Pictures from the road

Some photos from my trip, including the Rockies in Colorado, Colorado National Monument, Arches National Park, and Southern Utah. I’m in Phoenix now for a couple of days and then will be heading back home through New Mexico.

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8 Responses to Pictures from the road

  1. Brawndo says:

    Them there are some good picktures. Mighty nice as desktop background, Uhh hmm. Ahaha a firearms training ad appears at the “your ad here”. Love that kind of disregard for political correctness (reality challenged). And now the definition of political correctness…the belief that you can pick up a tvrd by the clean end.

  2. denmark says:

    The mountains have an undeniable lure. Life is somewhat better for me living in the mountains or lots of large rolling hills.

    Appreciate you taking the time to share them Pete. You’re a good photographer.

    Please say Hello to mom for me.

  3. AHHH........! says:

    …The true beauty of America ! Thanks for sharing pete.
    A nice diversion from our war o n the war

  4. Cannabis says:

    Nice, your are in The Monkey Wrench Gang territory.

  5. vicky vampire says:

    Beautiful photos,love the mountains.thanks for sharing.

  6. darkcycle says:

    Like the Mountains Pete? You should come to my neck ‘o the woods! Beautiful pics, and I hope your drive was a joy! My best to Mom, you guys enjoy your trip! Oh, the couch is all good but now we’re out of peanut butter. When you leave us on your metaphorical couch all week, could you remember to stock you’re metaphorical refrigerator?

  7. allan420 says:

    Truly… the west is best. The eastern half of the country has a bad case of vericose roads, out here we have room. And a ditto on Cannabis’ nod to Ed Abbey and the Monkey Wrench Gang. Influenced my life and politics they did…

    I just returned from CA’s central valley via Amtrak and the return trip to Oregon this a.m. was daylight starting from Mt Shasta – I awoke to a view of a snow covered Shasta glowing in a just dawning sun, starting out a deep fuschia and ending up a blazing gold. Took no pics. The Cascades tho’… they were in a 6′ – 10′ cover of snow and I did do some shooting out the train window. Oh… and *gasp* no debate in Modesto w/ Ms. Taylor. Passed thru town heading down and back. Prohibs are cowards I tell ya…

    Nice to see Pete shoots road trips like I do… points his camera out the window and keeps on rollin’.

    So ok… my next question is a simple one:

    Are the holidays over? Can we get back to doin’ what we do? Can we get better at it too?

    C’mon y’all, let’s collectively kick some ass in the 2011 version of the War On the War On Drugs.

  8. Pete says:

    You’re right, Allan. Sometimes the only thing you can do is shoot on the run. There’s no place to turn off. Plus, we had a lot of miles to cover.

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