newspaper, but rather from the Young Leaders Program at the Heritage Foundation. Whereas our college writers came about their ignorance honestly, you have to wonder whether … Continue reading

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What nuclear reactor?

Imagine a news story that went in detail about levels of radioactivity suddenly showing up in produce in certain areas of Japan, and also affecting the waters. The story mentions a number of Japanese people hospitalized with severe radiation poisoning. … Continue reading

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Illinois Supreme Court blows it, or why fighting drugged driving laws is so damned important

In a depressing opinion this week, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that someone with absolutely no drugs in their blood and the almost completely undetectable trace (that took three tests to discover) of drugs in the urine, and in which … Continue reading

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