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Busy times for politicians

Chuck Schumer wants to ban the latest media-fueled drug craze: “bath salts.” As long as we have prohibition for drugs like marijuana, there will be a lucrative market for legal (and possibly dangerous) alternatives, and technologically savvy opportunists will create … Continue reading

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A rose by any other name

Steve Elliott nails it in The Great ‘Marijuana’ Debate: What’s In A Word? There are those within the cannabis movement who will tell you with a straight face that the reason the plant is still illegal is because it is … Continue reading

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Dangerous Dan’s Diner

Just a fun little video segment on a somewhat controversial radio ad featuring stoned students promoting a greasy burger joint. Talk about reaching your target audience!

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Narconon, part of the Scientologist empire, is one of the more bizarre and unprincipled outfits profiting from the marijuana treatment scam. Their latest effort has me mostly scratching my head in puzzlement. In this press release by the organization I … Continue reading

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