International petition to end the war on drugs

Here’s a petition to sign at AVAAZ

To Ban Ki-moon and all Heads of State:
We call on you to end the war on drugs and the prohibition regime, and move towards a system based on decriminalisation, regulation, public health and education. This 50 year old policy has failed, fuels violent organised crime, devastates lives and is costing billions. It is time for a humane and effective approach.

I’m not a big one on petitions, usually, but this sounds interesting, particularly since the petition is connected to the Global Commission on Drug Policy, which is apparently releasing a major report soon. The petition is aimed to support that report.

This, by the way, is a pretty amazing commission, looking to completely change the global approach to drug policy, based on evidence.

The commission also has a powerhouse membership, including a number of former heads of state who have come out for legalization.

I’ve signed the petition and suggest that you do the same.

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16 Responses to International petition to end the war on drugs

  1. CAJ says:

    Great. Another example of former heads of state calling for an end to the war on drugs. Must be nice to be out of office and able actually to speak one’s mind.

  2. vickyvampire says:

    I sighed the petition just now.Thanks for posting it Pete at least its something calling for sanity.

    Oh here’s what our illustrious police force is spending there time doing lately yanking three marijuana plants growing on side of popular trail and confiscating the Terra Cotta containers that held them Oh my the the near by homes and surrounding county I guess is safe now from that evil weed give those officers a medal Yeah RIGHT!!

  3. Dante says:

    Petitions? Bah, humbug.

    The only thing that works is money. The Drug War exists because of money, and if/when it ends it will be because those who were profiting from continuing the Drug War will discover they can make even more money by ending it.

    Yep. We’re going to have to pay for it. Call it bribes, call it creative financing, call it budget reconstruction, call it whatever you want. We must pay to be free of this scourge, and the Drug Warriors know this and won’t take their boots off our faces until they have received their cut.

    • yang says:

      A million people can be worth a lot of money. Anyways theres good money to be made in legalization, not just from taxed sales but lots of savings and (I would bet so at least) an increase in productivity as you integrate outlaws into society.

  4. darkcycle says:

    Signed it. I even joined the organization and made a $100 contribution. That’s putting my money where my mouth is. Dante, you’re right. Money talks, bovine feces walks (it is also slippery when fresh and grows great mushrooms).

  5. Brandon E. says:

    i signed this yesterday! keep up the great job pete!

  6. DdC says:

    I think it’s a good idea to Ban Ki-moon and all Heads of State pushing to continue the drug war. We should ban drug czars and propaganda groups too. Ban politicians siding with corporations over people. Ban Neocons stealing the Bill of Rights and Liberals too scared to stop them.

    Side note: Looks like being president too long steals brain cells. Obombo was toasting the Queen as the band started playing their National Anthem. Looked like his toast was being snubbed. No one raised a glass and his facial expression looked like Boosh being ask a policy question. When the band stop playing everyone grabbed their glasses of booze and drank to Queenie. This rarely happens when smoking pot.

    Arizona Governor Moves to Block Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

    Washington Medical Marijuana Dispensary Bill Dies

    Montana Health Department Says It Stopped Issuing Cards

    US CA: Prison Ruling Rattles California Budget

  7. allan says:

    done signed it… gonna spread it across the wwweb hinterlands as well. I don’t see a whole lot that inspires but to watch the names and all the different countries of those signing scrolling by is indeed heartening. Almost 175,000 signatures, not too shabby. A lot of names from our latin neighbors… Europe be representing… doh! Jesus just signed it… Canada’s representin’… kinda cool, just watching and the names adding every cuppla seconds…

    Can’t say that it deserves a _Thud!_ yet but perhaps when the Commission releases its report… seems we’ve been short of thuds lately… I’d rather like to see drug policy reform become a tsunami and carry the weight of a million thuds and just wipe prohibition from the collective landscape.

  8. TButler says:

    Want to sign a petition that can actually make a difference? If you live in Washington State this year you can. The petition that Sensible Washington (I1149) is currently circulating would simply end all civil and criminal penalties imposed by the State of Washington for anything to do with marijuana. 241153 signatures are needed from registered voters before July 8th to qualify for the November ballot. Once one state ends the prohibition of marijuana the rest of the state will not be far behind. Help us by donating money or signing the petition go to to learn more

  9. Paul says:


    That really is a list of heavy hitters. It is very encouraging to see all those ex presidents, secretaries of state and other famous or important people on board.

  10. DdC says:

    Be careful in what you sign…
    Looks like the weasels are playing poli ticks.
    Taxes pay their salaries and that makes them neutral.
    Copshops should be sued for taking sides politically.
    As individuals they are citizens but as a tax paid group.
    Fuck em. Make them auction off their cop tanks and snoopy dogs.
    Must have been raised in the basement. Hey badged dude.
    It ain’t none of your fucking business!

    Rift Between Marijuana Legalization Groups
    By Gene Davis
    CN Source: May 23, 2011 Denver Daily News

    Rifts between two different groups pushing for the legalization of marijuana in Colorado continued to grow last week after one coalition went ahead with a so-called “conservative” attempt to legalize marijuana in 2012.

    Legalize 2012, one of activist groups plotting a legalization ballot initiative, on Friday blasted another coalition for filing eight different versions of a legalization initiative that they say “appeals to law enforcement.” Read More…

    I’ve heard similar stories from Washington, Oregon and California. Lies, deceit and legislating for their own lazy ass, fuck we the people. Sheriff’s are elected and anyone here can be one. No experience necessary. At least it would be a billboard effect like Johnson and Paul. Make them squirm if they lie. Embarrass the hell out of em. Making them sound foolish is not only gratifying personally shoving it to the man. Its non violent and brings out the truth. It also deters others from lying, spreading gossip and exaggerations.

    Doctors and Nurses are also vulnerable to laymen knowing more than them about Ganja. It’s their game of shame and fame. Use it against them. Any chance you get. The Medical fields want the truth more than the copshops. Most in the last ten years doing practice know the medicinal value. Most of the moneysluts administering diagnosis’ for profit value act more like cops. Heavy investments in Unkle Pharma. The selfish greed is so obvious and they seem so oblivious. Treat them how they act.

    I’d say most of the legalese hazards for personal use come from local authorities. They don’t come out of the can knowing how to act around openly toking. Maybe around concerts that bring the towns money, they slack off. The Dead backed down a few towns for over busting heads. Motels, restaurants and service providers lost a lot when they’d refuse to play. Willie canceling towns have done the same. The cops work for us. The city councils work for us. Fire those who think differently and hire those wanting to be part of the community. Not using us as a political stepping stone going up another rung of the ladder.

    Feds bust big time or celebrity’s in public. So either move to a civilized place or train the leaders, and they will follow. Vote out the bums. Run just to debate. Then harshly punish the liars who continue. Public flogging, something to set an example of what happens to traitors who sell out their neighbors and countrypersons. Expose snitches and undercover cops. I’ve wondered if these low life’s live past 30. To befriend someone knowing you just want a check-mark on your record by putting them in a cage for relieving stress. Must pop a lot of pills to go against the grain of what we usually are taught as children. Tell the truth. Yet these narcs get paid by taxes to lie and even buy and sell drugs to the community. 75% of the “crimes” of drugs are from snitches.

    Getting off prison time for drunk driving by selling out sick people. So the cops can john wayne their macho asses through the doors. Pumping 61 bullets or 38 if your past 90 years old. Sickening and obviously un-American as most of us know it. We don’t like people who do things like that. Why would we pay them to do it? Mothers ruining kids lives turning them in for their own good. Make them snitches to be killed like Rachel. Kids getting hugs for turning in their neighbors and brothers and sisters and parents. So the state takes the kids and foster s them out in some religious bible thumping “proper” house. With 9 others sharing chores as sweatshop labor. To aid the states thousand dollar welfare check for each kid. $10³ƙ/mo pays off the trailer and lot space. Then they forfeit the house and confiscate the Christmas presents so little Johnny snitch has nothing. All in the name of being drug free. Pitifool bastards!

    Please sign our online pledge showing your support for legalizing, controlling, and taxing cannabis in California in 2012!

    Write U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder today to demand that the federal government keep its promise to respect state medical marijuana laws.

    Cover-Ups, Prevarications, Subversions & Sabotage

  11. Yage Panther says:

    Strangely, the commissioners comprise Marion Caspers-Merk, former State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Health, Germany, which when being in charge did not at all behave like intending a change of the drug war.

  12. Nobemwhereithurts says:

    The petition is drawing much positive attention

  13. OhutumValik says:

    Whoo-yeah! It just hit the quarter million mark.

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