Jury Nullification 2.0

More coverage of the revolt of jurors in Missoula.

“Martin Luther King” jurors, Butler calls those who nullify cases. “They would engage in strategic jury nullification designed to safely reduce the number of people in prison for nonviolent drug crimes, and to send the message that ‘we the people’ ain’t gonna take it anymore,” Butler wrote in Prison Legal News last year.

Jury nullification — when a jury opts for acquittal regardless of evidence — isn’t quite what happened here because the jury hadn’t actually been seated.

Still, Butler said what happened in Missoula fits into what he calls “Nullification 2.0,” when such protests move beyond race into larger philosophical disagreements with the law.

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8 Responses to Jury Nullification 2.0

  1. denmark says:

    It always refreshing to read an inspiring action taking place by my fellow citizens to end a great injustice.
    It’s progress when a “drug” story, especially with the jury, has generated a great deal of attention. And let’s give the stinking papers some credit for writing about it and running with the story.

    Next step, Legalize Montana.

    And who would have thunk, Montana, of all places.

  2. claygooding says:

    Where cowboys wear button up Levis,,,,,because the sound of a zipper stampedes the sheep.

    Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam,,,and I’ll show you a dirty house.

    I don’t care if Rhode Island goes first,,,,,just goooooo

  3. Lies abound........! says:

    I wish something would happen in thiscountry to end the dirty lies of our government…I wish it to happen soon…

  4. vicky vampire says:

    WTF OH i’M LMAO TODAY AGAIN They say jury nullification in Missoula marijuana mutiny mushrooms.Yes law informent lawyer judge hint that pot should maybe be legal but there still pissed at this outcome cause it might set a preisdent,oh yes it might give jurors around country ideas and we will get lots more jury nullifications,and in the article they talk about how folks under influence of alcohol commit more crimes but this just get under skins of authorities there, you know why folks it threatens their gravy train among other things to let pot become more legal than just medical there. Yes maybe we can win Drug War for folks if folks were brave enough let’s just nullify all Drug cases ah dream on I can maybe it will happen more.

  5. kaptinemo says:

    As always, the kicker is saved for the very end:

    “The only likely fallout he foresees is that “the county attorney’s office is going to look real carefully at future cases involving the sale of marijuana, at least the sale of small amounts. … Hopefully the other feature won’t be that I’ll be run out of office in the next election.”

    The only fallout? He’s sees more, but is too afraid to say it. But I’m not.

    Because right there, right effin’ there, was the real message. Delivered right to their door…and in their face. The one message that needs to be sent. The one that the prohibs haven’t heard, for the longest time, finally, finally got through.

    And sank in…hard.

    Go against the people’s will, and waste the people’s money, in these hard times that are bound to get harder, and our ‘public servants’ who’ve thought they’ve had license to run roughshod over our rights (and dignities) and waste our money doing so will from now on have to worry about losing their jobs. This will make enforcing drug prohibition personally expensive. No more complacency on the part of the taxpayers:

    “Zeimet…objected to the expense of trying Teuray Cornell on a drug possession charge.

    “It upset a lot of people,” he said. “You’re wasting the people’s time and the city’s time and money to do something silly and stupid like this.” (Emphasis mine – k.)

    The nail’s heads are screaming from terminal migraines from being hit so squarely. So, pick up those hammers, friends, and ‘go, thou, and do likewise’. Hammer home in your LTEs again and again and again the money angle, and how regular people are fed up with this damned profligate farce when they badly need the money that’s being wasted on it. As you can see, it’s paid off.

  6. Duncan20903 says:

    I can’t get that John Cougar Mellencamp song out of my brain, the one from the “Uh-huh” LP released in 1983, “Crumblin’ Down”

    “No good deed goes unpunished
    and I don’t mind being their whipping boy,
    I’ve had that pleasure for years and years”
    No, no I never was a sinner
    Tell me what else can I do
    Second best is what you get
    ‘Til you learn to bend the rules”

    Saw my picture in the paper
    Read the news around my face
    And now some people
    Don’t want to treat me the same

    Some people say I’m obnoxious and lazy
    That I’m uneducated
    And my opinion means nothin’
    But I know I’m a real good dancer
    Don’t need to look over my shoulder
    To see what I’m after
    Everybody’s got their problems
    Ain’t no new news here
    I’m the same old trouble
    You’ve been having for years
    Don’t confuse the problem
    With the issue, girl
    It’s perfectly clear
    Just a human desire
    To have you come near
    Want to put my arms around you
    Feel your breath in my ear
    You can bend me
    You can break me
    But you better stand clear

    When the walls
    Come tumblin’ down
    When the walls
    Come crumblin’, crumblin’
    When the walls
    Come tumblin’, tumblin’
    Crumblin’, tumblin’ Down

  7. Fantastic Read! Looking forward to more! Bookmarked and will be back again!

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