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Half-witted imaginings of public policy truths

…as presented by Keith Humphreys at The Reality-Based Community (where “reality” is apparently protean) in The Mexican Crime Cartels Keith is concerned by the violence in Mexico, but completely fails to understand it. 1. The violence has become to some … Continue reading

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Pictures from the road

Some photos from my trip, including the Rockies in Colorado, Colorado National Monument, Arches National Park, and Southern Utah. I’m in Phoenix now for a couple of days and then will be heading back home through New Mexico.

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Jury Nullification 2.0

More coverage of the revolt of jurors in Missoula. “Martin Luther King” jurors, Butler calls those who nullify cases. “They would engage in strategic jury nullification designed to safely reduce the number of people in prison for nonviolent drug crimes, … Continue reading

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Thank you Froma Harrop

Outstanding and passionate OpEd by Froma Harrop: Waging war against war on drugs She starts by welcoming Pat Robertson to the discussion in the hopes that other conservatives will follow. Where are the foes of big government in this? They … Continue reading

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