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CBS News: Obama: Drugs Should be Treated as a Public Health Problem

I know a lot of you are deeply disappointed that Obama didn’t suddenly shed all his skin, emerge from a cocoon as some new kind of species and suddenly proclaim, after devouring his press secretary, that the U.S. government should … Continue reading

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Question and Answer (Updated)

It now seems likely that President Obama will be asked to answer the top vote-getter at YouTube (today at 2:30 pm EST) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zbz9lnVbrwc Here is my prediction of his non-answer (note that I waited to post this until shortly before … Continue reading

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The Drug Czar’s SOTU addendum

Over at the Drug Czar’s “blog,” the ONDCP has their own additional take on the State of the Union address. Drug use affects millions of Americans and their families. Drug use and its consequences strain our economy, our healthcare and … Continue reading

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