More drug free follies


Nearly 400 students got to skip school Tuesday to be honored for their commitment to staying drug free. That’s because each of them made a promise at the beginning of the school year to volunteer to be randomly drug screened as members of the “Remembering Adam” program. […]

“It’s been fun. A lot of my friends are through the program,” said Freiwald.

This is just weird in a number of ways. Friendship through voluntary drug testing with a bonus of skipping school?

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  1. Buc says:

    Using somebody’s name and memory to invade people’s privacy. Questionable, at best.

  2. DdC says:

    Child molesters. They should be registered.

    FRCn PDFA/DARE The Assassins of Youth
    Gen. Barry McCaffrey, President Clinton’s director of national drug policy, has declared flatly that underage drinking is the single biggest drug problem among adolescents, and is intimately linked to the use of illegal drugs. But as things stand now, the $195 million national media campaign that McCaffrey is running this year to dissuade youngsters from using illicit drugs will not spend a penny in Federal funds to warn teenagers about the Dangers of drinking.

    Partnership for a Drug-Free America Sources of Funding from 1988-91 as extracted from Federal Tax Returns (figures are approximate) by the Washington Hemp Education Network, also from the Los Angeles Times:

    DARE doesn’t work, study finds
    “Kids in the suburbs who were exposed to the D.A.R.E. program, who participated in D.A.R.E., actually had significantly higher levels of drug use than suburban kids who did not get the D.A.R.E. program, said Rosenbaum. This was very disturbing to us.”

    Assassin of Youth Sponsors.jpg

    GERMAN NAZI YOUTH CAMP video newsreel film

    Dare has stranglehold on Drug education!
    Communities should have alternatives to using the DARE program, becuause of it’s ineffectiveness. There are other programs out there infinitely more effective, but DARE has a stranglehold on drug education. DARE has, you stated contributed to increased drug use, and should be replaced with a more effective program. DARE gets some of it’s funding from Pharmaceutical companies, so there lies a dubious fact right there.

    • DdC says:


      Can Psychedelics Make You Happier?

      What if? Nearly 400 students got to skip school Tuesday to be honored for their commitment to free therapeutic Psychedelics at the beginning of the school year. That’s because each of them made a promise to the 1960s recreational drug explosion. Volunteer’s to be randomly screened as members of the “Remembering” program. The program was started after Fouler lost her 18-year old son Adam to a Heroin overdose. “These are active kids who are making healthy decisions,”

      Shock the Junkie:

      A hallucinogen called ibogaine has helped addicts kick heroin
      Taken in sufficient quantity, the substance triggers a psychedelic experience that users say is more intense than LSD or psilocybin mushrooms. Practitioners of the Bwiti religion in the West African nation of Gabon use iboga root bark as a sacrament to induce visions in tribal ceremonies, similar to the way natives of South and Central America use ayahuasca and peyote. Wilkins is one of a few dozen therapists worldwide who specialize in the use of iboga (more specifically, a potent extract called ibogaine) to treat drug addiction.

      Deadheads Behind Bars
      Due to the bulky carrier materials used, such as thick blotter, LSD cases routinely serve mandatory minimum sentences based on many times more paper than actual drug. There are about 2000 Deadheads in federal prison for LSD or marijuana cases, serving anywhere from Five Years to Life.

      Cures Not Wars Shock the Junkie
      harm reduction – medical marijuana – ibogaine
      Ayahuasca Tourism in South America

      Feature: The Boston Ibogaine Forum
      from Shamanism to Cutting Edge Science

      On a cold and clear Presidents Day weekend, dozens of treatment professionals, underground providers, patients, researchers and entheogenic enthusiasts gathered at Boston’s Northeastern University for the Boston Ibogaine Forum, the 2009 installment of the annual ibogaine conference, sponsored the Northeastern Students for Sensible Drug Policy (which is also hosting the Northeast SSDP Regional conference on April 3-5), the National AIDS Brigade, and Cures Not Wars.

  3. Yage Panther says:

    Sobriety addicts having a feeling of supremacy.

    I thought prohibition is considered to do the job of keeping the students drug-free. I take the commitment not to murder anyone and volunteer to be randomly screened for traces of shed blood on my hands. Will I be honoured and allowed to take a day off?

    BTW, I made a lot of friends among those also commiting not to murder.

  4. TrebleBass says:

    Do the other kids go to school that day? Do the teachers just look at their students that day and think “so these are the kids that do drugs…”.

  5. kaptinemo says:

    Every time I see crap like this, I think of an old play: Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All For You. The one where the little boy is treated as if he were a performing animal, rewarded after each ‘correct’ answer from the dogmatically twisted nun. Having survived Catholic school, I knew all too well how the process worked…and the damage it causes.

    It doesn’t matter whether it’s done in a religious or secular context, it’s still the same process that leads to the harm to the individual’s psyche that’s being afflicted by what amounts to naked Skinnerian behavioralsim.

    Kids may not have the knowledge to articulate that process, but they develop the ‘antennae’ necessary to pick up on the fact they are being manipulated. They’ll provide the expected answers…though not the honest ones. But that’s a given for most education systems in the US. And the students find ways to provide the least amount of cooperation necessary until they are shat out of the beast’s intestines and distanced from its’ claws.

    Oh, and when trying to google the matter of the boy’s death, I came up with something that illustrates perfectly the lengths to which the inherently punitive prohib mind will go: DA’s Burden: Prove Killing With Malice. Trying to hang a murder charge on a dealer who sold to Adam Fowler, as if said dealer was deliberately selling a poison with intent to kill his customer.

    They couldn’t hammer the person they caught with that bit of sophistry because they had to prove malice…so they want to change the law by removing the necessary clause from the law. As always, when they hit a snag, the prohibs try to worm around a legal (and rational) brake on their legally-sanctioned witch-hunt. They remind me of the peasants here.

  6. ezrydn says:

    Drug Testing. It’s more important than Educarion!

  7. ezrydn says:

    Drug Testing. It’s more important than Education!

    (Because if they were more educated, they’d refuse such nonsense.)

  8. darkcycle says:

    Damn. Let them skip school? When I skipped out in High School, it wasn’t because I was drug FREE.

  9. Servetus says:

    Typically strange. Drug use in Dutch schools is trending downward and yet the Dutch didn’t need to evoke Adam Fowler to do it.

    Adam Fowler is remembered as a student who died of a heroin overdose in 1998. What really killed Adam Fowler was prohibition—had he been instructed on the proper administration and dosages for heroin, he might still be alive.

    Prohibition promotes ignorance and thereby champions harm. Prohibition murders youthful experimenters like Adam Fowler. Harm leading to death is intended as a warning to others, yet it’s not enough to stop the killing. There are ‘Adam Fowlers’ in this country who are sacrificed on the altar of prohibition every single day because the government chooses ‘thou shalt not’ over the beneficent tree of knowledge concerning proper drug use.

  10. Cliff says:

    And we wonder why our students end up at the bottom of the barrel when compared to students from other industrialized countries. How much precious time is wasted on DARE and moral grandstanding like this, rather than the important stuff, like you know, learning and stuff?

    I was told once by a public school teacher that their job is to create ‘good citizens’, not educated citizens. I didn’t believe it at the time, but I do now, and things like this drives the point home every time.

  11. warren says:

    Hitler brainwashed them young too. So much for education to save lives. How about something simple for simple minds as when 2 different drugs are mixed 1+1 doesNOT = 2 it might equal 5 or 10 times effect.Is this simple enough. I know I wasted my time so let the gene pool weeding continue through random chance and my buddy say its OK.

  12. Jack L Eich says:

    this is really corny. give the kids a day off if they relenquish their fourth amendment rights and grovel in the dirt. yes massa,yes massa

  13. dt says:

    Drug use is a natural reason for people to come together – for example, bars – but in a world of rhetoric people can also come together around anti-drug BS.

    Lol I thought “Remembering Adam” was a reference to Genesis – God forbade Adam from partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge. He only ate it after Eve realized that it imparted wisdom.

    Let’s “Remember Adam” and not eat the forbidden fruit, and thus not get banished from the garden of youthful innocence. We will pledge to get tested so God can keep watch over whether we ate the fruit.

  14. DdC says:

    imho, Religionists and Atheists share a common ignorance by drawing conclusions to what hasn’t been explored and likely won’t be anytime soon. The subatomic universe is as vast as outer space. Yet what might prevent disease also might prevent “treatment” profits on the disease. Science works for industry and government. Not necessity of the people. Seems the Neocon’s hate their mothers. Nature and Necessity.

    The Tree of Knowledge was forbidden for a good reason. You see what happens when humans try to improve on nature. Wars to Nukes. What wasn’t banned was the Tree of Life. If the stupid kids would have listened, they would have been given eternity in a Libertarian Utopia. Proving they could not be trusted got them banned. Now the Tree of Knowledge has raped and pillaged to a point we can’t even feed ourselves. It’s not even the politicians as much as the geeks in think tanks and the number crunchers. Those dependent on human fabrications for their existence. In other words. Most of the Western World, with the rest striving for the same. Mandated to be sheep with herd mentalities. Keeping the lines moving and the trains on time. The water has to be “treated” and the soil is baron except for the basics to sustain life, sprayed with the poisons. Leaving generations of a chemical waste dump harvest with nutrition, a novelty. Spewing carbon dioxide has changed climates and dioxins and radiation has keep Big Pharma in biz. Prohibition of nature and addicted to stupid human tricks.

    Humans Suck!

    If anything is abundantly clear it’s the fact that humans can not be trusted. That moneyslut’s require supervision and most assuredly we need checks and balances. For our own survival. Every time we try to improve on nature we fuck it up. Kellogg’s dust bowl of cereal and the TV dinners, fast fud and now the GE crap and terminator seeds. Buying up Seedbanks. Replacing ethanol and methanol with gas and diesel. OPEC plastic took Hemp plastic off the market. Destroying forests when Hemp has more cellulose and greater tensile strength for lumber. No testing on Ganja they say, when it has been tested more than any plant. Plenty of testing on chemical manipulations they say. Lying sacks of dog shit. Nukes, aspartame or monsanto saccharin fast tracked by corporate appointees playing Science. Rumsfeld and Searle, Thomas, Ashcroft Boosh and Monsanto. Cheney Haliburton. Bakker old Boosh and Exxon. Al Gore Occidentally in Colombia. Profit over People. Largest overhead is labor costs and the remedy is cheap labor. Prisons, Outsourcing and Please Bargained are what trickles down from Kochknockers. Did most of the country sleep through Rayguns? Read my Lips… It don’t trickle worth a nickel so just forgetaboutit!

    The Plastic People of Routines. As long as the plastic’s from OPEC/Texas Hydrocarbons. Not farmers Carbohydrates veggie oil. The hundreds of wars and a century of the ever present day to day insanity of the Ganjawar. While the Feds patent cannabinoids claiming no medicinal value in the same breath. Bayer and Barthwell can sell sublingual sprays. Surprise, the DEAth is lowering the narcotic classification of THC. Legalizing Big Pharma to sell sublingual whole plant extracts but not homegrown whole plant extracts to smoke or vape from the privacy of your own garden. Top priority is met, Hemp and Ganja will remain prohibited. Perpetuating the sales and service to the Ganjawar or selling synthetics for treating illness and the side effects of the treatments. Can we use the “F” word yet? Fascists!

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